Dr. Barrera is a master at his trade. There may be other doctors on the planet that perform his facelift techniques, but I don’t know of any and have never heard of any. I took the opportunity to meet him in person, look at photos of the procedures he had performed on many others, and I readily gained confidence in the work he could perform for me. I’ve seen less than satisfactory results on others who’ve gone elsewhere and I was determined I wanted to come away looking like me, only years younger. And that is exactly the result I received. I also found him to be the perfect combination of professional and personal. The pre- and post- procedure education and support I received from Dawn (& still receiving) was so thorough, any possible anxiety simply was never experienced.

So, at age 71, traveling to Mexico for Dr. Barrera’s expertise in erasing 10-15 years from my face is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. During the past 2 years of my career, I fielded more than a few comments and questions from coworkers inquiring if I was either upset or troubled about something. “Smiling away” my turned-down mouth lines, droopy eyes, and sagging neck was just not possible. Since I am definitely neither a mad or a sad person, I surely didn’t want to appear that way to others any longer. I’m now approaching 8 weeks post-op and my self-esteem is already soaring whenever I catch a glimpse in a mirror. I haven’t been asked a single question about whether I’m mad or sad, and no one has any clue I had cosmetic work done. And that is exactly the procedure results I had hoped for.

If you are currently trying to make a decision for yourself, I would tell you “Hurry there” as I am aware of only one Dr. Barrera!  

Nettie - Alaska

As an artist myself, and reading so many rave reviews about Dr. Barrera’s “artwork," at first, I was a bit skeptical.  Then I saw his “art” in person when having lunch with two friends I hadn’t seen in awhile . . .  when they shared their before pics, I was speechless.  I immediately sent an email inquiry and was pleasantly surprised at the expeditious and thorough response from Dawn, Dr. Barrera’s incredible patient coordinator.  From the moment my friend and I (we went together, both of us were eager to experience Dr. B’s magic wand), arrived at Leon airport, we were amazed and thrilled by the expert attention to every detail.

Meeting the doctor and his surgical assistant, our labs and prep at the clinic— which is top notch and as good or better than any I have been to in the USA, was wonderful and so reassuring.  Our stay at the surgery clinic, the staff, treatment, even the food was excellent!  Then there was the surgery . . . no pain, a little discomfort, and superb follow up.  When the bandages came off,  I was quite bruised (having just finished chemo a few months prior) I could easily see what I had hoped for!  Even with the bruises and normal amount of swelling, I knew my friend and I had made the right decision!

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough, we stayed at "Casa Goldy" in San Miguel de Allende.  What a wise choice that was!!!  The ambience, decor, comfort, food, care, cleanliness, location, staff, EVERYTHING, every single detail was as close to perfect as anything gets!  I was absolutely thrilled with the entire experience.  
San Miguel de Allende is a precious gem and Casa Goldy is a perfect reflection.  I would definitely do it all again in a flash!  No doubts, no regrets whatsoever.  I do recommend you plan on staying at least two-three weeks so you will see Dr. Barrera for a final visit before your journey home.  Since being home no one has asked me what I did or whether I have had surgery.  They just say, “You look amazing!”  I say “It must be my hair— the chemo curl!?”   I see a HUGE difference, no longer have the downturned mouth, eyes bright and youthful, othing “over done” just refreshed and healthy!

Thank you again Dawn, Dr. Barrera and the staff at Casa Goldy for all you do and are!  Bravo!!!

Maui, Hawaii

I had decided that my face could use a bit of tightening around the lower half (you know those marionette lines) but I put it out of my mind as the cost of even a lower half face lift was (living in NY) cost prohibitive.

Very fortunately I had a close friend that lives in San Miguel, Mexico and she told me about an excellent plastic surgeon, Dr. Barrera, that specializes in face lifts. I looked at his website and contacted his office. Well, let me tell you it was a great experience from beginning to end. The amazing Dawn was instrumental in arranging everything and giving advice as needed.

Dr. Barrera really listened to what I wanted done and the results are fantastic. He is an artist and provided me with exceptional care. If you’re thinking of having facial plastic surgery, I strongly urge you to go to Dr. Barrera. You will not regret it. Also, if you do not know anyone in San Miguel you can stay at Casa Goldy which is absolutely delightful, with wonderful meals, a nurse and a terrific view.

New York

I became aware of Dr. Barrera and his practice via a friend who wanted to have a face lift.  She was a frequent visitor to San Miguel de Allende and saw many friends who had been his patients and were pleased with the results.  

I accompanied my friend to the hospital and stayed with her while she had the surgery and recovered.  There was never a minute when I was not impressed with Dr. Barrera and his caring manner and the staff at the hospital.  After two months, my friend looked great - so I decided to have a face lift as well.  I researched a few alternatives to Dr. Barrera but immediately decided he was who I wanted to perform my surgery. Coordinating with Dawn Simmons was efficient and assuring.   

From the time I was picked up at the airport by Dr. Barrera’s personal car service to the time I returned home to Aspen, I felt secure in the knowledge that Dr. Barrera was going to perform the best surgery possible for me.  I was not disappointed!  I returned home 14 days after surgery and felt comfortable going out to dinner with friends, many of whom never realized I had any surgery at all.  They just felt I looked relaxed and happy!  
While I am 76, I look and feel 65 - the face lift has given me a new outlook on life.  If you are thinking of a facelift, don’t waste your time researching others, Dr. Barrera is the best and, like me, you deserve the best! 

E.L. - Aspen, Colorado
November 4, 2023

My boyfriend and I had facelifts with Dr. Barrera in July.   This was my second time around with the doctor, having had wonderful results 10 years ago.  My results made my boyfriend’s decision much easier; and lessened his uneasiness about the procedure.

It has been a little more than 3 months and we are absolutely thrilled with the results.  We had no pain; but were swollen and bruised for a week or so.
The results are completely natural.  People have commented that we look rested or have lost weight.  Dr. Barrera is an artist and magician, easily making 10-15 years disappear.  Thank you Doctor; and thank you Dawn and the staff of "Casa Goldy" for the wonderful attention to detail and care.

Laurie & Marcel - Scottsdale, AZ
November 2, 2023

When we moved to San Miguel over five years ago, the name Dr Barrera came up when us women were talking about plastic surgery. I thought before I'm 70 that's what I'd like to do so I decided to meet him, ask questions and talk to the women I'd met that were pleased with his services. I finally did it in January and could not be more pleased. My concern was my neck area and not being so noticeably stretched out but rather refreshed.

His staff at his office was excellent. Dawn especially reassured me and made sure all my concerns were addressed to where I was comfortable with my decision.  Before, during, and after she checked with me daily. The stay at the hospital went well. I was less nervous knowing I would breathe on my own rather than under general anesthesia - but didn't want to feel any pain being such a chicken. And doing labs and tests at the hospital the night before surgery to ensure my health was good for this procedure, along with Dr Barrera taking time to go over everything with me was very reassuring.  I love his sense of humor and professionalism. You can just see his confidence.

The recovery went much easier than I expected with no really bad swelling nor pain. Ten days later I was out and about and my close friends were amazed with that and my results. Six weeks later I was back in the states and at a followup dermatologist appointment my doctor thought my incisions were perfect and said my doctor in Mexico did an excellent job.  My close friends said I looked very refreshed   So my goal was accomplished and several other friends are wanting Dr Barrera to help them also.

I did stay at Casa Goldy as we are very busy and I just wanted to be away to relax and heal. What a wonderful experience to be so pampered. Having a nurse there was even more reassuring. Highly recommend this and especially recommend Dr Barrera.

Texas/San Miguel
October 8, 2023

A tried and true New Yorker-- I had the very good fortune of making friends in San Miguel de Allende. These ladies of a certain age looked remarkably well and introduced me to Dr. Barrera and his team of professionals. From the minute I met them I had a feeling of confidence and trust. My trust grew further as I discussed my concerns with Dr. Barrera and his patient coordinator Dawn Simmons. There was never a feeling of dismissal or unimportance for the many questions asked prior to the procedure.

Having a facelift at age 73 was a big decision. It took me several months to fully commit to a full facelift but once I did there was no turning back and I hardly worried. That is how comfortable and confident I felt. All the information I could need was addressed. Now that I am way past the procedure this August I am thrilled with the results. Not spending time looking in the mirror and worrying about my ageing face is an unexpected gift I could not foresee.

The surgical hospital was very comfortable with lovely and attentive nursing staff. The timing of everything, including the trip to the hospital with the doctor's private driver was just as promised. The timing and what to expect was spot on with no surprises. There was discomfort for the first few days but absolutely no pain. In 2 weeks I was ready to return to New York.

The final result is that no one has said anything other than "you must have had a great summer, you look so good". Those that I have shared with say "sign me up".

Thank you to all mentioned above for the professional, kind and great service.

September 27, 2023

I have several friends who have had a facelift with Dr. Barrera, and they all look very natural and great. And yet, it’s a scary prospect to allow someone to change your face. If you are seriously considering a facelift, it’s because you want it. My advice is, do it for you and nobody else.

To put it mildly, I was very apprehensive. Dawn is there to answer any questions, tell you exactly what to expect, and to reassure you. She couldn’t have been more helpful. Everything went exactly as she said it would.

The driver arrived on time and the private room was ready. There was no waiting. Dr. Barrera visits you the night before and answers any and all questions and concerns. I mentioned my earlobes are long. He said, “I can fix that.” I mentioned a mole on my cheek. He said, “I can remove that.” This is the time to be clear on what you want, and Dr. Barrera is not in a rush and will listen to you.

The next morning I was given a sedative intravenously. I woke up in my room wondering when would they come for me to take me to surgery. I touched my head and realized with the tight wrapping, it was all over. There was no pain.

My ears were sore for a couple of weeks and there was very little bruising, and after a few days of hiding in my house, I was able to go out to shop or take a walk.

Everything happened exactly as explained. After three weeks, I could start to see the new me. After three months I look very natural, but without the sagging neck and puffy eyes. My skin does not look pulled or stretched at all. My friends tell me it was money well spent. My acquaintances tell me I look great, but don’t realize why.

I am 67 years old, but now look to be in my early 50’s. There was never any pain, but you will have numbness and discomfort. But, it was worth it. It’s like childbirth, with the passing of time, you forget the discomfort and love the results.

The bottom line is, if you are worried about looking pulled or unnatural,  you do not need to worry with Dr. Barrera. He knows what he’s doing. I’m very happy that I didn’t chicken out. The whole experience was as trouble free as it can get.

Buena suerte,
GGK - Florida

I had a facelift back in 2007.  However, after 16 years, I felt I needed a “tune up”.  Based upon the reviews I had read as well as a personal recommendation from a friend, I decided to turn to Dr. Barrera for the procedure.

It has now been five months since my surgery and I am very pleased with the results.  I still look like myself, only “fresher”, without that pulled look that so many people end up with.

Dawn took great care of me during my recovery, checking in frequently to see how I was doing.  And I always knew Dr. Barrera was just a phone call away.  Although there was a bit of discomfort, I never really felt what I would consider pain.

I am so happy I had this done and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Barrera.  

Mary J. - Maryland
September 18, 2023

I had a full facelift and eyelid surgery this past August. The experience and the process being in Dr. Barrera's care was completely different from my experience with US plastic surgeons. Dr Barrera and his hospital team were kind and humane. The fact that you get to stay a few nights at the clinic under the care of professional caretakers is such a great benefit especially those first few nights post surgery where you're in need of so much attention and TLC.

Dawn Simmons, Dr. Barrera's patient coordinator, stays in touch with you during the whole process, several days before you get to Mexico, during your stay at the clinic and afterwards and during your convalescence. Juan Manuel - Dr. Barrera's chauffeur, who picks you up at the airport is kind and warm and very helpful too.
So this is about the experience itself ... but now the actual facelift results are magnificent. As soon as the stitches were out I looked for the most part completely normal and now 5 weeks later nobody would ever notice I had some work done. In fact nobody noticed, period. I look completely like myself except 10 years (at least) younger.

It's always a little scary to make the decision to undergo elective surgery but the excellent care, kindness and professionalism you will receive from Dr. Barrera will put you at ease as soon as you start the process.

Dominique, Los Angeles, Calif.
September 18, 2023

My experience with Dr. Barrera and his fantastic team surpassed my expectations in every way possible.   Having cosmetic surgery is a big decision.  I'm so glad I made the right choice at the right time with the right doctor.

Dr. Barrera provided excellent care before, during and after surgery.  He is warm, reassuring and patient with all the questions and concerns that arise.

As a patient, I was kept informed by his invaluable  assistant about what to expect in the healing process day to day after surgery so there were no surprises or worries.  All questions, big and small were answered with care.  Dr. Barrera  himself provides excellent medical care before, during and after surgery. I felt safe and well looked after.

The  surgical clinic was clean and comfortable with warm and attentive nurses.  The private transportation to and from the clinic made the whole experience smooth and stress free.

Most important of all, the results are truly wonderful!  I look completely natural and nobody but me would know that I've had cosmetic surgery. When I look at before and after photos I see the 10 years lifted off my face.  It's a wonderful feeling and I can whole heartedly recommend Dr. Barrera to anyone who is interested in looking and feeling their best.

TF  - Toronto, Canada
September 18, 2023

Dr Barrera and his team make the whole process simple with a sense of ease that makes you feel confident. The service is terrific from knowing what to expect day by day, to the driver that picks you up and returns you home, to a hospital that is clean and gives you good care.  Certainly the most important is Dr Barrera, who gives you a very natural and not overdone face lift.   Had I realized how painless and easy the process would be I wouldn’t have hesitated for 10 years to finally saying yes to having it done.

LM - San Miguel de Allende
September 16, 2023

I had the most incredible experience with Dr. Barrera for a Face Lift, Brow Lift,  upper and lower Eye Lift as well as the Neck Lift. I cannot express how wonderful  the whole experience was!  The doctor is very kind, efficient, professional and the  results are just amazing to say the least!   I know several Doctors in Cabo San  Lucas where I live. One of the doctors said he could not stop looking at me.   Another said the results were much better than he ever expected.

I am so happy  and would highly recommend Dr. Barrera.  You will be thrilled!

Deborah Ford
Cabo San Lucas
July 13, 2023

This is the best thing I could have done for myself.  Dr Barrera is a true artist.  I thought I would be happy letting myself age naturally.  I work out and eat healthy, have maintained a good weight for my size but basically I had stopped looking in the mirror.  I was not recognizing myself. My neck was saggy, my eyes were very hooded and I had lost the shape of my face.  I looked so tired all the time.  But I didn’t feel that tired.

I decided to do this just a year shy of my 70th birthday.  I thought well, it’s now or never.  Anyway now 5 months post surgery, huge game changer!  Huge!!! My eyes are open again, I don’t look tired anymore. My neck looks amazing and my jawline is totally back and the very best thing is I totally look exactly like myself!  I don’t look altered at all, just totally refreshed which is just what I was hoping for.

My girlfriend and I did this together.  And neither she nor I had any problems with the procedure.  It all went smoothly. And having someone to do it with actually made it fun. And she looks amazing, we were both able to see the wonderful results in each other as we were healing. 
I would recommend Dr. Barrera to anyone wanting to push the refresh button.  He knows just what to do to make you look natural and just like yourself but about 15 to 20 years younger.  And what a giant psychological boost to your confidence level.  I am beyond happy that I did this.  Dr Barrera makes you feel totally supported on all levels. 

And San Miguel de Allende was a great place to explore while we were healing!!!
Happy in my own skin again. ❤️❤️❤️

Jan, Hawaii
April 26, 2023

Just turned 60 but Feeling 40-something!

For my 60th birthday in September of 2021 I decided to treat myself to a facelift/necklift
from Dr. Barrera. Three of my friends had also had the procedure, with great results, so I felt quite confident moving forward.

From my first contact with the doctor and his beyond-wonderful assistant/patient advocate,
Dawn , I never had a moment´s anxiety, truly. Both Dr. Barrera and Dawn present a calm, stress-free, experienced
and professional approach and were always there to answer any questions, big or small, that might arise.
Dawn provides you with a preliminary information packet ahead of time to review so that you know exactly what to expect
day by day, with a timeline, before and after the surgery and she was always available to talk about anything that I was concerned about.
i.e.- She makes you really quite relaxed and is your “wingman” from start to finish. Communication from both Dr. Barrera and Dawn were A+.

I am beyond pleased with my results!! The look is so very natural and just a freshened-up effect overall. I get compliments all the time.
I love checking out my profile in the mirror each morning… something that always starts my day on a high note.
Thank you, Dr. Barrera and Dawn!!!

Rhonda, California
February 2023

I now look 20 years younger!!!  I am so happy and pleased with the results of my second facelift surgery with Dr. Barrera!  I feel more confident and younger in spirit.  I continue to work and I feel as though people respond better to you when you appear younger.  I am telling everyone I meet that they need to have the procedure done with him.   
Hope you all are well -- Dr. B is a miracle worker and such a skilled and artistic surgeon!!  Thanks to Dawn for her continued support and guidance throughout the healing process.

Richard, Albuquerque, N. Mexico
January 2023

It’s been exactly 7 weeks since my surgery with Dr. Barrera.  I had a full face lift, including upper and lower Blepharoplasty as well as a lip lift. I have to say my whole experience from beginning to end was great. From getting picked up at the airport by Juan, Dr. Barrera’s driver, he was such a wonderful kind man. The hospital was very nice and clean. I was given a large room big enough for two people although I was by myself.

Dr.  Barrera  listened to all my concerns, especially with my lip lift. I had an accident when I was a small child that made my upper lip a little tricky but the artist that Dr. Barrera is ... my lip turned out better than I expected. I spent three nights at the hospital then onto Casa Goldy for 7 nights for my recovery stay which I loved. The pictures do not do it justice.  It is such a beautiful, clean and calm place with a rooftop terrace I truly enjoyed. It’s located three blocks from the most beautiful churches in San Miguel and the main square.

 I want to especially thank Dawn Simmons for her kindness and making sure that all was good from day one,  I enjoyed our conversations when she would come and check on me. This is truly her calling, and I was really impressed with how well she spoke Spanish. She’s just wonderful.

 Lulu and Carolina were so good to me making sure that I was OK and comfortable. I loved all of Lulu’s meals that she cooked for me. They were very healthy and delicious. I took lots of pictures of those meals .... lol.

I had my first facial today and the young lady that does my face was so impressed with the way I looked she said that Dr. Barrera did a fantastic job and she could hardly see any scarring.

 If you are considering plastic surgery I highly recommend Dr. Barrera and his staff!  You will be in the best of hands and the care is phenomenal. I healed very nicely and I’m so very happy.

Debbie Williams - Texas

After meeting Dr. Barrera and seeing the incredible transformation he performed on five different people I knew, I decided to take the plunge and put my faith in his very capable hands.  I’m so glad I did because it’s very obvious that my after pictures are a great improvement from my before pictures. No more jowls, saggy skin or double chin!!  My tired aging eye area is greatly improved too!  I feel like I look at least 10 years younger if not more. 

 Dr. Barrera did a deep plane face lift and an upper and lower blepharoplasty.  I am now at four weeks and although I still have some swelling and a little bit of bruising the overall healing is greatly improved.

I’m literally blown away by the beautiful job that he did; he truly is an artist. He did not change the structure of my face at all, just tightened everything up so now I look like I did when I was 40 years old and I am approaching 60!
God bless Dr. Barrera and his team of professionals.  Thank you especially to Dawn for communicating with me every step of the way by calming my fears and answering all of my questions thoroughly. 

I’m a Dr. Barrera fan and will recommend him and Face Lift Me Up to anyone who is interested in giving their face a “ lift”!
I might also add that everything on our schedule was handled efficiently and was performed right on time. 

The hospital was comfortable, safe and clean and the room size  was more than sufficient for two people to stay in and the hospital staff was very caring and helpful from start to finish.  The driver picked me up at my front door and made sure that we were safe and I greatly appreciate him.
Thank you to everyone for a great experience!

F.F. - Santa Fe, NM
September 29, 2022

I want to thank you and Dr. B for making me feel so good about myself. I am BEYOND pleased with my results.

Thank you again for all you did to make the procedure so comfortable and fabulous. Still looking forward to returning to San Miguel in the future.

Julie, Texas
September 22, 2022

Eight months ago I had a facelift with Dr. Barrera. I did it, more or less, on the spur of the moment. He had done a spectacular job on my friend and he had a cancellation, so I jumped. It was the best impulsive decision of my life. 

I am not an easy patient, am hyper-critical, and have super high standards. Dr. Barrera exceeded all of my expectations. 

I should add that I am seventy-five years young but have always been told that I was pretty or beautiful. I still looked okay before having the procedure but was starting to avoid mirrors. 

Dr. Barrera’s extreme skill, rare talent, and brilliant techniques have given me so much joy. Yes, I’m rather vain, and for someone with that characteristic, old age can be a horror.  Dr. Barrera gave me back twenty face years!  I was recently  denied entrance to a national park with my senior pass because the toll taker would not believe I was any older than forty-seven! 

Anyway, back to Dr. Barrera. Not only is he a genius and meticulous surgeon, he is very kind and compassionate. I was an anxious, difficult patient. He could not have been more responsive. 

So now I am eight months out and my daughter tells me I look younger and younger. I do not look as if I have had any work done!  I look like a naturally pretty, ahem, forty-seven year old!

To say, he is the real deal is an understatement. Dawn Simmons, his patient liaison was extremely forthcoming and helpful. She is knowledgeable and efficient and helped enormously with all sorts of things --  from information about the procedure to pedicure appointments and massage contacts. A great team!

Sheila, Pennsylvania
September 10, 2022

I have wanted a neck lift/lower facelift for almost two decades.  I could never find a doctor who would listen to me regarding no other additional procedures.  I saw five different doctors for consultations over the years.  I was always told I had to have more done for the results to come out “right”.

Dr. Barrera listened to my story and assured me he would perform only what I asked for.

I am 2 weeks and one day post-surgery.  I could not be more pleased!  He is a brilliant artist and yet there is no arrogant ego to accompany his rare skills.  He is completely approachable, warm and attentive.  Out of 10 stars, he’s a 15.  I am so glad I had this procedure done and I’m so glad he was the one to do it.  There is nothing comparable in the States, in my opinion.

Dawn, his patient liason, provided me with all the pre/post information I could ever need.  She responded to each and every email I sent.  My recovery process has been predictable and thorough due to her keen knowledge.  She also manages what I called the “recovery casita”, Casa Goldy.  I would never stay anywhere else in San Miguel de Allende after surgery.  The place is beautiful and I was spoiled rotten with aftercare, kindness, and food that was out of this world.  I even added additional days to my stay, not quite prepared to go back to the normalcy of preparing meals, doing laundry, all that.  I feel this was a wise decision and it gave me the opportunity to rest, rest, rest.  And how wonderful that there are likely other patients in recovery to keep company with, as was my case.

Pre surgery angst and post surgery discomfort aside, I have been wowed by this entire experience.  I have never had better medical care, not even close.

Additional thanks to Dr. Barrera’s chauffeur, Juan Manuel for keeping me at ease on the way to the hospital and back, and to Carolina, who prepared all my meals, kept my ice bucket full and for her hospitable nature.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery you simply can’t go wrong with this team of professional, awesome people!

Tanya, Florida
August 11, 2022

It has been 3 weeks since I had my full face lift with Dr. Barrera. I already look years younger .. and just like myself, not like I just had plastic surgery . Dr . Barrera is truly an amazing surgeon and very nice as well! 

I was terrified to have a facelift and finally after years of research decided to have the procedure done with Dr. Barrera . The entire process was coordinated by Dawn Simmons which made everything so much easier and made me feel comfortable with the decision. She was, and still is there …. every step of the way to support you and answer any questions you may have . 

I would say the worst part for me was the few days after surgery of not being able to talk so well or eat normally because of the swelling around the jaw . The third day is the worst and then starts to improve everyday thereafter . 

I never had to take any pain medication once I left the hospital, not even a Tylenol. I rested at Casa Goldy for one whole week . I could have gone out and walked around San Miguel but I chose to rest and heal. 

By the time my husband arrived in San Miguel 10 days after my surgery I was out and about and didn’t need any makeup . I think the week I made myself completely rest (and all the wonderful care and cooking from Lulu and Carolina at Casa Goldy) made the healing process go quickly and smoothly . 

If you are thinking about having plastic Surgery you are in the best hands with Dr. Barrera , Dawn and the care you will receive at Casa Goldy.

Looking back I wish I had done the surgery sooner . The worst part was the months of fear and dread before the surgery . I barely remember the morning of the surgery .. I woke up and it was over.  I no longer dread looking in the mirror anymore and seeing that turkey neck and those jowls. Thank you Dr . Barrera, Dawn, and Dr. Suzy!!!

My husband had cataract surgery in Los Angeles a few years ago before we moved to San Miquel de Allende. The ophthalmologist who did the procedure said he should get an eye lid surgery for the "hooding" of the upper lid and the lower eyes for the "fat bags".  It was impeding his vision but we did not have enough time as we were relocating.
We knew about Dr. Barrera from friends of ours who had work done.  At our initial consultation the procedure was explained very well. The surgery and  recovery time went very well with no complications.
Not only can he see much better but the tired look is gone! So happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Barrera.
Also a big shout out for his wonderful facilitator Dawn who helped with all our concerns and questions.

Diana & Barry Hornig
July 11, 2022
San Miguel de Allende

I recently (May 2002) had the good fortune to return to Dr. Carlos Barrera for my second face-lift. He had done such a wonderful job on the first that I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else. I’ve read many testimonials on this website — the majority written by women — who are thrilled that all their friends think they look wonderful! Men, on the other hand, generally hope that nobody will notice or comment on their face lift. And Dr. Barrera more than delivers! 

None of my friends or family noticed or commented on either my first, and now my second facelift. Neither time did I look “done”. Both times the results looked completely natural.  I didn’t want to wait until it looked like I really needed a second one. And so, the tune up was imperceptible to all but me and my spouse. Men, fear not! This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself as you age. 

Dr. Barrera will even send his chauffeur to take you to the hospital and subsequently deliver you back “home”. That this level of service and outstanding care costs less than it does in the USA was not my deciding factor. The fact that I’ve seen many folks locally who look “done” drove my decision. Dr. Barrera’s work is sheer perfection. 

Let me also say that the hospital care was wonderful. The procedure was not very painful at all. “Uncomfortable" is how I would describe the first few days. After that, I saw remarkable healing day after day.

I highly recommend "Casa Goldy" which is located in the heart of the town for your recovery period. Casa Goldy was recently renovated in an exquisite manner, so you’ll feel right at home during your convalescence. Dawn even employs a highly skilled chef who cooks amazing breakfasts and robust healthy lunches. 

MDS, California
July 5, 2022

On April 20, 2022 I had a face lift with the highly-skilled and experienced Dr. Barrera. I am extremely pleased with the results and so happy that I overcame my trepidation about having this type of surgery. I look in the mirror now and I simply love my firm jaw line and smooth neck!

Like many of us as we hit our early sixties – I am 61 –  I began to feel that what my face looked like on the outside did not match how I felt on the inside.  I began meeting with several doctors in the Seattle area, and was dismayed at the cost.

Fortunately, I have a sister who lives in San Miguel Allende and during a recent visit I asked if she knew of anyone who had had a face lift. To make a long story short – she did. This person was exactly my age. She looked natural and fabulous, and highly recommended Dr. Barrera. I then had a consultation with Dr. Barrera, and also met the amazing and wonderful Dawn Simmons.

Dr. Barrera has a calm, kind demeanor. What impressed me was that when I asked if he would include doing fillers to remove a few lines above my lip, he said no. He does not do fillers because he feels that they always look fake. I appreciate a doctor who says no. I appreciate a doctor who explains the surgical process and sets realistic expectations.

Prior to my surgery, Dawn connected me with patients who had recent face-lifts – it was so helpful hearing their stories. I did research on Dr. Barrera’s past experience, certifications and training. Everything panned out – I knew I would be in good hands.

By choosing Dr. Barrera and having this work done in Mexico, I was taken care of in a way that I don’t think would happen in the States. For a third of the cost, one stays in the hospital for three nights. My vitals were checked every two hours. The care I received was gentle and kind. If I had any questions, Dawn would respond almost immediately. I was driven to and from the hospital by a private chauffeur – the entire “package of care” from start to finish was amazing. Seven days after the surgery, Dr. Barrera makes a house call to your hotel or B&B to take out the stitches and answer any questions you may have.

The healing process takes time which Dawn explains in step-by-step detail. I was never in pain. There is some slight discomfort – mostly the tight bandage one wears right after surgery, and the odd numb feeling around the ears. But the bruising and swelling goes down very quickly. Eleven days after the surgery I was on a plane returning to Seattle. Less than a month after surgery, I was decked out in a ball gown attending the Seattle Opera Gala, and felt like a princess!

I highly recommend Dr. Barrera. And, no one is more compassionate, kind and responsive than Dawn. I can’t imagine having done this with any other team but these two. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Colette Ogle
Seattle, Washington
May 31, 2022
Seattle, WA

I highly, enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend Dr Barrera for anyone considering having a face lift.

Here is my story:
Following two years of Covid restrictions while caring for a very ill spouse, I looked ages older than my chronological age.  I considered having a face lift but was extremely reluctant to embark on any elective surgery.  I did, however, meet with a  plastic surgeon near my home in Missouri.  Given the cost and extensive surgery recommended I definitely decided to forgo the procedure.  
A few months later I visited a friend who resides in San Miguel and she encouraged me to meet with Dr Barrera.  She and several of her friends had been patients of Dr Barrera.  They all were pleased with the results and looked totally natural, in fact, I never suspected that any of them had surgery.
I met Dr Barrera and Dawn Simmons.  Dr Barrera’s calm manner and gentle competence put me at ease and I decided to schedule surgery.
I am a harsh and skeptical critic, being the daughter of a plastic surgeon and the wife of a physician  and I am more than delighted with the result. 
Dawn Simmons is an essential and integral part of Dr Barrera’s practice. She kept in touch via email from the moment surgery was scheduled right up to weeks following.  By accurately and thoroughly describing all  the medical details and stages and  anticipating my feelings, she instilled confidence every step of the way.   
My friends and family are amazed at how seamless the experience was and how the face lift is a subtle but significant “refresh” to my face.  The “lift” was not only to my face, but also to my spirits.  I could not be more pleased.

Rhoda, Missouri
May 26, 2022

I have been back home for several weeks and seeing all my friends and family.  What positive feedback I have been getting!  Everyone says I still like just like me, just more refreshed and happy!  The funny thing is that I hardly find myself looking in the mirror anymore, no longer obsessing over my "resting bitch face" and sagging neck and jowls.  My face now matches how I feel about myself!  

People who did not know I had the procedure keep telling me "you must be living a great life; you look so happy" or my favorite "you look so refreshed! Did you color your hair?"

Let me just commend and provide my deepest thanks to you, Dr. Barrera and his amazing team for making the experience so great in every way.  Communication is fabulous throughout and Dr. Barrera has a "kindness with confidence" bedside manner which was so reassuring.  

I would say to anyone who is thinking of having the procedure done with Dr. Barrera should not hesitate!  Of course going into a surgical procedure should never be done lightly, let me share a little of my personal experience.

Will it hurt?
Surprisingly, there is no sharp or major pain, more like tenderness or achiness, numbness and of course the initial swelling and bruising (which looks way worse than it feels).  I would say that every day I took my medications on time, rested often, and in just over a week, I was not even needing any regular pain medication. 

What do you find unexpected?
Nothing major, little things like not being able to sleep on my tender ears for a bit.  I expected to have numbness, but it is an odd feeling for sure!  Also, my energy level was pretty low for three or four weeks; my body was wanting rest and I listened to it.

Will I look like I just had a facelift?
Nope!  You will still look like yourself!  Dr. Barrera does not change the look of your face. He simply eliminates the problem areas so the result is natural.

Advice to share?
I would say that most important part is to be patient!  It takes some time for the bruises to fade away, the numbness to dissipate, the scars to heal.  But the best part is, no one can even tell because you look normal and just go about your daily life as you continue to heal and look better every day. Trust in the process.

Would you recommend Dr. Barrera?
I would never see anyone else.  I feel so fortunate to have found him.  My confidence level is so high after this experience that I have already given his information to my friends for next year!  He is the absolute best at achieving a natural result.

Lisa Horton
Puerta Vallarta/Washington

A month before my 73rd birthday, I looked in the mirror and realized my eyes were heavy and drooping, I had deep marionette lines, and a turkey neck seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.  I remembered my friend, who lives in San Miguel de Allende, had had a facelift when she was around my age, and still looks amazing at 80.  She sent me to Dr. Barrera's website where I made contact with Dawn Simmons, who provided me with details of Dr. Barrera's work, his credentials, and procedure techniques.  I then sent a recent photo of myself to Dr. Barrera who analyzed the work I needed done, and Dawn provided the pricing for the procedure.  I live in San Francisco, California, and the cost was a fraction of what it would be to have it done here, so I booked my flight to San Miguel!
The day before the procedure I was driven in a private car to the hospital in Celaya where I met Dr. Barrera and his staff.  As he explained to me the various aspects of the procedure, his confidence, knowledge, and years of experience made me feel relaxed and at ease.  I was then taken to my private room, where the facilities were of the highest quality, and the staff members gracious and attentive.
It's been 2 months since the procedure and I can't say enough good things about the experience.  My friends say I look the same...just 20 years younger!  I think that's quite an endorsement of Dr. Barrera's work.  He stressed to me the techniques he uses would make me look natural, never stretched or tight, and he delivered on his promise.  I am completely happy with the work I had done, and send my highest endorsement for Dr. Carlos Barrera.

San Francisco, CA
March 27, 2022  

For a few years after I turned 65, I was struck with the fact that, although my skin was nice, it seemed to have sagged in places that made me look older. I never contemplated getting anything done as I was afraid of looking like those stretched faced women. I first heard of Dr. Barrera through a Mexican friend and she said he had a great reputation. I thought I would explore the opportunity and a few years ago, I met with you and Dr. Barrera in San Miguel. That sealed the deal. He was kind and understanding in presenting his approach and made me feel secure in the fact that I would look very natural just younger.

Covid hit and it was not until this year that I was able to have the surgery. The results are above my expectations. From the moment I was picked up, driven to the hospital, did pre-op and talked to the doctor, I felt comfortable. There wasn't a moment that I had second thoughts.

Dawn you were incredible with following up and making sure that everything went well. The experience was incredible and was above expectations.!

March 1, 2022

From start to finish, I was thoroughly happy with my experience with Dr. Barrera.  I was initially very nervous about looking like I “had work done”. But both he and Dawn, his Int'l Director, assured me that his approach was not extreme and that my outcome would look very natural. And indeed they were right. Nobody who I haven’t told about my procedure (neck, face and eyes) would guess that I just had a face lift.

To begin with, Dawn and Doctor Barrera were with me every step of the way. I was taken to the hospital and brought back home very comfortably, so I didn’t have to make my own arrangements. The Hospital itself, a private hospital in Celaya, was immaculate, quiet, and comfortable ( though the food leaves a lot to be desired). All the pre-op work was done there so I didn’t have to make my own arrangements for blood work, etc.

Moreover, the after care was wonderful. Dr. Barrera and Dawn followed up conscientiously and with a lot of care and were eager that I be happy with the outcome.
I’m more than happy with the outcome. My 44 year old daughter told me my neck looks better than hers. And she is not one to hand me compliments easily. I would say I look at least 10 years better than I did before.
Thank you Dr. Barrera.

Bev, New York City, NY
February 9, 2022

Dear Dr. Barrera,

I wanted to let you know that I am so very happy with the results of my surgery that I had back in July.  My new neck is just beautiful now and my profile is so lovely.

I found the hospital to be immaculately clean, the staff was very attentive and I appreciated you coming by to see me twice daily.  I felt as though I was in good hands and treated very professionally.  You are a very kind man and an exemplary surgeon.  I am grateful for your services and delight in knowing that I look and feel much younger now.

I got to spend some time with Dawn and she was available for any questions or concerns that I had throughout my healing process. Dawn was the absolute kindest and most responsive professional imaginable. She answered every question and without delay.

Beth, Arizona
Jan. 30th 2022

Dr Barrera & Dawn are both very likable people. They take pride in what they are doing. Dr Barrera listens to you and works accordingly. Being A French woman, I nicknamed him, the Christian Dior of Cosmetic Surgery... OK, I am a little outdated when it comes to fashion, but Dr B. is anything but.... 

From the pre-op consultation to the follow-up, he takes good care of his patients and listens to them. That's what makes him such a great surgeon and a lovely human being.

His team, and particularly, Dawn, are terrific. From the first email exchange through surgery and recovery, Dawn is always available to answer your questions as silly as they can be sometime.  Are you anxious? Are you looking for a place to stay? She has all the answers.

Not only that, but she will also recommend treatments before and after surgery. I listened to her religiously and followed each and every one of her recommendations. For example, a new aspect of healing called MicroCurrent that worked wonders for me. 

In my case, the results after only three weeks were just amazing.
Thanks to them, my surgery and recovery were an experience of a lifetime!

Ontario, Canada
January 29, 2022

You don’t approach something like facial surgery without a lot of questions and serious deliberation.  I thought about it for years after having met Dawn in Dallas through a recent patient of Dr Barrera.  I liked what I saw in evidence of Dr Barrera's work and the patient was so happy with her experience. Over those years of “thinking about it” my neck got more saggy, my jaws were hanging and my eyelids became so hooded that I could barely see. My self esteem fell and with it my attitude about my life and future. I called Dawn and began the process of discovering how to make this change in my appearance. Dawn remembered me and she became the key to my opening the door to a new me. She held my hand every step and educated me on exactly what to expect. 

I was traveling alone for the first time to a foreign country and she made all the arrangements for me between Dr Barrera's team which includes Dawn, transportation, surgery, and hospital stay in a very nice private hospital with lots of staff that served my needs well. She even arranged a wonderful B&B for me to stay in to recover. 

Once I got to Mexico I was totally in her hands. She directed me to a genius surgeon, Dr Barrera, then had me brought to my place of recovery which turned out to be tuned to the needs of a patient. Healthy food, rest and relaxation, and in the middle of a beautiful and very safe city to explore at my leisure.  Yes, I was recovering from surgery but the whole experience was like going on an uplifting, restful and fun vacation. I emerged from it with a different attitude about myself. I just can’t say enough about how much I felt cared for and that I was in excellent hands. 

I have had eye surgeons look at my eye surgery and they have stated that he did a fantastic job. I have eyelids now and my neck is beautiful and smooth. My jaw is also smooth and defined with no jowls. Dawn continues to consult Dr Barrera if I have questions even these months later. This team really cares and doesn’t write you off once you leave to go home. They’re invested in me and my journey to a better Me. I’m saying from my heart “you don’t need to be afraid”.  Face Lift Me Up is a brilliant choice for your elective surgical needs when you are ready to feel better about your appearance.
A grateful Patient of Face Lift Me Up.

Cindy - New Orleans, LA
January 28, 2022

Dear Dawn,
Be sure that you tell Dr Barrera how much I appreciate what he has done for me. Plastic surgery might not be for everyone but it sure serves a great purpose in my life. I have a wonderful girlfriend and despite all my aches and pains I feel like a young whippersnapper.

You were a wonderful liaison. Thank you for making my journey to Mexico a good experience. 

Gary, California
November 24, 2021

I’m a 62 year old male. After having weight loss surgery and losing a significant amount, I was unhappy with the amount of loose skin on my neck and face. A friend who had used Dr. Barrera in the past referred me to him as top-notch —and I have to say I agree. As a man, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea of a face and neck lift, but I was made to feel at ease in every respect by both doctors and nurses. The results were far more than I expected and I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I look twenty years younger. And I think I do! In addition, all related issues were handled very well. I was picked up at my home by a chauffeur to go to the hospital and returned in the same way after three nights in a hospital with a fine staff and good level of care. I was sent home with appropriate pain and sleep medications. The doctor came to my home a week after the surgery to remove the sutures. All in all, this was an excellent service that I wouldn’t mind recommending to anyone.

San Miguel de Allende

Like many, I approached the prospect of cosmetic surgery with great trepidation. I had never had anything “done” before. But after recently losing a significant amount of weight, I suddenly noticed the weight loss had made my facial features loose and saggy. I hated the “jowels” that suddenly dragged down my jaw line, making my face look much older than my newly thin body.  

I felt a facelift would be the answer, but I have seen so many unsuccessful facelifts on famous celebrities. What if I emerged from the procedure with strange, distorted features, or ended up looking like someone else?

But Dr Barrera immediately put me at ease, both with his stellar reputation – including many endorsements from friends of mine – and his pleasant, kind and professional manner. It was clear from the outset that Dr Barrera has extraordinary skill and a deep sense of artistry. He seems to take delight in revealing his patients’ inner beauty. Nothing extreme, no fillers, no intention of changing who you are – simply perfecting what is already there.

I am 66 years old, and I never tire of hearing I look 10 or even 20 years younger. My friends can tell that I look better, that something has changed, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. They ask, is it new eyeglasses? A new hairstyle? The fact that my surgery is not bluntly obvious is exactly what I wanted.

I am deeply grateful to Dr Barrera, and his wonderfully supportive team, their meticulous attention to detail and extensive follow-up. Dr Barrera is simply the best, and I highly recommend him.

Catherine, age 66, in San Miguel de Allende, México.

Extremely pleased with my results!! Has been a little over 2 months and I can see a big difference. Met a friend for lunch several weeks ago and she told me I looked exactly the same as when we met back in 2002. WOW!! Dr. Barrera was so wonderful and Dawn was so very helpful.

He explained everything and I was not nervous at all. Total feeling that I was in good hands.  All of Dawn's emails before the surgery were extremely helpful. Everything she told me was right on point. I felt so prepared for the surgery.

My stay at Casa Maricela was so wonderful and the staff was so welcoming. The cook is amazing and I enjoyed every meal.  This is the place to stay and recoup after your surgery.  Perfect location to move about. 

I want to thank everyone at Casa Maricela, Dr. Barrera, and Dawn for being there for my journey of turning back the Clock!!!!!

Renee from Texas
November 10, 2021

Not my first Rodeo….

I have had plastic surgery done before, many years ago in the states by a wonderful surgeon and thought I would never find another one that could compare to his gentle, caring expertise.  Well, I was wrong.  From the first moment I met Dr. Carlos Barrera I knew I was in good hands.  From initial contacts with Dawn, whose informative, encouraging emails  keep you on task and reassured to his personal driver, medical associates, hospital stay and aftercare, the experience is thorough and extraordinary.  Do not hesitate to take advantage of erasing 15 years of living from your face! The end result will bring you joy and gratitude for having placed your trust in Dr. Carlos Barrera.  

Kathy from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

October 24, 2021

Dr Barrera is a perfect surgeon in every way.  He is not only a talent when it comes to knowing exactly what needs to be done, he makes the surgery process as comfortable as possible.  A number of my friends have chosen Dr. Barrera after seeing my results and they all have been happy with their results.  He is highly esteemed in San Miguel.  His staff is excellent as well and the accommodations at the clinic were very good.

Jean Jacobson, San Miguel de Allende
August 15, 2021

Dear Dr. Barrera and Dawn,


I am so pleased with the results of my recent breast reduction surgery. All I can do is wonder why I waited so long. From our first meeting you were confident and reassuring, always available and forthcoming with information. I especially appreciated Dawn’s detailed instructions and thoughtful post-surgery follow-up. I was treated so well by the entire team – from the driver picking me up and bringing me home, to the kind nurses who cared for me in the hospital. Plus, Dr. Barrera made house calls to remove my stitches! Since I had this procedure during the COVID-19 pandemic, the thorough cleaning protocols and precautions everyone took especially put me at ease. THANK YOU!



San Miguel de Allende

Dear Dr. Barrera and Dawn,

I have thought of you both so many times over the past few months, and how much I want to say "THANK YOU" for an unbelievable, too-good-to-be-true, truly wonderful experience.  Every time I look in the mirror, I am amazed by my reflection.  The results of my surgery were beyond my expectations.  And, my friends who know about my surgery continually gaze at my face and remark on how natural, yet improved, I look.  Just as Dr. Barrera said, my incisions have healed beautifully and given that it has only been four months, I am fairly certain they will ultimately be completely invisible.

Not only are my results beautiful, the experience of working with you both could not have been more pleasant.  Dr. Barrera is the kindest and most professional gentleman in addition to being a surgical magician.  Dawn is so knowledgeable and friendly, and her emails, texts, phone conversations both before and after my surgery made an enormous impact on how positive my experience was.  She seems to know all the ins and outs of the procedure, as well as, how a patient is feeling leading up to the surgery and during recovery.  I have spoken to other women who have had similar surgeries in the U.S. and no one had near the care or attention I received.  I feel certain that I could circle the globe and never come up with a more skilled cosmetic surgeon, or such well planned patient care.  

Thank you both so very much for your care and attention.

With deep gratitude,
Cynthia, Denver, Colorado
December 27, 2020

I´m as thrilled as I can be with the results of my surgery and I look forward to each morning, week and month in the mirror. As I turned 60 years old this year I simply did not FEEL 60 years old and I certainly didn´t want to LOOK 60 years old. I work too hard on my body to have my face leave me... Please thank Dr. Barrera and his staff (and YOU!) for all your help on this journey. It has changed the way I feel every day.

Tamara - San Miguel

September 9, 2020

"One week after my surgery, I looked in a mirror and instinctively said out loud, "I’m back". I no longer related to that tired, depressed looking man residing in my mirror just 8 days before. I chose to keep my procedure private, and absolutely none of my friends or family have suspected a thing. However, I continually get “You look great! Are those new glasses? That beard makes you look younger.” (When has growing an all white beard made anyone look younger?!). The change might be imperceptible to them, but it is a major change for me. I actually feel more energetic and my self-confidence is back. Thank you Dr. Barrera (and Dawn); It made even more of an impact than I had hoped for."

San Francisco, Calif.
April 8, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised that there was no pain, and very little discomfort. And - I couldn´t be happier with the end results!

Christopher M.
San Miguel
April 5, 2020

I definitely want to let people know how happy I am with my decision to have Dr. Barrera do the surgery & how wonderful his team (especially you, Dawn) were to work with. The results are fantastic!! Even my husband has commented several times that Dr. Barrera did a wonderful job. He is very happy for me as he knows I have wanted to do this for myself for several years. I have been saving money for this procedure for several years as I didn´t want to take any money from our general household funds. I wanted to fund it from money I earned on the side myself. I just haven´t been able to take the time from work or domestic chores to get it done. So this has been several years coming to fruition for me. By the time I was able to take time off to do the surgery, the prices had gone up so much here in the U.S. that my funds were insufficient for surgery. Since I go to Southeast Asia to work every year, I checked into the cosmetic surgery options in Thailand. They are quite well known for having some good cosmetic surgeons. But even their prices were straining my budget & I would also have to pay for the travel all the way to Thailand & 2 weeks in a hotel there. When I checked into Dr. Barrera & his team, I was very happy with his work, the professionalism of his team & the after care. The aftercare was a big determining factor for me. I did not have anyone to go with me to help me out. The fact that I could stay in the hospital for the 2 days following the surgery, get transported to the Casa Maricela & have you, Dawn, close by to help me, if needed ,made my decision to go with Dr. Barrera very easy. Thank you again for this wonderful experience. I am so glad that I was able to do this for myself. I was trying to avoid mirrors and now I love what I see in the mirror. The improvement is amazing!!!

Cynthi C.
April 1, 2020

March 28, 2020
Cynthi, California

Although at first I was a bit nervous about having a face lift, I can now say I am so pleased that I made the decision to go through with it. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with everything at the hospital, from the driver who took me to and fro, to the assistants and nurses. But especially Dr Barrera and his professional staff. They were extremely courteous, and I felt I was in good hands every step of the way.

I can’t believe how much prettier I feel and just love love love looking in the mirror now. Oh how vain we can be! But it has truly made the difference between night and day!!!

Mindy, Washington
January 28, 2020

At this very moment exactly two years ago, I was being prepped for my facelift in Room #10 at the Centro Medico Quirurgico in Celaya...getting my legs wrapped after showering at "the crack of dawn" (jajaja). Of course, I wouldn´t have HAD to shower quite that early, but how could I sleep knowing in several hours my face would be in a recuperative stage that would...when the healing was complete...give me added confidence and a sense of satisfaction because I´d chosen to do something to make my "golden years" happier?

Dr. Barrera´s magic hands certainly deliver what they promise they´ll try to do! He has the knack of rejuvenating and refreshing without leaving telltale signs that say, "HAH! This lady went under the knife recently!" In the two years since my surgery, there´s only been ONE person who told me...after scrutinizing my face quite deliberately...that I´d certainly done something right with the change I´d made. "And what´s that?" I asked with a smile. "You´ve shortened your bangs so your pale eyebrows are more visible. I KNOW you´ll never consent to wear makeup, so this is the next best thing to accent your eyes." She hadn´t a clue that my "new look" had a lot of help from a skilled cosmetic surgeon!

And then there was YOU, querida Dawn! I do hope Dr. Barrera realizes what an incredible asset he has in your capable assistance. All of us trepidatious women (and some men) come to Celaya with butterfies in our stomachs, and your careful prep talks and written instructions do so much to calm nerves and make us patients actually look forward to "FL Day" rather than lie in our hospital beds trembling. Recuperating at Casa Maricela´s only added to my topnotch experience.

So...on this anniversary...I´m sending a great big MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS to you and Dr. Barrera...and the rest of the team.

Gratefully, Nancy
January 20, 2020

As a 65th birthday gift to myself, Dr. Barrera gave me a facelift last October. It is the best gift ever and gets better with each passing day.

Facial surgery always appeared artificial to me so it was easy to dismiss, that is, until I witnessed the skillful work of Dr. Barrera.

I was so impressed with how refreshed and natural my friend looked after her surgery that I contacted Dawn and booked a date for myself.

The partnership which Dr. Barrera & Dawn have created is first rate and really made my experience of having surgery in a foreign country a very positive experience.

The whole pre & post op process is very transparent and Dawn’s attention to detail and consistent communication skills are invaluable.

I stayed at Casa Maricela for the 3.5 weeks I was in Mexico and sincerely thank Dawn for the recommendation. Jesus and his staff were very welcoming, attentive and supportive especially when I first returned from the hospital. They even gave me a little bell to ring if I needed assistance.

Understandably, the first few days after surgery were tough but by day seven, I was feeling ready to explore San Miguel. I kept busy with walks around town, attending musical concerts, films, lectures, house tours and art galleries.

Dr. Barrera met with me twice after surgery for follow up.

The best part of the experience is that no one suspects I have had a face lift.

I continue to receive compliments about how refreshed I look.

I am delighted with my results so far and am most thankful to have met Dr. Barrera & Dawn.

Lily, Canada
Jan. 2020

Two years later now and I remain grateful for my face lift every morning I look in the mirror. I still think it was the best gift I have given myself.

Barbara, Canada
November 7, 2019

I was feeling like contacting you at my one year anniversary after my surgery. I just want to say that as time goes on, I am more and more pleased with my look, and how it has changed the way I feel about myself. I no longer dread seeing my reflection and wishing I didn’t have my ‘Turkey neck’. Instead I feel pretty and I can’t tell you how huge that is. I want to thank you and Dr Barrera again, and anyone else on his staff for a job well done. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. So again, thank you.

Say Hello to the doctor for me.

Mindy, California
November 4, 2019

I already knew I was in good hands when I decided to have my face lift operation with Dr. Barrera because two women in my family had already had the same operation by him 20 years ago and 10 years ago and they both still look great. I can say that I was happy with the outcome as soon as I had it done, even though I looked pretty horrific the first few days, I could see the improvements right away. It´s been a long healing process for me, I have extremely sensitive skin, but I am very pleased with how I look now and the more youthful appearance I have been given.

Now I can wear turtleneck sweaters without a turkey neck hanging over the top, yippee. Dawn helped me every step of the way, before and after the operation she kept me informed and she was thoughtful and kind, she reached out to me many times throughout the months after my operation to check in with me. I feel like I now have a new friend in San Miguel.

Dr. Barrera always greeted me with a warm smile, coming to see me before the operation and after and he took great care in the followup appointments to do everything painlessly as possible and answer all my questions. The nursing staff working in the hospital and with Dr. Barrera are so helpful and friendly, the hospital was like a hotel suite, what a great team! I would recommend them to anyone.

Rebecca, Canada
October 14, 2019

I saw my cousin a few days ago for the first time since my surgery. She was worried about me doing this procedure and so she was eager to see the results in person. Oh, to see the delight and relief in her eyes!

She said “Oh my god, you look GREAT!! !!!!” as she stood staring in awe. . I said “Do I still look like ME?”
And she said “Oh yes! You just look so....refreshed! It’s subtle and you look like you...10 years ago!” That made my day!

Truly, all if my friends and family are very impressed with my results. Many of them comment on how beautiful my complexion is. I don’t think I have received that compliment my entire life! That is an extra perk/result of surgery that I did not expect.

I researched many procedures, clinics and doctors in the US and around the world before I discovered Dr.B and Dawn through a mutual friend, Steph. I knew from speaking with Steph, several other patients, and Dawn about Dr. B ...that I was finally going to do this!

I am not a vain person but I was tired of pulling at my face in the mirror, like my Mother used to do, and saying “If I could only get rid if these jowls.”

The 62 year old person in the mirror seemed so much older than the person inside me. And that reflection was eroding my confidence and youthful energy.

I can´t thank you enough Dawn, Dr. B., and the team!

Debi - Missouri
September 8, 2019

When looked in the mirror, I saw a 70-year-old woman with a saggy neck, baggy eyes, wrinkled skin and jowls. How did I get so old looking? The image I saw wasn’t congruent with my energy level, how I felt or how I put myself out there in the world.

I contacted an old friend who had retired to San Miguel several years ago and asked her if she could recommend a good plastic surgeon in San Miguel. She suggested Dr Barrera. She told me everyone she knew went to him and he did great work. I spoke with 2 women who had had work performed by Dr Barrera. They were thrilled with their results. I continued to do research and all roads seemed to lead to Dr Barrera. I emailed for additional information and I found Dawn particularly responsive and eager to answer my questions, knowledgeable about all aspects of the surgery and very reassuring. I scheduled my surgery to take place on December 20, 2018.

I never had any pain. Discomfort, yes, but I felt so energetic after the surgery that when I arrived back in San Miguel, I put on my sunglasses, my hat and my scarf and went out for lunch nearby. Only 11 days later, on New Year’s Eve, I went to a party with only a tiny bit of concealer over a very small bruise and no one had a clue that I had just had a complete facelift! The numbness lasted for quite a while. I am still slightly numb behind my chin, but things continue to improve.

I didn’t want to look 20. I wanted my face to look natural. 50 something would be perfect. That’s what I got. I feel good. I feel congruent. I am attractive, competent, energetic and capable!

My husband who just turned 75 didn’t like looking like my father. After seeing how quickly I healed and what a difference it made, he decided to have a facelift as well. There was an opening just 3 weeks later. He is very happy with his results and looks like a guy in his early 60´s.

People keep asking me how it is that I keep looking younger and younger? I just smile and say "Life is good".

Several of my friends liked my results so well, that they have booked with Dr Barrera in the next few months. Everyone is very excited! Dawn is the perfect coordinator. She never dropped the ball. She was always available. Dr Barrera is warm, responsive and communicative. I don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Barrera as a surgeon and an artist.

Barbara L.
Novato, CA
July 16, 2019

It’s been 10 weeks since my surgery and my results are really remarkable. I was very very nervous going into the procedure. I’m sure they never had a patient so scared. Dawn was very reassuring and thankfully I followed through. I’ve had so many compliments but no one seems to know I’ve done anything. It’s very natural looking. Dr. Barrera is so competent. He’s done this procedure so many times and he has perfected it.

Jane H.
Canada July 14, 2019

It is hard to believe it´s been 8 weeks now since I had the surgery! I was looking back on the old photos with a couple of friends a few days ago and am surprised at how fast recovery really is.

I´m currently doing very well. I still have a bit of tightness/numbness/strangeness around my chin and back of ears and upper jaw line. But every day it gets better and better just as you said!

It´s funny to see how people react when they haven´t seen me since my surgery...they usually comment on how great my SKIN looks and can´t quite put their finger on why I "look so good!"

They ask "did you change your hair, your glasses?" I don´t think they even think about the idea of plastic surgery because they don´t peg me as the kind of person that would do that!
I have never been much of a makeup/foundation person, but since using the concealer for surgery, I have switched to a light SPF lotion/foundation and started using some of the makeup tips that a friend has taught me, so I feel pretty spiffy when I go out.

I´m loving my new look! I don´t cringe or get depressed when I look in the mirror in the mornings anymore! What an emotionally satisfying event at age 70! So happy to have had Dr. Barrera do my face lift ... he´s a master sculpture. I so appreciate his eye!

Thanks to Dr. B and his team of

It´s been 3 months since I had my facelift with Dr Barrera. Wow! That´s all I can say‐--happiness! I´m 70 years young and feel 50. The procedure and aftercare have been superb, thanks to Dr Barrera, Dawn, and all assistants. I was out dining with friends within a week after surgery. To give a little background, I never really considered a facelift until I had 2 friends who had very successful facelifts with Dr Barrera. Then, I decided, "I want some of that"! Also, I read others´ testimonials regarding their experiences with Dr Barrera, which gave me great support and encouragement. I hope my account will help others as they make decisions regarding their procedures.

Jan, Texas
April 12, 2019

I have been thinking of you as I approach the three-month mark post-surgery. I am doing just wonderful, my healing has been so easy and I have felt so well all along. Incisions are all but invisible, tightness is completely gone and the numbness around my ears is gradually lessening as feeling slowly returns to those areas.

I have been so delighted with my youthful and completely natural appearance, it has lifted my spirits in ways I did not even anticipate. I´m having fun using makeup to enhance my looks (had sort of given up on that before) and started wearing earrings and cute hats again.

I wasn´t really conscious of the fact that I had become reluctant to "gild the lily" with accessories because the lily had become rather wilted. But now I feel like expressing my personal style in these ways again.

Thank you for everything, Dawn! I will be in touch with you in the coming months I am sure. Please tell Dr. Barrera and Dr. Suzy how well I am doing and how beautiful I feel. My friends (the ones who got to scrutinize my pre-op face and neck and get to look up close at my naked face now) are amazed and so impressed with Dr. Barrera´s skill, as am I.

Cecile, Houston, TX
April 9, 2019

I decided to have a facelift when I turned 64. I had given it thought before but was a bit scared to go through with it. Then a friend recommended Doctor Barrera and I felt an inner nudge to go for it. I knew my friend was beautiful, but I would have never guessed that she had had a facelift. She never had that facelift ‘look’. So I felt confident about my decision. It has been almost five months now and I can confidently say I am very happy with my results. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel when I see my reflection. Not only do I look like my younger self, I truly feel younger and more confident than I have in years.

Dawn, who is Dr Barrera’s International Director, makes the process simple. Dr Barrera and his staff are courteous and professional. He “loves to make women beautiful”. It’s obvious that he loves what he does and takes great pride in his work. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in looking like their younger self. I feel like I have a whole new take on life. Thank you Dr. Barrera and Dawn Simmons and the rest of the staff. You truly are a blessing.

Mindy, Calif.
March 18, 2019

It’s been almost 5 months since my surgery & I’m continuing to be happily surprised when I look in the mirror. I was concerned because I have had several previous procedures with mixed results. The biggest difference between Dr. Barrera & the others was how thoroughly he explained what was & wasn’t achievable due to previous scarring & other factors. My biggest concern (in addition to the sagging & general aging) were the vertical lines around my mouth. That´s all I could see when I looked in the mirror! Thanks to the dermabrasion that Dr. B did, they are 80% gone & no discoloration around my mouth. My whole face is more youthful & my confidence is tremendously improved.

The hospital stay of 3 days is a tremendous plus. In previous procedures I’ve never had the luxury of even 1 night in a hospital meaning that you hire a nurse (very expensive) plus have to return (inconvenient & embarrassing) for bandages to be removed. The hospital was very clean & well appointed. Then he comes to where you are staying a week later to remove the stitches. How nice!

Casa Maricela where I recuperated couldn’t be more clean or friendly or lovely. I would stay there again if I return to San Miguel. And Dawn! I couldn’t have done it without her. She answered all my questions, & I ask lots of questions, thoroughly & promptly. I was very impressed with the whole experience.

Aspen, Colorado & Taos, New Mexico
March 10, 2019

Three months ago today I treated myself to a full facelift by Dr. Barrera. I am 67 years old and you wouldn´t guess that now! Dr. Barrera is a master surgeon and his skill is exceptional. I had had upper eyelid surgery with him in 2014 and was very pleased with the results. I knew then that when I was ready for the full facelift I would be choosing Dr. Barrera to do the procedure.

The results are wonderfully natural. I look like me but much younger! I was getting jowls, my neck was "disappearing" and my cheeks were drooping. Those conditions are all gone now!! Hallelujah!

The hospital stay was very comfortable. The nurses in attendance were kind and attentive. I felt no pain at all.

I went home after the third day and Dr Barrera came to take out the stitiches a week after the surgery. I felt comfortable to go outside by then, with a hat, sunglasses, and some make-up to cover the bruising.

I am amazed at how quickly my face healed. My husband and I left San Miguel de Allende three weeks after the surgery to travel around to other locations in Mexico and I felt really good about my appearance. Now three months later you wouldn´t know at all that I had surgery. The reults are fantastic and I am very happy!

Dawn was very helpful throughout the entire process. She is a real gem and will answer any questions you have.

Dr. Barrera is a very kind and skillful
surgeon. I recommend him whole-heartedly!

I had my facelift with Dr. Barrera about a month ago, and I could not be more pleased. I really do look 20 years younger! So glad I made the trip to Celaya and treated myself with this procedure. I was interested in some treatment that would create a younger look to my face, matching the rest of my athletic build and my inner youthfulness. After looking into various options (laser, chemical peel, etc.) and knowing I could not afford the fees of plastic surgeons in this country for this procedure. I was excited to hear from a friend who previously lived in San Miguel Allende about the hospital in Celaya.

After some email communications with Dawn, the excellent International Director for Dr. Barrera, I scheduled my surgery and arrived, sight unseen, on January 7th. I was pleased with the professionalism of the staff at the hospital, and with its cleanliness and modern look. I was treated very well by the medical staff during my 3-night stay at the hospital, and the language barrier was not a problem.

I have enjoyed a rapid recovery, with less bruising and swelling than is typical - I credit my positive attitude and excellent health with that result! Even after one day, when the doctor removed the very tight bandage and before the “snug” bandage was applied, I saw an amazing rejuvenation of my face and neck! Within a week I was presentable for exploring San Miguel with minimal makeup to hide the minor residual and developing bruises. I did have lower energy, which is to be expected after the major surgical procedure I experienced, so I took it easy as I explored, and took naps when needed.

I am now home in Colorado, and the friends who knew ahead of time of my plans are highly complementary of my “new look”, telling me I look “fabulous”. I agree, as my results are even better than I anticipated. Other people who did not know about my trip to Mexico have mentioned that I sure look good - but no one appears to be thinking or saying, “she had a face lift”! I credit Dr. Barrera’s technique for creating a natural look for this result.

I would recommend that anyone desiring an affordable face lift procedure from a doctor with an excellent reputation might consider looking into this practice. It will be well worth your while!

Marilyn, Colorado, USA
February 10, 2019

"You waited too long." This was Dr. Barrera´s comment at my pre-op evaluation. I knew he was correct. I had been wanting a facelift for over 15 years. My crepey cheeks, wrinkled saggy neck and undefined jawline were getting worse. I had a consultation in the States years ago, and a couple of botox injections but never the whole enchilada. I was scared and cheap.

I was recommended to Dr. Barrera by a good friend who lived in San Miguel. Several of her friends had had very good results. I procrastinated for another year until one of the friends moved back to my town. Another girlfriend and I set up a face to face meeting with Jane and boy were we pleasantly impressed. I believe I made my decision to sign up with Dr. Barrera while sitting on Jane´s couch that morning. Surgery, anesthesia and hospital recovery went well. Once the bandages were removed on day two I could already see my beautiful new jawline and smooth neck. Heavenly! My friend and I were discharged to San Miguel to recover at Maricela´s BnB where we received breakfast and lunch daily. Recovery was tough for me because I had extensive reconstruction of my neck muscles. I never had pain, just tightness of my neck.

Our San Miguel friend provided moral support and visited daily. We took short walks and did a bit of shopping. Eventfully we started eating in restaurants and going to movies.

I am now 7 months post surgery. I look and feel great and have more social confidence. Still have some minor numbness as expected. People that have not seen me for sometime are marveling at how great I look. I appreciate receiving the compliments although the people who really deserve them are the wonderful Dr. Carlos Barrera and his International Director, Dawn ... an angel.

At a recent party with fellow nurses, that I have not seen in over a year, they were all amazed at how great I looked. One said I looked twenty years younger and the others commented that retirement agrees with me because I look fabulous.

My thanks to you both!

Ruth, Sonoma, Calif.
February 5, 2019

First of all, a big thank you to Dr Barrera!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled that I took the opportunity to travel to Dr. Barrera and had my facelift done in Mexico. I had been contemplating having this procedure done for a few years and spent a significant amount of money doing fillers, Botox etc and was getting fewer results as years were going by. I did see a plastic surgeon in my hometown and the cost was three times higher. After weeks of research, I found Dr Barrera through facelift me up. His business administrator, Dawn, answered all of my questions and concerns in every aspect in a timely fashion. And believe me, she was inundated.

One thing that I really did like was that you stay in a private hospital for three days which gave me a great deal of comfort and reduced my stress. It´s quite a nice facility in a neighboring town. (In my city, you are out the same day as the procedure.) He also provides a driver and private car to pick you up from the airport and deliver you to the hospital. From the hospital to your prearranged hotel/bnb is also arranged. I found all the staff to be very professional and kind. A little bit of a language barrier with the nursing staff but not much of a problem there. Dr. Barrera and his team are spot on professional. I have nothing but great things to say about them. They don´t pull any punches about how horrendous you will look the first 2 weeks but surprisingly how quickly things change especially after the stitches are removed. One tip, buy Dermablend concealer and foundation. That covers bruises amazingly well.

The facelift. I´m thrilled. Especially in the neck area. I had this “tortoise neck” that drove me crazy for years! No more!! Loose jowls ... saggy eyes...gone. l truly look 15 years younger. Also strangely, I really had no pain. Not to say that my neck was tight and the sides of my face and ears were completely numb. Still is a bit today 7 months later but each day it´s less.

Last but not least, I highly recommend you stay at Maricela´s BnB. It´s right in the heart of San Miguel. She has a lovely home and her rooms are beautifully appointed. The rooms all have private bathrooms and the staff is amazing. Fabulous meals and her rooftop terrace is breathtaking. The meals are not all mexican cuisine but seem like chef prepared and beautifully presented. They are used to having medical guests and look after you really well.

And finally, Dawn, she is a Doll and handles all your arrangements and questions. And when you get home she stays in touch for months regularly. I can´t say enough about her, Dr. Barrera or the staff at Maricela´s. So if you are thinking about having this procedure done, don´t hesitate about having it done here. Bonus vacation at the same time.

Surrey, British Columbia
January 31, 2019

I had my facelift procedure with Dr. Barrera 14 months ago. I am extremely pleased with the results that I have achieved. He is a very capable and artistic surgeon!! I received excellent and attentive care during my 3 night hospital stay. I had great follow-up communications which was reassuring and comforting. I had no pain and my recuperation period went just as I was instructed that it would.

I would highly recommend Dr. Barrera and his staff if you are contemplating turning the clock back and feeling much more positive about your appearance.

Lesley, San Miguel
January 23, 2019

Recently I have taken the time to read some of the latest narratives on faceliftmeup.com, and they must give both you and the good doctor feelings of pride and accomplishment to think of all the people who are now able to "face" the world (literally as well as figuratively!) with increased confidence and an inner glow of security that undoubtedly shines reflected satisfaction on those around them.

It has been one full year now and I´m VERY GLAD that I availed myself of Dr. Barrera´s surgical skills!! When I see photos of many other folks who have very obviously had "work done" on their faces, I pat myself on the back for having the good sense to choose a surgeon who takes such obvious pride in producing a rejuvenated, refreshed countenance on his patients rather than stretched-tight skin that screams "facelift" loud and clear.

Nancy, Wisconsin
January 20, 2019

As I look back on the year, my life was totally changed by my surgery in May. I love the results and the feeling of confidence that comes with it. I only wish i had come at age 58 instead of 65. I would have that many more years of increased self confidence and esteem. As I get back to normal, I really appreciate Dawn and Dr. Barrera and their caring and professional attitude. As a newly retired nurse I did appreciate the professional level of care during my hospital stay. The high level of commitment and caring made all the difference. Thank you so much!

Denise, California
December 26, 2018

Years ago my mother in law had a lift by Dr. Barrera and I was amazed at how beautiful she looked and as the time has passed she continues to look great! This of course was a big incentive for my choice to trust her advice and utilize Dr. Barrera´s services. Since the age of 13, I have been insecure about my lack of a prominent chin. As the years passed it became one long jowl. I had a consultation with Dawn, Dr. Barrera’s assistant and she was wonderful. I had plans to be in San Miguel for a couple of weeks and she assured me I would still be able to enjoy myself during my stay.

I am 57 years old and never paid much attention to the drooping eyes and wrinkles mainly because the chin was so unattractive. Dawn explained and participated in the entire process; she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Barrara and met with me afterwards to answer any questions that I may have. The following Sunday afternoon my husband I were picked up and chauffeured to Celaya for my Monday procedure. I was given a tour of the facilities and became acquainted with his staff, who happen to be some some of the nicest and attractive people you could imagine. All spoke fluent English.

Dr Barrara was kind and very thorough answering all my questions, giving me the much needed peace I was hoping for. He recommended some wonderful restaurants in the area and suggested we have a nice dinner and RELAX. Great advice! At the hospital we were checked into a beautiful private suite with a bright living area and dining table plus a television adjacent to the hospital room. The morning of the procedure the assisting doctor and anesthesiologist came by for a visit and assured me I was in great hands, the special and professional Dr. Barrera. I was taken to a very bright, sterile surgery room, and the best part ..... Dr. Barrera had classical music playing rather loud. I loved it because it caught me off guard and relaxed me. The next thing I know is that I awaken in my room with no pain and feeling quite elated. Early the third morning the bandages were removed and we were discharged, back home by noon. Still no pain!!!!

Dawn contacted me regularly and she reiterated Dr. Barrera´s recommendation to wear sunscreen, put on a hat and sunglasses and get out and enjoy myself. Considering I had little bruising and the stitches weren’t obvious, I had no qualms and enjoyed everyday of my stay. In 10 days Dr Barrera came to our house and removed my stitches in 5 minutes. I was shocked at the change and cannot express enough how happy I am to have made this choice. I look years younger and LOVE my gorgeous chin. I highly recommend Dr. Carlos Barrera and Dawn to help you get started on a new and and exciting chapter to your journey through life.

Tammi, Austin TX
Dec 3, 2018

It’s been 6 months since I had my face lift with Dr. Barrera. My progress has been amazing and I’m so thankful I finally decided to do something for myself.

I consulted with Dawn for several months prior to the actual surgery and felt very comfortable with the decision to proceed. Upon meeting Dr. Barrera and the office/surgical staff, I knew that I made the correct choice in a surgeon. Two of my friends had also been patients of Dr. Barrera and their results were exactly what they expected. The hospital and the medical staff were so caring and attentive and my stay there was very comfortable.

I’m 75 years of age so I wasn’t expecting to have such remarkable results, however, it has been an delightful experience for me. Some family members that I see every couple of months didn’t even notice the “lift” but remarked how rested and trim I look. Most of my friends know my secret and continue to compliment my new and improved results.

As for real pain, I just didn’t experience any. It took me a couple of months to have full feeling back, mainly on my ears. I still feel some tightness on my neck, but, I had a lot of excess skin removed. My neck and chin correction took away 10 years.

As I was healing, Dawn continued to correspond with me and answer all my questions and advise me on future progression as to the healing process.

I’m so thankful I made the decision to go forward and highly recommend Face Lift Me Up for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves.

Earline, San Antonio, Texas
December, 2018

Today, is exactly one month since I had my face lift. I am overjoyed with the workmanship by the extremely talented Dr. Barrera. He, definitely, has a great gift and I am glad that I chose him to be my plastic surgeon. Having plastic surgery was something that I had been contemplating for the last few years. I wanted to do something before my 60th birthday about my aging face and neck. After interviewing a few other doctors, I decided on Dr. Barrera. Why? Well, I have been living in San Miguel for the past several months, and I have met several women who had surgery done by him. They all looked fantastic and completely normal!!

My hat also goes off to Dawn Simmons, the International Director. Her attention to details are astounding! She is highly organized, competent and an efficient woman. Everything was meticulously organized! I felt so secure in knowing that she was there for me every step of the way. Thank you so much Dawn for your patience and kindness that you showed me and still continue to show me. Also, thank you to Dr. Barrera for coming to my home to remove the stitches and also for all of the follow up appointments in San Miguel. The attention to detail and service were beyond my expectations.

Lastly, I was talking to my son via FaceTime the other day, and he told me I don’t know what’s happening to you down there but you look 15 years younger! Yeah! What a wonderful compliment! I do know that I am so thrilled with the results!

Thank you Dr. Barrera, Dawn, and all the competent staff and nurses at the hospital in Celaya.

Calgary, Canada
July 11, 2018

Well, in a couple of weeks it will be a year since my facelift. I wanted to wait until the results had completely settled to write this. I am happy to report that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results! My jowls are gone and my saggy neck is firm. I look a good 20 years younger than my age yet I don’t look pulled or like I’ve had a facelift.

When I came home from Mexico last summer, acquaintances thought that I had lost weight (I hadn’t), or that I had a great vacation and was well rested; the comments always included that I looked great.

My decision to go with Dr Barrera was not a quick one. Having owned a house and lived in San Miguel for quite some time, I saw the results of Dr Barrera’s work on friends and acquaintances over a number of years and on both men and women. I was very impressed. Thus, when it came time for me to go under the knife, the decision to have Dr Barrera do my facelift was an easy one.

The whole process flowed smoothly, the clinic in Celaya was very professional and the nurses came running the moment you touched that buzzer. The only criticism that I could muster is that the clinic is near a railroad and the noise from the trains at night seemed very loud. I would advise to make sure to get a room on the quieter side.

I am very grateful to Dr Barrera and his whole staff for a very good experience and results that continue to be beyond my expectations.

A.J., California
June 10, 2018

My friends are awestruck at the results of my facelift by Dr Barrera. I struggled with the thought and fear of a facelift for years; consulted with 5 different surgeons , but never felt comfortable, Until I heard of and met Dr. Barrera . I never expected to have the amazing results especially of my neck and eyes. Thanks so much to Dawn and Dr. Barrera for myself back.

Dawn - Hawaii
June 1, 2018

Dr. Barrera is without a doubt the absolute best plastic surgeon!! He listens to your needs and more importantly your desires and makes them come true.

I wanted a light face lift with a chin implant. The results are amazing! I´m in the beauty business and always want to look my best. He accomplished that just as I wanted him to.

Thank you Dawn for all of the arrangements you made on my behalf.

Thank you Dr Barrera for making my dreams come true!!!

Connie, Texas
May 3, 2018

Tomorrow will be exactly 6 weeks after my face lift on March 14th, 2018 and I am so very thrilled with the outcome! As I have read in other testimonials, “RUN”, do not walk to Doctor Barrera and his amazing staff for your very own make-over! His attention to detail, along with an incredible staff, will have you refreshed and up and running in no time. San Miguel is such a beautiful place for recovery.

The clinic in Celaya is welcoming, spotless and extremely accommodating. My suite was lovely with two tv screens, a nicely sized living area, kitchen table and even a small refrigerator. Perfect for my husband to spread out during my recovery. I was able to bring a few snacks and extras even though the hospital served all our meals. The nurses were professional and I never once asked for something that did not arrive within a few minutes. The US could certainly take a lesson in hospitality and efficiency!

After my return to San Miguel, Doctor Barrera came to my home to remove the stitches, which only took a few minutes. There was a small amount of “discomfort, but never any pain. One week later, I was able to host a dinner party for eight of my friends with my normal energy level and enthusiasm. Still a bit swollen and bruised, all my friends raved about the fabulous transformation and results in such a short amount of time.

I have sung the praises for this wonderful man and his specialized staff to all that will listen.... To Dawn, an extra special thanks for walking me through the process! I am looking forward to the full recovery in another couple of months and am looking like a million dollars to boot. Schedule your appointment today and take 15 Years off your reflection.😍

Jan, West Texas
April 24, 2018

I had a full facelift done by Dr. Barrera over 2 years ago. I was anxious and happy at the same time to finally be able to make this change. Every single one of the staff, especially Dr. Barrera and Dawn, made me feel completely comfortable. I was impressed by their professionalism. The hospital room was beautiful and hospital staff were so sweet to me, such a change from the U.S.! My recovery was smooth and painless, just as I was told. The doctor came to my home here in SMA, to remove the stitches and the entire process couldn´t have been easier. I would do it again without hesitation.

I recently had a concern about a bump under my eyelash. I was quickly given an appointment to see the doctor. As it turned out, the bump had nothing to do with my surgery. Dr. Barrerra was kind enough to resolve the problem with no charge and all the staff were gracious and welcoming. This speaks of their professionalism that I encountered throughout my surgery 2 years ago and their dedication to patients, even 2 years after surgery. Thank you Dr. Barrerra, Dawn and all the staff for your sensitivity and professionalism. I cannot recommend this team highly enough"

RMW, California/San Miguel
April 23, 2018

Dr. Barrera and his staff are so very kind & treat their patients first class. I felt like part of their loved extended family! At 75 years of age having my face & eyes aligned was the furthest from my mind until I saw one of Dr. Barrera’s patients in my home town here in Oregon. She was a few years more older than me but just looked fresh and bright-eyed. A look I thought that was gone forever for myself.

So here I am now almost three months post-op. I certainly don’t look or feel droopy & tired when I look in the mirror now. I just look & feel like me, maybe ten years ago. It’s a wonderful upper to not have heavy looking & feeling eyelids anymore! Because I choose to be Vegan, my plan was to bring my own food for the hospital stay. Amazing Dawn (who takes care of all the details so perfectly) said she will put a special diet request for me.... I was presented with some of the best Vegan meals ever!

My wonderful friend lives in San Miguel. We both went in together for Dr Barrera’s skilled artistry. We were able to recover together at her lovely home in San Miguel. What a wonderful experience this whole adventure has been...I would highly recommend Dr Barrera and his staff to anyone who is seeking an uplift & your own personal mirror upper!

Carol - Oregon
April 15, 2018

Perhaps the biggest surprise about my face is that it isn´t a surprise at all. Other than the few people who knew in advance that I was planning to have this procedure, no one actually seems to have taken notice. The people whom I had told were excited for me. Each of them felt that Dr. Barrera had done beautiful work, and were as impressed as I with my results. I had what I had asked for – a totally relaxed and natural look.

As for the procedure itself, I can´t possibly say enough about my before, during, and after clinic experience. I met with Dr. Barrera and his assistant Dawn in San Miguel eight months before surgery for an evaluation and discussion. Both were warm, informative, and engaging and most of all, reassuring. Between that visit and my actual surgery, Dawn emailed me often, helping to keep me in the loop and on target.

Back in Mexico before surgery, I gave myself two weeks to acclimate. On the appointed day, Dr. Barrera´s driver picked me and my husband up in San Miguel to take us to Celaya. He too was warm and considerate. Once we arrived at the clinic, Dr. Barrera and his staff provided exquisite care from beginning to end. I can´t imagine a better, more attentive surgeon. Although I slept a good deal of the time following surgery, I was aware enough to recognize and appreciate an unusual level of kindness, and caring on the part of every member of the clinic team – housekeeping, kitchen and nursing. Dr. Barrera came to see me often, each time offering encouragement and support along with the necessary medical procedures.

At the end of my three day stay, the same driver who had taken us to the clinic returned us safe and sound to San Miguel. During that first week at home I slept a lot, rested a lot, and moved slowly, with the knowledge that healing took time.

A week later the stitches came out and a week after that came one more follow up visit where Dr. Barrera took out a few remaining stitches and pronounced me well on my way. One day later we returned to the States. All during that time Dawn emailed me on a daily basis to see how I was doing. Progress was slow, but steady. My confidence in my looks grew.

The funny part is that now when I look in the mirror, I am not surprised either. I know this face. Its the one before the folds and divisions appeared, before the neck softened. My own face, only younger.

Ellen, Massachusetts

March 31, 2018

If you´ve ever thought of having a face lift, RUN don´t walk to Dr. Barrera!

It´s been a year since my surgery and I am still thrilled when I look in the mirror. Having had a few cosmetic nips here and there since 40 (I am 66) I was familiar with face lift procedures but was in no hurry to do what I thought would too drastically alter my face. It only took me a visit to the faceliftmeup.com Befores and Afters to change my mind! Plus, I had already been yearning to visit beautiful San Miguel de Allende.

Talented Dawn Simmons took over the internet for my pre-procedure guidance and she is flawless. I booked 4 months out. For those of you wary of Medical Tourism, she made it easier than driving downtown and parking. Do not fear. Her nurturing contact continues for about 6 months after, too. I just did what she suggested for accommodations and stayed at Maricela´s amazing B & B. The only thing I would do differently would be to sight see in SMA before surgery rather than after.

The surgery and prep was exciting. Someone on the site said that Dr. Barrera has a cute personality and that is a good description. Imagine a brilliant artist combined with total confidence. His assistant is a fully trained physician, as well so pictures and questions are handled with patience and ease. Excellent English.

Hospital is dedicated to surgery and it is quiet. Plenty of nurses, pretty awful food. Shower water does not turn on till 8 a.m. English skills of nurses not good so if you have a translation app, use it. My hand signals worked okay.

Surgery day in Celaya couldn´t come fast enough for me. I felt fine after procedure. There is no pain. You leave hospital on Day 3 for a smooth ride to SMA. Be sure to have pesos for gratuity. I basically slept and showered for first 4 days of 2 week stay. Marciela´s helpers can get meds for you. Her place is spotless and food delicious. Having "comida" - lunch - cut out fear of appearing in restaurants all bruised but No One Cares. In fact, you get friendly questions if you smile. It was fun. Everyone knows Dr. B! No coffee for 5 days and I recommend the little Parisian Cafe for coffee and croissants to break your fast. That first sip...

The airline home almost didn´t let me fly due to bruising so you might want a hat and camoflage makeup. Don´t appear winded or ask for ice. This from a world Traveller, too. Airlines have changed in their extreme reactions.

When I got home, I only told my doctor and she got caught up in my happiness. Eye bruising took the longest to fade. A good 6 weeks. I recommend Bobbi Brown stick foundation for cover up. I cut my hair off just prior to the trip, so a short cut helped too. Useful during the constant showering and hair washing.

Now here´s the best part. Dr. B cured my near daily migraines with a procedure he developed. It was done at same time as the face lift. I went from 20 migraine days/month to only 5 over the entire last year. That miracle alone worth the price ( a bargain, BTW).

Pacific Northwest Patient March 8, 2018

I had my surgery exactly three months ago and I am so very happy. I had a friend who had the procedure done a year ago now by Dr. Barrera so I had a very good idea what to expect. When I show my day after photos to people they are shocked..... but then I show them photos from just two days later after most of the swelling had gone down and they are amazed. The first question is "did it hurt"? because honestly it looks like it should but it just doesn´t! Uncomfortable yes, but pain, no. Your face and neck will obviously feel tight but it should...... and that tight feeling goes away a little at a time.

I stayed for two weeks in the best bed and breakfast that Dawn had suggested and the food and accommodations were so wonderful. They are very use to caring for face lift patients while they recover, it was like having your mom care for you! There were actually three of use staying there who all just had face lifts. It made it a little more fun and yes a little comical also as we compared each others progress every morning at our amazing breakfasts.

But San Miguel is such a magical place that you can´t go wrong with any place you stay. Also, don´t feel like you can´t go out and take in the town because the people there don´t care at all what you look like ha! I was out within just a couple of days. Just make sure to take a hat and of course sunglasses to block the sun.

I can now look at myself as I pass by a mirror or see that reflection in my computer screen and not feel depressed or not physically pulling my face up to see how I might look if I only had a face lift, its now a pleasant reality. The best response was my 87 yr old father who stares at me now. I have to actually tell him to stop ha! It has been long enough now that I don´t think about it and the best part is that you still look like yourself only younger. I tend to volunteer my story and most of the time people say " I didn´t even notice really" which is I think what you want! I would tell anyone thinking about having this done to go for it and you won´t have regrets!

Stephanie, Missouri

March 3, 2018

I heard of Dr. Barrera through his website, “Face Lift Me Up”. I was impressed by the thoroughness in describing the complete medical process from beginning to end.

I had just turned 60 years old and, although I had always taken great care of my skin, gravity happens. I had slight jowls and wrinkles on my neck. Most people would say I didn’t need one but I wanted to “get ahead” of the aging process. I booked my surgery with Dr. Barrera’s assistant, Dawn, for early July of 2016.

She was amazing and is a real asset to his practice. From start to finish, the process was seamless and exactly as explained. The hospital was immaculate and there are no “sick” patients there, only surgery patients so there is no risk of infection, which was important to me.
The surgery went very well and it’s hard to believe but there really is no pain, only pressure from the bandages until they are removed. I am one of the 2% who experienced a hematoma - mine was on my neck, behind my ear. I was told to keep my neck straight but I kept turning it to see myself in the mirror. This was the one instance that I was not a good patient. Dr. Barrera performed a small procedure in his office to stop the bleed. Again, no pain from this but I had bruising from behind my right ear down to my collar bone that lasted about 3 weeks. It was easily concealed with a silk scarf.

It has been about a year and a half since my face lift and not one person has guessed that I had one! The few people who know I did, can’t get over how natural it looks. I get many comments about how I never age - it’s my little secret!

I would highly recommend Dr. Barrera and his team of professionals and especially Dawn who gets a rating of “10” from me!!

Kathleen, Dallas

February 16, 2018

I had my surgery January 2017. I had read positive things about Dr. Barrera on the internet and had chosen him because of statements from other clients. The entire experience was very positive and I am very pleased with the results.

I was picked up from San Miguel and taken on to the hospital. The driver was very pleasant and helpful. He escorted me to my room and then on to Dr. Barrera and his staff for consultation and pre-op testing.

Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The hospital is spotless. My husband was able to stay with me and had a bed to sleep in. Dr. Barrera examined me and explained the process. The next day I was taken down to surgery. I only remember going to sleep and then waking up later on my way back to the room.

I stayed two more nights and was routinely checked on by the staff and Dr. Barrera. I felt some pressure from the swelling but I was given some pain medication for this. Frankly, I expected to have more discomfort than I had.

I was 62 when I had this done. After 60 I had really started to see my face age. The surgery has made me look fresher and more vibrant. All of the droopy eyes and cheeks and neck made me look tired and worn out. I am very pleased with the results of the surgery.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Barrera to anyone wanting to have a face lift. He is very skilled at this procedure and both he or his staff were available for me to contact at all times.

Dawn has followed up with me regularly and has always been available to assist with any questions or concerns. I greatly appreciated knowing this as I went through the process.

​Margaret, ​Vancouver, BC, Canada
February 1, 2018

When I was considering having a face​ ​lift, Dr. Barrera came extraordinarily highly recommended by several people in San Miguel. I am thoroughly pleased with all aspects of my full face lift. Dr. Barrera is a masterful surgeon. My face looks much younger and everyone comments on how natural the results look.

The surgery was painless and I had virtually no bruising which are probably due in part to Dr. Barrera´s accomplished technique. He has a good and reassuring bedside manner during pre and post surgery. His assistant​,​ Dawn​,​ is always available to follow up on questions pre and post surgery as well as providing encouraging guidance throughout the recovery process. I highly recommend Face Lift Me Up​ ​and Dr. Barrera fo​r ​his highly developed SMAS​ face lift technique and work.

​George, San Miguel
January 8, 2018​

My journey into retirement started a year ago. Anticipating that I would go out at 62 (November Birthday) put me out on 12/31/16. Most important, some rejuvenation! Two people that I was affiliated with had gone to Dr. Barrera a year earlier and were very happy with results.

After a little research, I booked my procedure for January 24, 2017. I flew to Leon the day before and was picked up at airport by The doctor’s driver. Went to hospital in Celaya (private 75 bed facility). Had my pre-op procedures (piece of cake) and wandered out for dinner. Do this! In the AM Dr B visits, puts meds in IV and you are out. Wake up in afternoon. No pain, no discomfort. Two days post op, driver took me to my recovery place of choice, Casa Maricela in San Miguel de Allende. I ate, read and walked the town for 11 days. Easy Peasy! No kidding!

Upon arrival back in LA, my daughter was amazed. Other than the expected swelling (at 2 weeks), I looked like a refreshed version of me. At 9 months post op now, I look 10 years younger. And with the confidence and smile that gives you, probably 15 ! Highest recommendations! Do this for you and enjoy!

​Leslee, Arizona
November 8, 2017​

As the years passed I lost track of how I looked. Now I see the face that I always knew. So appreciative of Dr Barrera’s skill to bring my face back and return my identity to me. The nurses at the hospital were very helpful and came to my room immediately after pressing the button. The food and service was also much better than I had expected. I had no difficulty communicating even those my Spanish is not that good.

With huge gratitude,
Honora, San Miguel de Allende
October 26, 2017

My procedure continues to heal and I´m more than pleased with the results. Not only does it make me look 15 years younger, it also make me feel 15 years younger.

Alan, San Francisco
October 23, 2017

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Barrera and his team from FaceLiftMeUp in Mexico. I know many Americans are hesitant to go to Mexico for medical procedures but this is the second time I have done so and I am more than pleased on all counts that I chose Dr. Barrera both times.

First, to allay any fears about the hospital where he performs his surgeries let me assure you it is clean, the staff is efficient and caring and it is quieter than most hospitals in the USA. Dr. Barrera is straight up about any procedures you may be considering and consults with you and does not try (or need) to hard sell you in any respect. He is considerate and caring very conscientious and explains everything in English so you are prepared for what to expect.

His medical assistants and his liaison, Dawn, are thoroughly professional and also very efficient and caring. They are all with you every step of the way. Dr. Barrera is very skilled, capable and compassionate. I highly recommend him as your choice for a surgeon. The region of Celaya & San Miguel de Allende has a temperate climate and is safer than most places in the USA.

J.M. Houston, Texas
September 25, 2017

I am, indeed, so very pleased with my new look, Dawn. I saw a friend I haven´t seen in 15 years, and she said "You don´t look any different"! How could you beat that?

I don´t cringe when I look at myself in the mirror every morning, and I love hearing people remark that I look so relaxed and cheerful. Dr. Barrera is a master surgeon.

The surgery went exactly as he and you predicted it would. The hospital in Celaya was quiet and calming, the staff attentive and caring without being intrusive.

The service to and from the hospital was an added bonus, as was Dr. Barrera´s visit to San Miguel to remove stitches a week after the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Barrera to anyone contemplating renewing their looks. It´s like going back in time to a younger version of oneself.

Thank you Dawn and Dr. Barrera!

A very happy recipient of Dr. Barrera´s skill!!!

Sandra, Illinois July 15, 2017

I am very pleased with my face lift surgery with Dr. Barrera in Celaya. This was my gift to myself before I am 60 years old. The recovery period for me was 3 months with no pain just some inconvenience.

I am going on 4 months now and the numbness under my chin and neck which will take more time possibly up to one year. That´s okay because I´m loving the results! The bonus is no more migraines for me which was an added procedure as part of the surgery as well.

Dr. Barrera and his team are professionals and easy to reach! Dawn Simmon´s ongoing communication for pre-surgery and afterwards is supurb meeting all my expectations.

Their follow up sessions after surgery is done in San Miguel De Allende for our convenience. Dr. Barrera´s cost is affordable compared to other surgeons and his expertise far exceeds anyone else. I highly recommend Dr. Barrera for your full face lift!

I´m very pleased with what everybody has done for me. I´m getting a lot of compliments and please tell Dr. Barrera this....... He´s very good!

Beth Kaestner, San Miguel de Allende July 14, 2017

I had a full facelift, neck lift and work done to my eyes by Dr. Barrera on January 5th of this year.

I´ve had some minor plastic surgery procedures before, I had a nose job in Seattle more than 25 years ago and some hair transplant work in San Diego…. This was my first procedure done in Mexico.

I was very impressed by the hospital, the cleanliness, the staff, how I was picked up at the airport, and most importantly of all the results that I obtained from Dr. Barrera. I´m 62 but nobody believes it when I tell them, I look like I´m 52.

I´m not going to need any more plastic surgery for a long time, maybe another hair transplant but if I did I would go back and see Dr. Barrera without a single hesitation.

​Bill, Houston, Texas
July 2, 2017

Dr. Barrera,
I am your biggest fan! My face looks fantastic!! I have kept up with regular facials (I never got them until pre-op). I´m here with a good word for your services and your team. It has been 2 1/2 years now and I am soooo glad I took the step & at the right age. I´m turning 65 in Sept. & I sure don´t look it.

Linda, California
June 30, 2017

For a couple of years I researched Plastic Surgeries in Mexico. I really wasn’t happy with the work that I had done in Vancouver, British Columbia. The decision was made to get in touch with a doctor, Dr. Barrera, that specializes in faces. His technique is a bit different as he works with the muscles in your face and neck.

One of the things I noticed is that he doesn’t have a whole list of procedures listed on his website. Faces are his passion and what he mainly works on. I truly believe that he was the best decision for me. I am so happy with the job that he did.

The finished product is very subtle and natural looking. He is a face artist. You can tell when you meet with him that he is very experienced in his field. The hospital that he works out of is amazingly clean. And more importantly, it is a “Surgery Only” hospital. So no sick people, which greatly reduces the chances of any kind of infection.

Dawn is the lady that explains everything to you. What you need to do beforehand and what to expect afterwards, day to day and month to month. She tells it exactly like it is, so take her advice. Any questions you have are answered quickly and professionally via email or phone.

It is most certainly a bonus to have someone like Dawn taking care of the day to day details. Someone that truly cares. She should be teaching courses on Customer service. She is that good.

So thank you to Dr. Barrera and to Dawn for the amazing Facelift.

L.P. Vancouver, BC, Canada

It seems like a lifetime ago that I had the procedure and it has only been three months. My friends ask me if I have any regrets and my only regret is I didn´t have it done sooner. I LOVE the way I look and the new way I feel about myself.

I have a feeling you will be meeting some my friends in the future, as they are all saying, "that is all it cost?"

Kate - Montana/San Miguel

I had a face lift by Dr. Barrera almost three months ago. I could not be happier with the results and the whole experience. Three of my friends had had face lifts by him and looked so natural - two I would never have known had they not told me and the other one I already knew about.

I realized that if I wanted to have surgery, I wanted it by Dr. Barrera so had better jump.

With the prior consultation, the three nights in the hospital and the attentive care there and the follow up home visit from Dr. Barrera a week later to remove the stitches and then follow up appointments I felt at all times assured that I was receiving excellent medical attention.

I had very little bruising afterwards and no pain whatsoever. All my friends, even one who is against facelifts on principle, think I look great and completely natural. I have the before picture on my desktop and when I look at it, I can´t believe I looked like that. The change is amazing and yet everyone says I still look like me, just better.

This was a birthday present to myself and I don´t think I could have given myself a better one.

Iman, Northern California
April 17, 2017

Dr Barrera gave me a full face lift 3 months ago. The current results are perfect! The incisions are in no way showing in front of the ear, or anywhere else that even a short hair cut would not cover. The friends that I meet now, just comment that I look good. No one even suspects I have had a face lift. Fortunately, I was able to recuperate in Mexico, where my family & close friends are unaware of my actions.

Since coming back to the US I have encountered much admiration, however, no one guessed the reason for my recent social success. I went from a very lonely 84 yr. old to a blossoming US bride. No more lonely days.

Dr. Barrera has the power to make your dreams come true.

Helen, San Miguel/Florida
April 9, 2017

Dear Dr. Barrera,

I had the best possible care and fabulous results! You are very attentive, informative, and reachable.

Dr. Barrera is an exceptionally talented surgeon. He is the ultimate professional!

Martha, N. Jersey
April 1, 201

I am happy to share thoughts regarding my face lift with Dr. Barrera and a bit about San Miguel. The San Miguel experience, the surgery, and the results…..well…I can only say exceeded my expectations. Dr. Barrera is wonderful, confident, possesses a cute sense of humor, and is an artist with a passion for what he does. Dawn is a wonderful support to assure that your cares are all addressed and any worries you might have can be alleviated.

The procedure really doesn´t hurt……the numbness is interesting….and some of that numbness sticks around for a while….but nothing troublesome! Dawn shared so honestly what to expect, that I don´t think we had any thing surprising to deal with.

I do love the results….get compliments still……very natural look.

The hospital is very quiet, comfortable, would only complain about the food, but you really aren´t that hungry!

Not sure what to say on recovery time. It seems now to have passed quickly. We were out and about….walking the beautiful streets of San Miguel the day Dr. Barrera removed our stitches! There is too much to enjoy in San Miguel not to take advantage of the beauty of the city……so who cares if you are a bit bruised. You will be delighted to revel in your soon to be fresh and beautiful face!

Margo, Huntington Beach, Calif.
February 22, 2017


RD, Massachusetts
February 6, 2017

I am as pleased as punch and so happy to have made the decision to take this journey. Frankly, I had NO IDEA how MUCH everything had fallen.........So I am super pleased with the results of the Artist´s mastery.
I can´t say enough about how wonderfully YOU treated me from our initial contact through post surgical moments.

I was fortunate to have you there for me every step of the way. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!

Elaine, California
February 1, 2017

Last year at this time I was only two weeks away from coming to Mexico to have the facelift with Dr. Barrera. Now this year, one year later, I am enjoying so many wonderful times with friends and family and feeling so good about how I look. It still surprises me every time I look in the mirror and see the refreshed and healthy look on my face. Dr. Barrera is a great surgeon and all of his staff make the experience one that seems more like a vacation than a medical treatment.

Thanks again,

Christine, Seattle, Wash.
Dec. 23, 2016

I recently had face lift surgery by Dr. Barrera ( August 30th,2016). A friend of mine had surgery performed by Dr. Barrera 8 years ago and still looked excellent.

I contacted Dr. Barrera´s office and set up an appointment time. I was so impressed with Dawn, Dr. Barrera´s International Director, as she explained step by step information regarding the procedure and logistics..

The hospital in Celaya, where the surgery was performed, was very accommodating, as was the staff.

After leaving the hospital I stayed at Casa Maricela´s B&B in San Miguel. I was so impressed with Maricela and her staff. The rooms were very clean and the meals were excellent. I would rate her a 5 stars. While there, Dawn and Dr. Barrera monitored my progress on a daily basis.

Since returning home I have received many positive comments from friends and my healthcare providers. They were impressed with the results of the surgery. Although, only two and half months have passed since my surgery I´m pleased with my progress thus far.

I want to thank Dawn for staying in touch with me regarding my progress. So far this has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Barrera and his staff.

Kathy, Arizona
November 20, 2016

After a great deal of research....including top Beverly Hills doctors...I made the decision to have the best face lift ever. From the initial consultation to the final review following the procedure...I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the amazing ability of Dr. Barrera. The facility, the care, the outcome..the best. One year later..I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to have had the procedure from an exceptional caring surgeon.

My experience as well as my best friends´ was wonderful and I will continue to recommend Dr. Barrera. It has been a year since we both had our face lifts and we both continue to be so very pleased with the results, the wonderful comments we get, and sharing the magic of Dr. Barrera and San Miguel de Allende. I researched Beverly Hills doctors and Orange County surgeons. I do believe that I made the best choice with Dr. Barrera. Wasn´t about money...was about results! My best friend of 43 years also had her surgery at the same time...she shares my enthusiasm! Not only from procedure, but ability, and results. As well as the care and guidance of both Dr. Barrera and those who work with him. The feedback from my dermatologist, GP, Dentist, and hairdresser....best face lift they have seen....and they have seen a lot!!! Would definitely make the same decision and highly recommend Dr. Barrera.

MGC, Southern California
October 17, 2016

I thought a long time about having a face lift but found the cost in the states prohibitive and always found other more important uses for my money. Simultaneously, I was increasing bothered by my image in the mirror. It seemed like every sadness or tragedy in my life was written on my face. I felt that I had weathered most things, emotionally, pretty well and that my outside look did not reflect how I felt inside.

When a friend had a face-lift with Dr. Barrera and told me about the process and how much it cost, I thought….. this is it, I can do this! I met with Dr. Barrera and his team and felt extremely comfortable with them.

It has been three months since my procedure and I am very happy. People tell me how great I look and they think that I have lost weight. The other night a woman told me I had beautiful skin!!! I feel younger and am trying to get into better shape so the body fits the face!!

Dr. Barrera is an extremely kind and wonderful doctor. He has a great artistic touch and I asked him not to overdo it and he didn´t!!! I recommend him to anyone who wants to look younger and feel younger.

The procedure is an operation, so you have to give yourself the time to rest and heal, but it does happen. Do not rush it. I traveled to the states at one month and did not feel too self-conscious…..at three months I look completely normal but still have a bit of numbness by my ears and on my neck.

I would recommend Dr. Barrera to my closest friends who want to have a face-lift.

​Gale - San Miguel
October 2, 2016​

It´s a pleasure to look in the mirror and not see an old hag staring back. I feel that I look 15 years younger! No jowls, no hanging neck, no big bags under the eyes and no pulled or stretched appearance. It was a pleasure to work with Dr Barrera and his team. I´m happy that I decided to have the procedure done in Mexico not only because of the cost but the care in the hospital and Dr Barrera´s follow up visit to where I was staying in San Miguel.

Linda, California
August 26, 2016

I had a face, neck, and eye lift in January 2015 and I never wrote back to tell Dr. Barrera and Dawn Simmons and Maricela (of the B&B) how absolutely, perfectly satisfied and delighted I am with my youthful, beautiful, and natural-looking results and with the total experience of working with Dr. Barrera´s team and hospital.

I am sorry I neglected to write sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Barrera and his entire team. I am very grateful for my results and will most definitely choose to work with Dr. Barrera and FaceLiftMeUp and Maricela´s B&B in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I would be happy to discuss my experience and results with prospective clients.

Sincerely, M. Moore
Denver, CO
August 14, 2016

The fact is, I just got so tried of looking tired ....checking the mirror thinking to myself - oh my God, do I really look this old? Sagging eyelids, puffy eye bags and worst of all an almost none existing jawline!

For years I had a business card of Dr. Barrera in a little box waiting for "just in case". And now it was time for the first appointment with Dr. Barrera followed by countless emails with his wonderful, knowledgeable and very patient liaison, Dawn. To make the story short - it all went so very well, exactly the way it was described on those pages of information Dawn sent me prior to the surgery. And no ,there was no pain and yes, the first few days after the procedure were a bit uncomfortable with some annoying aspects of the healing process in the following weeks.

Over all though, the whole procedure was very much worth the money, time and effort. Now I´m looking in the mirror thinking.....not bad for an old chic!

So when you see this middle/older aged couple (yes, my husband had a face lift too a month after mine) wandering the streets of San Miguel.... it´s us . Yes, we do have a good diet, don´t party every night, exercise daily and generally have a healthy lifestyle. But our youthful looks are mostly due to Dr. Barrera´s outstanding skills as a beauty surgeon and his friendly and devoted staff. Thank you all for the wonderful gift of feeling younger and happy!

Ruth, San Miguel
August 12, 2016

After some debating with myself I decided to have a face lift. My cheeks were getting droopy and I felt I just looked old. Actually, I am old (early 70´s) but my motto is, "never leave well enough alone." I also had some concerns about how safe the procedure would be for me.

Dr. Barrera is a very famous plastic surgeon in Mexico. He practices in San Miguel de Allende, a community in central Mexico and home to thousands of Americans and Canadians. Dr. Barrera has many satisfied patients who live in SMA, as well as many lovely ladies that travel from far and wide to avail themselves of his artistry.

After my first appointment with Dr. Barrera I felt very confident that the procedure would be just fine for me in terms of health. I also knew I would most probably be pleased with the result. Fearlessly I forged ahead.

The hospital in Celaya, a city near SMA, was just fine. The staff was very professional and I have seen hospitals in the States that were not nearly as clean. Dr Barrera and his staff were always in touch with me. His private driver that took me to the hospital was cheery and tried his best to put me at ease because I was very nervous. Dawn, his facilitator, kept in close touch with me and gave excellent advice.

The surgery went well and as was promised I had no pain. I experienced a real loss of energy for about two weeks and was well-advised to take it easy. It has been about three months now and I am very happy with the result. Everyone says I look rested and very lovely. Those who know I had the surgery tell me I look like myself only younger and better. I am happy those droopy cheeks are gone. I could not be more satisfied or happier with the end result and the entire experience. For a while I saw a aesthetician named Marita (recommended by Dawn) who really kept close watch on the healing process and gave a type of facial that made me feel wonderful and also promoted healing. I had very little bruising, except for the first few days. So thank you, Dr. Barrera, Dawn and Marita for providing caring, support, and a new fresh look for me.

Kim, San Miguel
August 1, 2016

This testimonial is going to be all about the delightful life changes that come after having had a facelift. Like when people don't think that you're old enough to give you their seat on a bus.... or, the checkout guys at Whole Foods engage you in friendly conversation versus treating you as an invisible ''older'' person. Maybe it's because my energy has shifted. Possibly I'm more confident, happier, more open to social exchanges and people are just responding in kind. I don't know, but it sure feels great!

People I know in S.F. would love to know (and discuss among themselves) my having had a facelift in Mexico.... but they can't tell exactly what it is. No one can tell, except that I look…rested. Maybe lost a pound or two? I look different, but in what way? This is because Dr. Barrera doesn't do fillers or screw around with pulling or stretching the skin. He lifts the muscles..... period. And that is what makes all the difference. You will not leave looking like ''an old baby,'' which is the description of women with overdone face work. As Julia Roberts describes it, ''(They) don't look younger, they just look like they've had a lot of work done.'' Thus, the ''ick'' factor.

Who in their right mind would go to Mexico for surgery? People go there who know of a world class plastic surgeon.... Dr. Carlos Barrera. I have first hand knowledge that Dr. Barrera is indeed internationally known as a woman from Italy was at the clinic during my stay, and Manuel, the driver, was picking up a woman flying in from Afghanistan the next week. Dr. Barrera is that good!! Men and women don't (or shouldn't) choose Dr. Barrera or any surgeon based on money, (yes, surgery is certainly less expensive in Mexico), but choose him because he is the best.

Without hesitation, I recommend that you stay at ''Casa Maricela'' in San Miguel during your recuperation period. The women there are experienced in attending to Dr. Barrera's patients. Five-star meals are prepared for you to enjoy and there is Wi-Fi, TV, iconic views of SMA from some of the rooms as well as the rooftop terrace; laundry service; and all for a very reasonable price. Anything that you might want or need.... they will do their level best to provide it. The people in SMA are the most charming, kind and friendly!

Questioning having surgery with Dr. Carlos Barrera? Just do it!!!! Life is fun again!!!

Linda R.
San Francisco, CA
April 24, 2016

I had to wait years to finally have the time to have this surgery. I had learned a great deal about Dr. Barrera, before considering this procedure. By the time I was able to do this, I was 100% ready. This experience was enjoyable from beginning to end. Dawn began by putting me at ease and giving me all the information I could possibly have needed.

Dr. Barrera is bilingual and answered all of my questions and fully explained what would happen. The round-trip driver from SMA to Celaya, Juan Manuel, was as lovely as he could be. The hospital has marble flooring and leather furniture – so lovely! The staff was very attentive and caring. I never felt afraid or alone. Dr. Barrera came to my home a week after surgery to remove the stitches, which went very well.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. How could this surgery be so affordable, and go so smoothly? After just 2 weeks, my brutally honest friends were astonished and said I'd shed at least 20 years. I know everyone heals at different rates and that results vary. I can only say that I am in awe of this man He is a genius and an artist. His technique puts Hollywood doctors to shame. His level of dedication to his art is awe-inspiring.

If you are considering this surgery, don't hesitate to pursue it. San Miguel-Celaya is blessed to have this surgeon available to us. His English-speaking assistant, Dawn, is the consummate, caring professional. The last thing I will mention is what I said to myself after 10 days. I looked in the mirror and said, ''I remember this face!'' I just hadn't seen it for 20 years.

Marie - California
April 4, 2016

It hasn't been three months yet and I have all sorts of wonderful comments: ''When are you going to start aging?'', ''You look ten years younger than when I saw you last - what's your secret?'', ''You look great, what's your secret''. Plus I have had so many people comment on my hairdo - they know something is different and they think is must be a different hairdo. Some commented on my teeth :>)

Anyway I am very pleased with the results and feel it looks very natural. It has been such an easy process - with no pain. I couldn't believe there would be no pain before I had it done. Discomfort-yes, but no pain.
One friend who knew I had the procedure said I looked 5 years older than my age before and now I look ten years younger than my age. My sister-in-law who had a face lift about 10 years ago couldn't believe how fast I healed and that I experienced no pain.

So thank you Dr. Barrera and thank you Dawn for guiding me through the process every step of the way. I couldn't be more pleased.

Norma, NYC
March 21, 2016

I had a complete facelift in July of 2015.

Dr Barrera and Dawn Simmons have been absolutely wonderful. They are there for you for the whole procedure of having a facelift and well beyond.

I started dealing with Dawn in April 2015 after making the decision to have a facelift. Doing my research I spoke with two different physicians who practice in San Miguel and both physicians spoke very highly of Dr Barrera and his skills. I read testimonials, did extensive research, and planned carefully for this procedure.

I was still on the edge about having a facelift in Mexico until I saw one of my friends eight days after her surgery. She looked incredible and that day I made the decision that this is the right place for me to have my face lift procedure.

From the very beginning Dawn was an incredible advocate. From our first correspondence she was open, direct, and very honest on what I should expect from the procedure. It was so wonderful to have something like this done and have no stone left unturned. I was told what to expect, what I would look like, how I would feel, and how long it would take before I could see the results of my lift. By the time I actually went to the hospital they were no surprises. When you were having surgery done, and a facelift is major surgery, it was so wonderful to know what the recovery would be like, how I would feel, and through the pictures in the testimonials how wonderful it would look after my recovery.

I returned home to St. Petersburg in October after being in San Miguel for the summer. I have several friends who have had facelifts. These peers were my judge and jury. When I saw this group of friends and everyone of them said how refreshing and wonderful I looked, that my eyes looked wonderful, and that my hair must be a different cut... they couldn't quite decide what was different about me but noticed that I looked wonderful.... I knew it was a success.

When I spoke to Dr. Barrera before my surgery I told him the results I wanted. I wanted to have my face from 10 years ago.....not have a tight look but one that was very natural.

I have lived in Florida for over 40 years so there were many wrinkles and my neck was a mass of wrinkles, ripples and the double chin. After six months my eyes are wide and bright and people notice the blue in my eyes which hasn't been said to me in many years. My neck is soft, young looking, and I have no double chin. I am thrilled with the results of my lift.

When I look in the mirror I see the way I looked 10 or 15 years ago. The way I look on the outside affects the way you feel on the inside. I feel like the woman I was 15 years ago. You look at life differently and and instead of the mirror being your enemy I feel now that the mirror is my friend. Dr Barrera is a very skilled and caring surgeon.

With Dr Barrera your care continues. I saw him weekly when I was in San Miguel and six months later we are going down to San Miguel again and I have an appointment with him.

I previously had work done from a well-known surgeon in New York City. He was a wonderful man very talented and very skillful but I saw him twice after my surgery and never saw him again. With Dr. Barrera I know I can go and see him as much as I need to and it is included in the price.

Dawn is your guardian angel. She is a wonderful caring person and from our initial contact until this week, and I am sure it will continue, Any problems I had .......any questions I had ......were always answered promptly. If I received a late night email I was assured that it was from Dawn. She makes you feel like you were the only person she's taking care of and that your surgery is the most important item on her agenda. She is not just an employee of the doctor she is your friend. She's honest and forthright and doesn't gloss things over which is what you need when you're doing this surgery. Dr. Barrera and his entire staff is there for you from the beginning until you feel you don't need their help anymore.

If you were considering having a facelift, and I know it can be a very scary situation to think you're going to Mexico to do this .......do not be afraid the care is wonderful. Having major surgery is not a walk in the park but with this skilled physician and his caring staff you will walk away being the person you were 10 or 15 years ago and know that you made the right decision.

St. Petersburg, Florida
January 5, 2016

As a semi-retired 65-year old male who teaches adult education about 100 days a year, I became increasingly concerned about the droopiness of my face and neck, and the bags under my eyes. After exploring many options and investigating several plastic surgeons in the United States and Mexico, I selected Dr. Barrera to perform a face lift in Celaya, Mexico.

My initial procedure was done 15 months ago. After 9 months, I was having concern about the appearance of the skin under my eyes, which Dr. Barrera described as my skin being heavier than he anticipated and pulling/shifting down toward my cheeks. Dr. Barrera offered to do a touch-up procedure, at no-charge. This was accomplished three months ago, one-year after my initial facelift.

I was pleased how fast, a matter of a few weeks, the external swelling, redness and wounds healed. My one surprise, a concern for men only, was the extent that my sideburns were pulled toward my ears. I hadn’t thought about it before, but when you have a facelift and the skin stretched, its going to be pulled back. This will be an individual issue depending on the extent of your skin. I now have to shave closer to my ears.

The technique used by Dr. Barrera to anchor the underlying tissue in the hairline and under the chin effectively hid the incisions. Expect the numbness under your skin to take a long time to heal. After 15 months, I still have some “tension” around one ear and under both jaws. This is by no means painful or outwardly visible…it takes a while for the body to recover.

After two experiences, I am very pleased with the work and support of Dr. Barrera, Dawn and staff. Although I feel the urge to be effusive in my praise for all they did, both pre- and post-operations, it would be redundant to many of the comments already posted as testimonials on this site. I am glad I had the procedures and I am happy with the results.

At every step of the process, Dawn and Dr. Barrera promptly responded to my questions, concerns and anxiety. They provide a holistic approach to local transportation, hospitalization and post-operation recovery in nearby San Miguel. All I had to do was follow their health-related guidance, arrange my air transportation to Mexico and show up. My wife, who accompanied me on my initial procedure, also feels that she was equally supported, particularly with the ability to stay in my room at the hospital.

The photographs include my appearance before the first procedure 15 months ago and my present appearance. I’ve given dawn my contact information and am willing to talk to anyone who has questions and/or trepidation about having similar plastic surgery.

December 2015

It has been only a little over a month since my surgery and already I am very pleased with my facelift. I look younger, but not at all artificial. I am healing rapidly. My experience with the surgery itself and Dr. Barrera and Dawn from the first moment of contact continuing into removal of stitches and aftercare has all been very positive.

Friends and even family are giving me compliments on my appearance such as my haircut or new piece of clothing. They don't seem to suspect a facelift because I look so natural. Even my sons don't seem to remember my wrinkled neck and cheeks and droopy eyes. They just notice I look good.

I was so minding looking older and older than many of my friends. Now I look fresher and younger and am pleased with my appearance. I am so glad I had the facelift with Dr. Barrera. He is so very skilled.

And by the way, my husband and I had a lovely vacation even with my surgery in San Miguel.

Dec. 15, 2015

When I look in the mirror each morning now I see two big blue eyes like I had when I was forty. I had only expected the surgery to make my eyelids less droopy, and to lessen the puffiness underneath. The results were far better than that. My balance seems to be better, especially going down steps without a rail. Also, my vision really does seem better, and I notice it driving at night.

The arrangements for the surgery were well-organized, and I did not have to worry about a thing. I wish I had done this years ago.

Sherrie in Houston
November 17, 2015

I had my facelift almost 3 years ago. I had an instant result that people responded to as the best anyone has ever looked immediately after surgery. It did take some healing, of course, and it's now that I feel like the results are perfect. My face and neck are firm and show no signs of giving into gravity or further aging (I use very good skin products) and, at almost 70, it appears like I have some years of enjoying my appearance well into my 70's.

Rebecca, California
October 14, 2015

I had my facelift this past June and I am very pleased with the results. Before the surgery, I was just not feeling myself when I looked in the mirror, and now I feel refreshed and perky again with a natural look which was exactly what I wanted. Dr. Barrera did a wonderful job and was it was a pleasure to be his patient. He is a professional who is extremely skilled, patient, and kind. I had no hesitation at all having him do the surgery. Having two sisters who had already had facelifts done by him, I knew that I was in excellent hands.

Dawn is just amazing. She left no stone unturned. She covered every detail of what to expect pre and post surgery. She answered my many questions thoroughly and promptly. Dawn does an incredible job of keeping in touch with patients, and being totally available throughout the entire process. She is a wealth of knowledge and a terrific liaison! She totally preps the patient so that they know exactly what to expect. Everything she says is exactly how it is. I had no fear about going ahead with the procedure, thanks to her.

I was very comfortable in the hospital. The care was excellent and the accommodations were clean and more than sufficient. I was very grateful to have a few days to recuperate in the hospital under Dr. Barrera’s care. Once discharged, he made home visits to check up on me and remove the stitches. And, of course, Dawn was in touch with me the entire time that I was in Mexico as well as when I returned home.

The whole experience was easy and not a big deal at all. Knowing exactly what to expect helps alleviate the anxiety and unknown. There was no pain, only some discomfort for a few days. After one week, I was out and about and feeling just fine.

Thank you Dr. Barrera and Dawn for your excellent work and care. I really appreciate you both very much, and am very pleased with the results.

Fondly, .
Cindy, California.
September 28. 2015.

I've talked about getting a facelift for years, and finally my dream came true. In June of 2014, I started to do facelift research online, with Thailand in mind, then I stumbled upon Dr Barrera. I got ahold of his liaison, Dawn, who helped answer all my questions and concerns, and believe me I had a lot. It's a huge decision to let someone cut on your face and I wanted to make the right one. Cost was definitely a factor but his credentials were more important. My research proved that Dr. Barrera is highly educated, board certified and has performed thousands of successful facelifts on women from all walks of life and various countries.
I was confident in my choice and we set a date for surgery. I flew from Sitka, Alaska, was met by Dr. Barrera's driver at the airport, and taken to San Miguel. There I had rented a beautiful little casita for my recovery, which turned out to be perfect as it was centrally located so I could walk for groceries, shopping, etc. I explored the city for a few days before my surgery and fell in love, and by the time I showed up at the hospital I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I met with Dr Barrera and his assistant to go over our surgery plan for me . We hit it off immediately, I felt comfortable and in good hands right away. We discussed my expectations and what I hoped to achieve and made a game plan. I was taken to my room , which was nice and clean and introduced to the nursing staff whom were to take care of me.
They did an exceptional job with my patient care, and even though I didn't speak Spanish, it was never a problem. When I woke up from my surgery I was shocked at how little pain I was in. I would describe my pain level as more of a discomfort so I found it unnecessary to take pain meds, only ibuprofen. I felt like I had educated myself on what to expect as far as how I'd look after surgery. I looked like I had just gotten out of the boxing ring. I was bruised and swollen and one side of my mouth drooped which caused concern, but the Dr. assured me that it was temporary, which it was. I stayed in the hospital for a few days and returned to San Miguel to begin my recovery process and it truly is a process. I was out going to the market on the 3rd day after my surgery, with a few strange looks I might add. I had bought a wide rimed hat, sunglasses and a scarf and I had to give up my vanity for the first month and a half. Dr Barrera and his assistant came to my casita to remove my stitches which was convenient.
My whole recovery has required patience and not freaking out about every little thing that I didn't think looked quite right because my face changed daily. Dawn has kept in touch with me throughout this whole process and has been compassionate and caring whenever I did have concerns. One year later I couldn't be more pleased. I’ve asked myself why I did’t do it sooner and the answer is always the same ''you weren't ready grasshopper''. I look at it this way, I felt old and unattractive, my chin was nonexistent and I had jowls that were the size of Texas.
My friends and family advised me against having a facelift, especially in a foreign country, which I took into consideration, but ultimately I'm the one who has to be happy with who's looking back at me in the mirror and today I'm ecstatic with me. Dr. Barrera is truly a gifted, talented surgeon and I will be forever grateful to him and his staff. I would highly recommend him , without a doubt. And if I can ever make a difference with a phone conversation to another man or women who is considering this procedure, I welcome their inquiry.

Peggy, Alaska Sept. 24, 2015

Dr. Barrera.

Ron and I wanted to thank you for the exceptional work you performed with our facelifts. Your skill and precision was more than evident in the beautiful results: We both look at least 10 years younger. Ron had a lot of sagging and extra skin under his neck. He looks fabulous now, it is all gone with not even the slightest trace that anything was done. I had deep parentheses around my mouth and bags under my eyes, which are also gone, without a trace. We are so pleased with the results.

The time and attention you gave us, from the time we checked into the hospital until the time we checked out, was greatly appreciated. You have a deep compassion for your work and for your clients. We found you to be one of those rare professionals who personally took the time to ensure your clients understand and were at ease with the upcoming surgery, which we appreciated very much.

The most surprising part is that we were told that we would not feel pain, but only discomfort. Ron and I were amazed that with all the work we had done, it was true: We did not experience any pain.

We have the highest regard for you and your dedication to perfection. Every day we enjoy the results of your work.

Our best to you,
Ron and Cathy
August 19, 2015
Denver, Colorado

I had my facelift done on 7/22/2015 and I have never felt better about myself in a long time. I can not express enough how happy I am that I had Dr Barrera do my surgery. After a lot of research, I decided on Dr Barrera because of his reputation and the work that he does.

Every step of the way was so informative thanks to Dawn and Dr Barrera. They give you step by step information on the procedure and they were right on. Even after the fifth day after surgery I was so amazed at how good I looked. Now it is so fun because everyone thinks I look so good, some even think I look better than I did in college.

I had some work done on my house and when my handyman came over he could not figure it out. He asked me if I had lost weight and that my makeup (I was not wearing any) looked good. I am beyond thrilled with my results and I am so glad I had this done as I am 63 years old. My only regret is that I wish I would have done it sooner. The surgery was painless, a little uncomfortable for the first few days due to the swelling. That was a small price to pay for the end results.

Connie Todd, Florida
August 27. 2015

Dr. B and his staff exceeded all my expectations. My wife stayed with me at the hospital and she was treated like royalty. The post-surgical treatment was excellent: the doctor and his assistant came to our house to remove my stitches. They also provided me with follow-up visits at his local office. I felt that I was in the hands of professionals.

Chuck - San Miguel de Allende
July 25, 2015

Dear Dawn and Dr. Barrera,

I just want you both to know how much you have done for me with my beautiful facelift. I am 71 years old and it is now about 6 months after my facelift with eye lifts, brow lift, and lip treatment. Before I got the facelift I felt kind of invisible, like maybe I looked grouchy or not approachable or something. After the facelift, I became visible again and feel more like I am part of the world.
I guess looking nice and smooth is , well, attractive. Dr. Barrera could not have been nicer and he is just excellent as a surgeon who knows how to make it look really really good. He gave us lots of attention and he really does know what he is doing.
He was cautious in the sense he wanted everything to go safely and he took the time and trouble to discuss the procedures, told us honestly what he could do and he made sure it all came out well. And my face is beautiful without looking like a had a tight face lift. It is really successful.

And Dawn, she is not only a doll, she made it all happen like clockwork, helped us find a very facelift friendly bed and breakfast to stay in, and she and Dr. Barrera both responded to all of our questions afterwards, so I cannot believe we found such a good plastic surgery team for my procedure.

I suspect I won't need another one, but if I do, I know where I will go for the best facelift and the best care and treatment.

Karen Larson
July 18, 2015

In January 2015​,​ I​ followed thru with a dream that had been many years in the making.​ ​I am a 56 yr old woman who endured a near fatal auto accident and realized that life is unpredictable and it can change in a fraction of a second.

So, I decided it was time to do something for ME.​ ​My search for a competent plastic surgeon began.​ ​Affording a Canadian surgeon was out of the question...​ ​so after many months of research and conversing with other women who've had a face lift, I decided on Dr. Carlos Barrera .

As a nurse,​ ​the important deciding factors were a surgeon's qualifications and experience​, h​is previous patient's results and opinion of their experience and ​their ​contentment with ​the ​results. ​ Also of importance was t​he hospital where he worked and a safe anesthesia ​administered ​by a qualified licensed Anesthesiologist.

I did my homework thoroughly and my decision was sound and I was very confident I had made the best decision.​ ​I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Dr. Carlos Barrera​.​

From the moment I landed in Mexico​,​ Dr. Barrera's ​d​river met me and I was then taken to the hospital where I met with Dr Barrera's team​. ​Blood work and an EKG was performed. The process continued as explained by Dawn.​ ​I want you to trust what Dawn tells you and believe that your care will be exceptional.

My results are amazing. ​ ​I am 5 months post op ​now ​and I am undeniably thrilled with the results.​ ​My neck and jaw line is so smooth and young looking . I had upper and lower eyelids done and being blonde and fair skinned my eyes were reddened for some time​,​ but now that i​t​ has cleared ​I​ Love the results​!!!​ ​Amazing​!!​ ​A​mazing​!!​

Dawn ​is an angel ​and was very ​patient with all of my questions and concerns.​ ​Dr Barrera is soft spoken, attentive and above all incredibly skilled.

Please have patience with the process of healing​....​ it will pass and a refreshed vibrant younger you will emerge.

Life is short​....​ follow your dreams!

M​aureen - Canada
June 22, 2015​

Hi Dawn,

It has been 5 months since my surgery and I couldn't be happier each time I look in the mirror. This surgery was the best gift I could have given myself. The people who know I've had a facelift all agree that I look 10 years younger and yet have a very natural look. Others ask if I've recently lost some weight or changed my hair style as they notice that something is different but can quite determine just what it is! When my younger sisters saw me they both agreed I looked fantastic and would be described as the youngest instead of the eldest. There is still slight tightness in the neck area but I have a beautiful jaw line and no more sagging skin around my neck. My eyelids are no longer droopy and there is no puffiness under my eyes. Quite a few co-workers have commented on my stunning blue eyes that they've noticed for the first time.

I am truly grateful for the professional and thoughtful manner in which all arrangements were handled from my first phone inquiry to the excellent care I received at the hospital and especially the meticulous work of Dr. Barrera. Now my outside appearance matches the person inside. Thank you for your phone calls, words of encouragement, and continued follow-up since the procedure. Give my regards to Dr. Barrera and tell him he did a remarkable job!

Darlene, Dallas, TX
June 19, 2015

I have been MORE THAN THRILLED with the results from my procedure I had with Dr Barrera! He is a professional in every way and I consider him to be a true artist as we are all constructed a differently. He takes that into account and treats us all as individuals.

Dawn Simmons is beyond professional. She will answer questions you didn't even know you had. She gave me so much confidence and reassurance that I had no concerns, AND I came to San Miguel by myself...no husband or friend to support me. I finally met her a year after my surgery and she is delightful in every way. Don't ever hesitate to send her any concerns you may have.

I arrived on a Saturday and was transported to Celaya on Monday. That gave me a day to relax, acclimate, and have a facial (recommended) in SMA prior to the procedure. I was admitted to the hospital on Monday and surgery was on Tuesday. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night in the hospital post-op and was driven back to SMA on Thursday. I stayed in a B&B another 8 days and had two wonderful micro current facial treatments before I left town. So, all in all, I arrived on a Saturday and departed on a Saturday. I feel that is plenty of time to recover before travel.
I was 64 when I had my procedure 3 years ago and I am still so happy with my updated look. I look maybe 10 years younger (not 30) and feel it is perfectly age-appropriate.

Carol - San Francisco
June 16, 2015

Just got back from England and ended up in emergency surgery for kidney stones. Now recouping, but I was the best looking guy in the operating room.

I'm so happy with the way I look. No changes, I'm still me. I just look revitalized and rested.
Dr Barrera and his team thank you.

Larry Cobb
San Miguel
June 4, 2015

Six months ago I realized that I wanted to investigate having a facelift so that my face would match the way I felt about myself. I am a very active and engaged senior citizen who has a lot of life left in me. The aging process was bothersome to me so I began my search for the right surgeon.
It has now been 3 full months since I had my procedure and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I now look younger and like what I see looking back at me in the mirror once again. I have achieved my goal to now look younger but have a totally natural results. I look just like I did 10-15 years ago but it is age appropriate. Dr. Barrera is an amazingly talented surgeon with the eye of an artist! This total experience was a positive one. The hospital was extremely clean and the hospital staff was attentive and caring. Dr. Barrera's entire team is professional and capable. I have had terrific follow-up communication and the assurance that someone is there to answer any questions.
Dawn was fabulous in everything she did. Her staying in contact with me all the time and answering all my questions was exemplary.
I would recommend Dr. Barrera's services without hesitation!

James, Florida
​June 2​, 2015

Dr. Barrera, his staff and the hospital were very client related and something you just don't always see today in our busy world. Thank you for the frequent follow up and your attention to detail... it is just amazing.

I'm feeling great, still have a couple of areas that continue to heal but I'm very pleased with my results. Certainly would recommend Dr. Barrera to anyone considering this process. I have already recommended my friend, Joyce. The look is very natural without the ''pulled'' look that everyone warns you about. I really do look 10 years younger and now my face matches how I feel.
Thanks again,

Darlene, San Miguel
May 3, 2015

It's now almost one year since I had my surgery with Dr. Barrera and I am very pleased. The most pleasant part of the entire experience was dealing with Dawn. She tells you the truth and therefore, you know exactly what to expect. I was 62 when I had the surgery and yes..... I would definitely do it all over again as the experience was not painful and the benefits were worth the effort.

No one realized that I had a face lift .. they just thought that the vacation in San Miguel just did wonders for me. When I told people that I had a face lift they wanted me to prove it because it wasn't evident except that I look great!!

While I now live in SMA, I was only visiting at the time of my surgery. Dr. Barrera sent a car to pick me up for surgery at the hospital in Celaya. My husband went with me and stayed with me in the hospital (a private suite).

I would recommend Dr. Barrera and his team, without hesitation, if you are contemplating having this type of surgery done.

San Miguel de Allende
April 16, 2015

I had my facelift in December 2014, and I am really happy I did. I wasn't anxious at all in deciding to go to Dr. Barrera. I'm a pretty thorough researcher, and a very good friend of mine, who is even better, had the facelift surgery the previous October. And she has 2 friends who had been there earlier, so I felt totally safe in my decision to go forward with this surgery.

I obviously don't recall the surgery itself, but was functional and texting people to say I was fine by 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. I was amazed to experience no pain at all, but just mild discomfort on one ear when I wore my glasses the first few days of recovery! I'm pretty healthy at 63, had never stayed in a hospital, and was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience – from beginning communication through recovery. The hospital was impeccably clean and comfortable. The staff was gracious, friendly, good-natured, competent, and good with communication... considering I speak no Spanish and they spoke no English. Dr. Barrera, of course, is fluent in English, as was the anesthesiologist and Suzy, Dr. Barrera's assistant. They all spoke with me the night before the surgery, and Suzy did my admission and all my pre-op testing at the hospital.

I saw Dr. Barrera 3-4 times a day during my hospital stay. He was professional, meticulous, compassionate, and totally honest with me. Plus, he came to the B&B, 45 minutes away, to take out my stitches one week later. Also, I found out later, from people in the San Miguel community, that he operates for free on poor kids who have serious problems, (like cleft palate operations).

I stayed at ''Casa Maricela'' for 15 days during my recuperation, and I cannot say enough great things about Maricela and her staff. Besides being a wonderful B&B, they serve a giant comida (full lunch) at 2:00 p.m., so I didn't really need any dinner the first several days because I was sleeping a lot and going to bed early. Also, her guests did not freak out when I showed up at breakfast all black and blue without sunglasses. Maricela also speaks way better English than she types, I'd say totally fluent.

Dawn, Dr. Barrera's point person for patient communication, was gracious and amazingly responsive. She reassured me about any minor concerns from start to finish. I would recommend the services of Dr. Barrera and his very capable team without reserve!

Atlanta, Georgia USA
March 19, 2015

I had my facelift done in July of 2014 and I couldn't be happier with my results! The hospital was very clean and the nursing staff was attentive and kind. I received excellent care that you could never expect to receive in the U.S.
Dr. Barrera's communications were very clear and he has a wonderful bedside manner! Suzy, his assistant also spoke very good English so I did not experience any anxiety about being in their hands! The chauffeur was delightful also and I enjoyed his company on the ride to the hospital.
I am very pleased to have a beautiful new jawline and my eyes look bright and youthful like they used to. Thank you Dr. Barrera for the incredible job that you did for both me and my husband. I hope to return one day to have my breasts done also.

Kelly, Florida
February 12, 2015

It is no wonder that Dr Barrera is living his passion since his hands have been truly blessed and his creator has gifted him abundantly in the town of San Miguel where the patron saint never rests to glorify God.

A servant of Christ

As I aged I put on significantly more pounds than my frame should carry. After I got my weight under control I was left with excessive skin on my face and especially my neck. So much that I could not comfortably button the collar to wear a tie. My eyelids were so heavy I could see them and my eyes always seemed half open.

For well more than I decade I had honed the fine art of shaving without a mirror. When I needed to comb my hair or attend to other grooming needs on my face I focused ONLY on the exact area that needed attention. I just did not like looking at my face. I also avoided being in photographs and when I couldn´t, I just didn´t look at the photos.

I didn´t think I was "old enough" to undergo cosmetic surgery but I decided to consult with Dr. Barrera to develop a strategy and plan surgery for a later time. When I consulted with Dr. Barrera I did not tell him what I thought needed to be fixed, I elected to sit and let him study my face and tell me what he thought. He pointed out EXACTLY what had been bothering me. The only thing I specifically asked him if he could do was to repair a scar on my lip from a dog bite.

At the end of the consult I asked him if it would be better for me to wait, and if so, how long. He looked at me with his charming and sincere smile and said "It´s up to you. But the longer you wait, the less time you have to enjoy your new face." Well, I strategically scheduled my surgery for a few months later so I could juggle my work load.

Surgery itself was unbelievably easy on me. I let go of my apprehensions because of my confidence in Dr. Barrera and his staff. In the recovery room I came alert and was comfortable with no pain. By the time I was taken back to my room I was feeling so good and alert I wanted to transfer myself to my hospital bed. The caring and attentive staff made sure I had proper assistance! Shortly thereafter I was brought a liquid diet, then a few hours later a full meal. Never did I experience unease or discomfort. For the remainder of my stay the nursing staff checked on me regularly and made sure I had my medications on schedule and was comfortable.

Even before Dr. Barrera came to my home to remove the stitches my friends and family remarked on how incredibly good I looked even with the swelling and bruising! The weekend after my stitches came out we were invited out to dinner. I decided to spend a little extra time to comb my hair. I found myself not combing my hair but studying my face for the first time in years! I really enjoyed looking at myself. This was just the beginning of the emotional satisfaction that has resulted from my surgery.

I have now been four months post-surgery and could not be happier. As it turns out I did not schedule surgery "too soon for my age", the results were much more dramatic than I expected. I don´t have a "new face", Dr. Barrera gave me back my "old face" of 20 years ago. I place a photo of me today next to a photo of 20 years ago and there is very little difference. There is no stretching or pulling of the skin that would make me look different. Dr. Barrera´s work with the muscles kept my own face, my own look. Oh, and you can´t see the scar on my lip from the dog bite anymore. People are constantly commenting on my brilliant blue eyes, they can see them now!

Surgery with Dr. Barrera is the best gift I could have given myself. My self esteem and pride are healthy and back to where they should be. I NOW LOOK AS GOOD AS I FEEL!

Thank you so much Dr. Barrera and Staff!

Jim - San Miguel de Allende
January 11, 2015

Care - Cost - Outcome
These are the three most important considerations when selecting a plastic surgeon for a facelift (in no particular order). For all three, Dr. Barrera is a terrific choice.

I was 72 with a heart condition and I was worried that my heart might not be able to withstand such a surgery at that altitude. Dr. Barrera read my history and carefully considered every contraindication and would not move forward without my cardiologist's blessing. The care was great. He checked on me often as his office and surgery suite were in the same hospital. I didn't have a flicker of heart palpitation or complication and the healing proceeded apace. I can't imagine considering this surgery without hospitalization as most women do in America.

Afterward, you are followed. Dr. Barrera and Dawn keep good track of you and will not let you down after you are back on your home turf.

Now nearly a year later and approaching 73, I look good, better than my contemporaries and natural. I am glad I did it. I have gotten rid of a lot of sag and have my pretty neck back. I think Dr. Barrera has a specialty in beautiful necks. The result is subtle and most people think that I have just lost weight. I loved the early stages with the swelling because one is nearly without lines or wrinkles, even at 11 days I looked very well. Now a year later it has settled in, the tightness is mostly gone and the result is still a marked improvement. I am glad that I overcame the initial anxiety to have it done.

Mary P.
N. Dakota
October 25, 2014

I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Barrera did and especially also pleased with all the surrounding support that I received. Your advice about the facial prior to surgery and the micro-current therapy after surgery was absolutely great. My husband says that he loves the fact that my face looks so natural. He notices that my neck does not have the lines that it used to have. And we are both pleased that the change is not so dramatic that others notice what has taken place. I have heard comments from colleagues that I look refreshed, someone said my official university photos looked good and that I looked ''young'' and that I have changed my hairstyle (which I really haven't done).

October 18, 2014

A year has passed since Dr. Barrera worked his magic on my face. A friend and I traveled to San Miguel together and we both had our surgeries one day apart. We decided to go to Mexico because we felt that we should have total medical care for our surgery and recovery which is not the case with most plastic surgery in the U.S.

I am an author and photos are required in the publishing world and I hated mine. Recently a friend who hasn't seen me in a decade saw one of my new head shots on the internet and emailed me that I look twenty years younger than my chronological age!

This experience was top-notch from day one until the day we flew home two weeks after the surgery. The hospital in Celaya rivals the best I've seen anywhere. The staff couldn't have been more attentive and the doctors more superb. Dr. Barrera, his excellent assistant Dr. Suzy and the anesthesiologist gave us unlimited personal attention which is rare in today's world of assembly line medicine. I can tell you that friends of mine who have work done in the States do not experience this level of care.

We chose Casa Carly in SMA for our recovery which was wonderful and though we had had surgery we had a restful and enjoyable stay with Carly and her staff.

Dr. Barrera did a wonderful job of restoring my face to the one I expected to see in the mirror but that was no longer there. I would do this again in a heartbeat if I felt the need. Needless to say I am one happy writer! Thank your, Dr. Barrera!

''One Happy Writer''
Albuquerque, N. Mexico
October 20, 2014

I never thought I could ever afford a facelift. However, when I moved to San Miguel in 2013, I met more than a few women who shared that they had had facelifts by Dr. Barrera. I never would have known that they had had ''work'' done. They just looked really good. I decided to investigate this Dr. Barrera. After meeting with him, I signed up for the procedure. The cost was incredibly reasonable. I had the surgery in very early January 2014 at the age of 61. Having a facelift is not a walk in the park, but there was no pain. The hospital in Celaya was top notch. If anyone reading this is tentative about having this done in a Mexican hospital, don't be. I was well taken care of by the nurses, Dr. Barrera, and Dawn Simmons.

A few years earlier, I had my eyes done in Seattle. The outcome was ok, but not perfect. Dr. Barrera's facelift included the eye lift procedure. This time, my eyelids and surrounding areas were done expertly. It is now nearly October 2014, and I am very pleased with the changes in my face. I look so much better and I don't think anyone would think I have had a facelift. I think Dr. Barrera is a fantastic surgeon. Thank you Dr. Barrera!

San Miguel de Allende
September 27, 2014

I'm not the kind of person that tries the newest diet or supplement, or uses sleeping pills, or gets pedicures, manicures and facials every week. I am too busy. So I surprised myself when I decided to go to Dr. Barrera and have a facelift. I knew about him because two close friends of mine live in San Miguel part time and had had work done by him. They were just really encouraging and said, ''Do it!!''

I was extremely happy with the work he did, the care I received, the cleanliness and professionalism of his clinic and the whole experience of visiting San Miguel. I was going through some truly difficult transitions in both my personal life (a death in the family) and my career world and this really has helped me move into the future with more confidence.... and I needed that.

I know several people who have had cosmetic surgery by Dr. Barrera and they look completely natural and refreshed; they do not in any way have that ''pulled'' look that some people get when they have cosmetic surgery. They all look really great!!!

All in all, the experience was wonderful and I'm so glad I had the ''courage'' to ''go for it''.

Santa Fe, NM
September 22, 2014

I am very, very happy with my results and with all of the courtesies that you, Dr. Barrera and everyone else on the team afforded me. Of course I am happy to share my positive experiences and results with anyone who is interested. The hospital was super clean and very comfortable and the follow up care was beyond what I could have asked for. Dr. Barrera made a routine house visit after I was discharged and it was convenient to have my follow up visits in San Miguel. I felt like Dr. Barrera's assistant, Dawn, went above and beyond in checking with me over the course of my recovery. Her obvious interest and support was an unexpected gift.
Most surprising to me was the speed with which I healed. I was out walking around town (with a hat and sunglasses) a day or so after I was discharged. I could see a transformation occurring on a day by day basis. This procedure was a gift I gave to myself--one that I appreciate every day.

San Miguel
September 11, 2014

Hi Dawn,

We never met because you were on vacation when I had my facelift in 2012. It's been two years since I had my surgery and I want to say how VERY pleased I am with the results. I don't look stretched or pulled at all. I look like myself, just without the wrinkles and sagging neck. I get compliments all the time and today my dermatologist said, ''Your facelift is wonderful! There is absolutely no distortion of your features. You had an excellent doctor.'' I told about Dr. Barrera and she asked where he practiced. For anyone who is contemplating having surgery to regain a more youthful appearance, I say, ''Do it!'' I looked horrible right after the surgery with all the swelling. However, that didn't last long and after one week I was going out for dinner in SMA and sightseeing. The care I received was first rate and everything was planned out ahead of time, so there were no worries once I arrived in SMA. Long story short, having this surgery was wonderful for me. My face now reflects the youthful spirit I have inside. Thank you Dr. Barrera!

By the way, you might remember that my sister and her friend had surgery the year before my other sister and I had our surgeries together in 2012. So it turned out to be a real family affair of sorts!

September 10, 2014

My experience with Dr. Barrera and his staff was nothing but positive. He gave me great care and attention. The hospital was very comfortable and I thought the food and nursing care was very good. His support person Dawn went above and beyond to answer my questions, arrange housing details, and just generally held my hand every step of the way.
But the best part was how easy it was. No pain, some discomfort but less than I expected and for a shorter period of time than I expected. It is now 4 months later, and I get nothing but compliments about how I look, and my California dermatologist is very impressed with the skill of Dr. Barrera. The results have exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

September 6, 2014

I am now approaching my one year anniversary of my trip to Mexico. As I reflect back, I am glad that I trusted Dr. Barrera and Dawn to guide me through the gift that I wanted to give myself at 60. The results are natural and age appropriate. My face has settled and looks soft and normal, although I could pass for 48-50 now.

A professional in the cosmetic industry stated That is the best face lift I have ever seen. That was quite a compliment coming from someone who makes her living in the States helping women achieve the look they want. She has seen hundreds of women and Dr. Barrera's skill was the absolute best she had ever seen!! I was quite proud of my decision, his skill and your guidance through the entire process.

Thank you!!!

August 31, 2014

I am often so gr​ate​ful to Dr. Barrera for my facelift. I can not ​ ​believe how beautiful I look! I am so pleased and happy that I did​ ​this procedure! It was worth every penny. It was wonderful to have ​ ​you, Dawn, to guide me along the process. I so enjoyed my stay in the​ ​hospital and everyone was so nice and wonderful and the food was good ​ ​as I could order organic whole foods.

I would recommend this to​ ​anyone. Dr. ​Barrera ​is so professional, accurate and a true artist in creating a beautiful natural looking face. Actually - very few have asked me if I had something done. I just look better and people really can not pin point why - and that to me is the sign of a great facelift.You just look better! ​ ​Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You and all the staff were terrific​!​ It is almost one year ​ ​later and I feel at my most beautiful - even better than in my younger ​ years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

​Sedona, AZ
July 28, 2014​

Dear Dr. Barrera,

It has been three months since the blepharoplasty you performed in San Miguel de Allende. I wanted to put in writing how pleased I am.

From the very beginning during the consultation appointment to the day of surgery to the after-surgery care, you, Dawn and your medical team were professional, with a warmth of genuine care and concern.

Being picked up and delivered to your office, the follow up phone calls and emails to check in, and the "home visit" to my friend´s to remove the stitches contributed to such a relaxing way to heal.

Thank you for making the experience a positive and pleasant one. My eyes look refreshed and relaxed and my husband and friends tell me I look 10 years younger. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a younger version of myself and my eyes remind me of the ones in a photo of me from my younger days.

I would highly recommend you to anyone considering plastic surgery - your artistry and technique and your genuine care is an awesome combination.

With much appreciation and many thanks,
Alice, Oregon
June 21, 2014

I have always kept in shape and as I was approaching 65 I thought that my face didn´t match my body or the way I felt. For a number of years, I had been getting fillers to erase the furrow lines on my forehead, the lines around my eyes and the marionette lines around my mouth. This was really expensive and a constant battle.

While vacationing in San Miguel a few years ago I met some women who had had facelifts from Dr. Barrera. They related their experiences to me and they looked great. I emailed Dawn and set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Barrera. I met with him a few days later - he described the procedure to me and answered my questions.

On returning from my vacation in San Miguel, I started to research surgeons in both Canada and the US. Although the price in North America was much more expensive - that was not the only deciding factor. In both Canada and the US, I was unable to talk to any former patients and their wasn´t any information about Drs. abilities. In San Miguel, there were so many women who were happy to talk to me and I could see the results in person not just pictures that most Drs. usually provide to show you their results. My feeling was that these women could have been operated on by anyone not necessarily the Dr. showing you the pictures. I emailed Dawn and set up a procedure date for the following winter.

I had my facelift in early March 2014. I went to the hospital in Celaya the evening before my procedure where Suzie (Dr. Barrera´s very attractive assistant) put me through a number of tests to see if I was healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Later that night, Suzie and Dr. Barrera visited me to say that I have passed my tests and that my procedure would take place the following morning.

The next morning the nurses attached an intravenous and the last thing I remember is some nurses coming to get me. I woke later that afternoon and felt no pain. Dr. Barrera dropped by to see how I was doing. I had a meal that evening and watched TV (which had a number of English stations). The next day, I slept on and off and watched TV. During my stay the nurses were very attentive and friendly - some could speak English very well some not so well). Although the food was quite good, I´m a very finicky eater, the hospital´s dietitian didn´t think I was eating enough so after quizzing me on what I liked - a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat appeared. I probably should have told her that I had some meal replacement drinks and some health bars with me.

On the third day Dr. Barrera took my bandages off, I had a shower and was driven home by Dr. Barrera´s driver.
I pampered myself for a few days but after that was out walking around San Miguel wearing a hat and sunglasses. Within a week (with sunglasses) I was back working as a tour guide for the local home tour.

It´s now been almost three months since my procedure and I´m very pleased with my appearance. No lines around my eyes, no marionette lines and no droopy jaw line. My husband thinks I look 15 years younger! I want to thank Dawn for all of her assistance and concern. She was always there to answer my questions and provide information. Early one Sunday morning, I had a concern so I emailed Dawn - within a few minutes she was back to me. At no point did I feel any pain.

I would happily recommend Dr. Barrera and his team to anyone considering a facelift.

May 30, 2014

It is now 7 months since Dr. Barrera worked his magic. Last week I saw photos taken of me 2 years ago during the holidays and I cannot believe how old I looked! Dr. B did everything I had hoped he would. Before my surgery when I shaved, I would pull and twist my skin wishing the sags and bags would disappear. Now they are gone!!

I have a friend a few years older who underwent the same procedures I did at the same time with a well known NYC surgeon -- I look decades younger than he and have minimal scarring where he has visible lines.

Everyone says that Dr. Barrera is an artist and I´m thinking that he is also something of a miracle worker. Don´t hesitate to seek cosmetic surgery but be sure you go to an expert like Dr. Barrera!

Looking the Age I Feel
Albuquerque, NM
May 22, 2014​

It´s been just over 5 months since my facelift by Dr Barrera and I am very pleased with the results. I look natural, rejuvenated and the scars are almost invisible.

My hairdresser did not suspect I had a facelift and was surprised when I told him. He thought I looked great but assumed I was refreshed from my vacation in San Miguel. He said it is the best surgery he has ever seen - and he has seen many. His exact words, "This was done by a very, very good surgeon. It´s the work of an artist. It´s like micro-surgery, precise and almost invisible."

When my friend who works for a cosmetic surgeon saw me recently, she was so impressed with Dr Barrera´s work that she asked for Dr Barrera´s contact information for some of her friends and clients.

At no time during my experience did I feel any pain from the surgery - a little discomfort afterward, yes, but no pain. Dr Barrera took every measure to ensure I was comfortable. I was worried about the stretched look and particularly concerned that the incisions around the ears would show. I worried for nothing. The incisions are well hidden and the overall results are as promised - a natural, somewhat younger-looking and less tired version of myself. My only problem now is that I´m often carded when I ask for a senior discount. People just don´t believe I´m 67.

I can´t say enough positive things about Dr Barrera and his team. He is a gifted, meticulous surgeon and a caring person. I recommend him without hesitation.

I want to also mention that Dr. Barrera´s team .... the chauffeur Juan Manuel, Suzy, his assistant and the entire hospital staff.... were all so kind, professional and supportive. His Int´l Director Dawn was so efficient, patient and helpful. I found the web site to be very clear, detailed and informative as well.

Montreal, Canada

It has been a year since Dr Barrera did my face lift. I was full of trepidation and twice cancelled my appointment even though as an expat resident of San Miguel. I had seen a lot of his work and it was beautiful and very natural affect which is what I was looking for.

Dawn was wonderful. For months before the surgery, she attended to my steady stream of neurotic questions. After the surgery she visited me at home and was so kind and reassuring.

After four weeks I flew back to the United States to visit my mother. My mother is one who never misses anything and I expected her to notice immediately. After several days she told me that I had the best haircut she’d ever seen but never noticed my face!

I am so happy I had it done. I can tell you in all honesty that I don’t look like I had a face lift. I just look good. My face is lifted, my neck is smooth and I feel terrific about my appearance. I’m happy to look in the mirror and constantly receive compliments about my youthfulness.

There is nothing less attractive than an obvious face lift. Dr. Barrera is a very talented surgeon and has perfected the art of a natural looking face lift. He has a following here in San Miguel of extremely happy women and I am definitely one of them.

April 7, 2014

Dear Dr. Barrera and Dawn,

As Johnny Nash sang, "I can see clearly now . . . "

I am absolutely thrilled with this entire experience. One week post-op (without stitches now) and you have to look closely to see that anything was done.

Each morning, I stand in good light so my husband can see my eyes. A lovely idea, but he focuses totally on the surgery and this morning told me, "I can barely see any scars."

I said, "That´s great. Now stop looking for scars and tell me about my EYES." He finally told me that he could actually see my EYES and they look great. After 51 years together, I recognize that, from him, this is high praise.

From me, the highest praise: I am finally reading without problems, my peripheral vision is vastly improved, and I no longer look like I´m frowning or squinting all the time.

Again, I thank Dr. Barrera, Felipe and you. Dr. Barrera for the change he accomplished with his expertise and adroit handling of the surgery (and my nerves), Felipe for his good-natured help getting us to and from the hospital and YOU for showing the awesome patience, humor, courtesy and kindness that went along with all of it.

Donna - Eye Lift Patient
San Miguel de Allende
March 27, 2014

I had my surgery by Dr. Barrera in December of 2012, so it has now been a year and two mos.

I was a little worried about going forward with having a face lift, as I am 72 years old. I wished that I had gone when I was younger as I carried this wrinkled face (and neck) for many many years as I was always in the sun (without sunscreen). I think my wrinkles were also genetic - but they really disturbed me the older I got. My other biggest fear was having a face lift using anesthesia, mostly because of my age, and Dr. Barrera only uses an I.V. Sedative and a Local Anesthetic which was very important to me.

My neck was hanging really really low. I no longer have any extra skin there, a year later it is still perfect and best of all (my biggest fear) is everything he does leaves you looking totally natural - not stretched. I have seen people in the States who looked stretched to the max and I was terrified, but every person he has done in Todos Santos (quite a few) comes back looking fantastic, natural, not stretched. That´s what gave me the nerve to do it.

Dr. Barrera has a very professional team. Dawn is like having a fairy god mother who checks on you often (Maricela, the lady with the small hotel also). It really makes a difference having people like this looking after you. It wasn´t scarey at all for me. The hardest part was making the decision to do it. A million what if´s . . . I say go for it - unless you are perhaps 90 yrs. old and then I would say accept the beauty within.

"Casa Maricela" has had the majority of Dr. Barrera´s patients stay with her and she´s more like your mother than a hotel owner. She made sure (when I was too shy to come down to eat) that I had trays brought to my room. That only lasted a day or two and she convinced me no one would mind (you all eat at one table together). It is a small place but I met people from all over the world. Eating together we all shared lots of stories in various languages. By the way, after 3 days with sunglasses and scarf I had no problem going out and about San Miguel, which if you´ve never been there, is a fantastic city.

On a scale of 1 to 10 - I give the doctor a 10 ..... and yes I would go back in a minute if I thought I needed a "touch-up" in another 10 years.

Pam Cobb
California & Baja, Mexico
Feb. 24, 2014

In my search for affordable, professional surgery, Mexico and specifically San Miguel de Allende was recommended to me. I am 65 years old and I could never have been more pleased. From beginning to end Dawn Simmons was there to answer my questions and calm my nerves. Upon my arrival in San Miguel following the surgery, I found that Maricela´s B&B far exceeded my expectations. The hospital was very clean, well managed and staffed.

You will never find this level of competence and care in the United States; it simply does not exist. Dr. Barrera was highly professional and most caring; something that was unexpected and truly moved me.

I have been home about 6 weeks and I look great! Not tight, stretched to shiny excess but rather, a nice, natural look totally appropriate for my age. Yes, I do look younger but mostly I look happier with all the frown lines gone!

My sincere thanks to the entire medical team; from my driver Juan Manuel, Susy (Dr. Barrera´s assistant), Maricela, Dawn and most of all, Dr. Barrera.

Jeri Haynes
November 25, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to get a new lease on life with your assistance and Dr. Barrera´s artistry. The whole experience was a treat from start to finish. Before when I looked in the mirror I was always surprised to see an unfamiliar face ... tired and saggy. Now when I look in the mirror I´m delighted to see "me" again...looking as good on the outside as I feel on the inside! Thank you so much!

Destin, Florida
November 22, 2013

Seeing my official before pictures doubles my pleasure of seeing the "new me." I´m feeling terrific about my recovery and results ... but best of all, my Mother was very complimentary about my appearance.

As my swelling reduced throughout this process I was able to see the return of my cheekbones and actually visualize what my final results will bring. I´m thrilled to be physically active again. My jawline and chin look terrific and the peel around my mouth for the fine vertical lines was worth the temporary discomfort. The numbness in my face is less and less with the passing of each day.

Please pass along my praise to Dr. Barrera and of course thank you for your assistance.

New York
November 19, 2013

I met Dr. Barrera in Oct. 2012 when I had my consultation. I made my plans for my surgery for July 9, 2013, upon my return to SMA. As my surgery date approached, my anxiety increased, despite reassurances from wonderful Dawn Simmons, Dr. Barrera´s assistant. When I met with Dr. Barrera again the night before the surgery, I only had one request of him: "please don´t make me look Chinese!" We both laughed and he told me that he won´t give me that "surprised look"-- that´s not his style...and he was right!

Well, I must say that my results have exceeded my expectations. My results are completely natural. People are shocked when I tell them that I had a face lift- that I look so natural, since most procedures don´t produce such results. I have also been told that it is one of the best facelifts they have seen!

Bravo Dr. Barrera! The procedure was painless; very little discomfort. I was walking the streets of San Miguel again in one week (with sunglasses and hat) and back at the gym in 2 weeks--feeling great!

Next week I will reach my 3 month anniversary and not a day passes that someone compliments me and asks me for the name of the doctor who did my procedure.

Proudly, I would recommend Dr. Barrera. Thank you doctor, and Dawn for all your support.

Laurie Hurwitz
San Miguel de Allende and la Cruz de Huanacaxtle
October 2, 2013

I waited until I was 60 to have a face lift due to worrying that I would come out looking odd. It was daunting to even find out how much a plastic surgeon charges or to see their before and after photos without an expensive consultation with each one. Then, when visiting my father in San Miguel, I was told by my stepmother that they do good plastic surgery in San Miguel. I then met a woman in California who had told me that she had a friend that had gotten a face lift in San Miguel 10 years ago and that she still looked terrific. She told me that she wants to go to the very same surgeon, Dr. Barrera in San Miguel.

So I then contacted my stepmother, in San Miguel, and she said that Dr. Barrera was "very highly regarded in San Miguel." So I began reading the testimonials on the web site and looking at the before and after photos so openly available of Dr. Barrera´s work and I was so pleased with his natural results that I began to have email exchanges with Dawn Simmons.

Dawn answered both my friend and my emails and then she organized our airport pick up and our accommodations together which made the whole process fun and easy. Within weeks we were picked up at the Leon Airport by Dr. Barrera´s nice driver and we went directly to the hospital where I met with Dr. Barrera as my surgery was the next day. My pre-op tests were done that afternoon and the next morning I was asleep via I.V. before my gurney had even made it to the surgery room door and so I can honestly say that the surgery was non traumatic and painless!

When I woke up from the surgery I had tight bandages on my face, I felt good, and there was no pain at all. Dr. Barrera came by to check on me at several times a day and the nursing staff was attentive and caring. On the second day my tight bandages came off and I was amazed that I could look so good as I had arrived looking pretty bad. When I left the hospital I felt like an attractive woman who looks 45. Every day I look more like my younger self and although I´m only eighteen days post op, I can see that he didn´t alter my best feature which has always been my big eyes and their unique expression, which was important to me.

I was amazed at how everything was easier and better than I could have anticipated. After the hospital we were driven to "Casa Maricela´s" which is as lovely as described on her web page and she is the nicest woman. We both were thrilled with our surgeries!

Thank you Dr. Barrera, Dawn, and all of your staff.

August 31, 2013
18 days after surgery

"Look straight at the camera, stick your head out like a turtle and lift your chin." I had learned the trick to hiding excess droopiness when it was time for taking pictures. But those candid shots when I was caught unaware from the side or (please, God, NO!) from below, as in Facetime on an iPad – Oh, my. Oh, dear. Who IS that person?

I’d ask myself. That old woman in the photo didn’t look a thing on the outside like the way I felt on the inside. That is no longer the case. I look like I feel these days, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Barrera, and the attentive counsel of Dawn Simmons. It has now been almost four months since my surgery, and to everything I have read in the testimonials so far, I would say, “Right on! Absolutely! Double that!”

Perhaps the acid test of my satisfaction came a few weeks back when I spent a night in misery from some sort of stomach flu. At one point when I was rinsing my mouth out for the umpteenth time, I looked in the mirror. My first thought was that I didn’t look like I felt at that moment. Thank goodness and Dr. Barrera! In fact, I looked pretty darn good – which, even with stomach flu, made me feel a lot better.

San Miguel de Allende
August 22, 2013

Frankly, I was worried about my decision to undergo surgery since I did not know the risk and I was going to another country. I had read about Dr. Barrera´s expertise and that information was comforting. My plane from Houston was delayed, and I arrived at the hospital a little late in the evening. But Dr. Barrera was courteously waiting for me. I was impressed by his level of professionalism and kindness. He is really a good surgeon and I am very happy with my new look. Dawn Simmons, who was in charge of scheduling surgeries, was an extra nice human being who simply loves her job and knows the psychology of patients very well. She showed a high degree of caring in her follow ups. In fact, I was treated like a family member by some kind, professional people.

Houston, Texas
August 23, 2013

Late last year I turned 70. Early this year I decided that a face lift would help me get the most out of life as a senior citizen. This decision and extremely good luck led me to San Miguel and Dr. Barrera.

Dr. Barerra is more than a highly skilled professional. He is a master with an artist’s dedication to his work. His operations are painstaking (mine was 4 hours) and his technique is brilliant. A Canadian dermatologist with a long and illustrious career told me he had never seen a better lift than mine. “I understand there are some excellent plastic surgeons in Mexico,” he said. “Obviously yours was exceptionally talented.” My mirror reflects his opinion.

Dr. Barerra is not only a gifted surgeon; he is also a physician who personally engages with his patients. I saw him five times during the two and a half days I was in hospital, and twice after I was released. He actually made a house call to remove my stitches! His warm, unpretentious manner made these visits a real pleasure.

Another remarkable feature of Dr. Barerra’s practice is the administrative expertise of Dawn Simmons. From my first inquiry in January to my surgery in June and even now almost three months later, Dawn has guided and encouraged me. She provided accurate information about every aspect of the procedure, including the nature and duration of the healing process. She recommended a charming and affordable place to stay during my recuperation. She arranged my transportation by private car from the airport in Leon to the hospital in Celaya, where I had great care and a beautiful private room. She also arranged for the same luxurious car and courteous driver to take me from the hospital to my destination in San Miguel. She contacted me daily while I was there to monitor my progress, and she has continued to do so frequently since my departure. I am beyond impressed with her kindness and efficiency.

What was truly amazing was the price of this premium medical service, which made it accessible to me. All of it cost less than half of the operation alone in Canada. As a middle-class person who sees plastic surgery as a way to grow old gracefully, I think faceliftmeup is a godsend.

Alberta, Canada

August 18, 2013

My husband and I had surgery on back to back days in September of 2012 with Dr Barrera and we were so very pleased with everything. We had amazing results in less time than we had expected and had wonderful treatment by the medical professionals at the hospital in Celaya.

We both look marvelous!
We cannot recommend Dr Barrera highly enough. He is the BEST!

San Miguel
August 4, 2013

I am a 65 yr. old, American expat who lives full time in San Miguel. I had the turkey neck and sagging jowls we all seem to get. I knew of several friends who had gone to Dr. Barrera but I also interviewed a couple of strangers who had the surgery done very recently. Reading the testimonials and seeing first hand the results convinced me to go ahead with the procedure. The whole process was very easy and almost painless. I only took Tylenol after I got home. It has been 18 months for me and I am ashamed I have not written this review sooner. I get compliments every day. People know that something is different but they can´t pinpoint it. Over the year I have also changed hairstyles and lost weight. You can´t help but feel good about yourself.

You are in good hands with Dr. Barrera and Dawn.

San Miguel de Allende
July 22, 2013

At the age of 65 I worried that I was too old to have a facelift, but my lifestyle and the way I feel about myself did not match the way my face looked. I wanted to lose the tired, over-stressed look that I had noticed in my face the last few years. Recent photographs showed that I had lost my jawline, and I had a double chin even though I´m not overweight.

After a lot of research I chose Dr. Carlos Barrera. I was impressed by the testimonials and photos of other patients, and by the fact that Dr. Barrera´s assistant Dawn was there to answer questions and concerns. I liked the fact that I could recover from the surgery in one of my favorite places, beautiful San Miguel de Allende, and that my surgery would be performed in a state of the art hospital in Celaya.

Dr. Barrera´s work totally exceeded my expectations. Friends and family say I look happier than they´ve seen me in years. Others say I look thinner, or that my eyes are bigger and brighter. I have always avoided mirrors, especially in the last few years. Now post-facelift I find myself checking out my neck and eyes every time I pass by a mirror! And I no longer avoid people with cameras.

I can´t say enough good things about Dr. Barrera and his cheerful but professional manner. He was honest about the time it would take to recover, and he and Dawn were always available to answer any questions or concerns. I would totally recommend his services to my friends and family.

July 23, 2013

I am so happy I got a facelift, and I am really pleased that Dr. Barrera performed the surgery. He is a master artist! Dawn, I am so very grateful that you were with me all the way, helping me. The service from start to finish was first rate, and far superior to the treatment that one gets in the United States. From the start, I was informed of the steps needed to arrange for the consultation and prepare for the operation. Every question or concern I had was addressed quickly and in a way that helped me understand and look forward to the process.

From the first meeting, I had confidence in Dr. Barrera. He explained what he would do and he showed me what the healing process looked like. He answered my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the process. Having a driver pick me up from where I was staying and get me to the right department in the hospital really was comforting. The process was so smooth, and it took the stress out of getting to the right place. Juan Manuel was also such a gentleman, carrying my bags and making sure I was settled in. He also met me at my room and carried my bags when he picked me up to go back to where I was stay.

I was so pleased when you visited me in the hospital, and the flowers you brought by kept me smiling as I healed. The flowers were gorgeous, and such a thoughtful gesture, Dawn. I took pictures to show my friends. Everyone was amazed at the superlative treatment!

I am healing well, and I’m looking forward to complete and total healing in 2 more months. I can´t wait to wake up and discover I’m my finished, younger self. I really see my younger self already when I look into the mirror. It looks wonderful!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, and when I am totally healed I want to send you a picture. I love my look! Thank you, and also please thank Dr. Barrera.


Boston, Mass.

July 17, 2013

I returned home in March from SMA after my usual 4 month stay. I had had a facelift in November. I got lots of compliments on how good I looked and my new hairdo. Very few figured out what I had done. I may not look like a movie star, but I feel like a goddess. Not too bad at 70. Thank you Dr. Barrera and Dawn who held my hand every step of the way. I think of you with gratitude every day when I look in the mirror.

McLean, VA
May 20, 2103

I am so thrilled with my decision to have a face lift; however it was a long hard decision. Even though I really wanted to do this I was very scared. After all this was my face... something I would have to look like for the rest of my life. My friends and family were no help in convincing me as they thought I looked good just the way I was.

A friend of mine who had this surgery convinced me it was great and gave me Dawn´s phone number. I finally got the courage to call her and got all the information. I felt fairly comfortable after talking to her but still could not commit.

Now as I look back over all this I feel a little foolish. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. The results far exceed what I expected. I have had so many compliments. A lot of people have said I look 15 years younger. I am 65 and the other day someone questioned that I was a senior.

Dr. Barrera is a fantastic surgeon. No one is able to tell that I have had any work done because of the doctor. It is a very natural look. I have seen a lot of the overdone face lifts and I knew that is not what I wanted and that is not what I got. He was very honest in telling me what I could or could not expect. His aftercare was also fantastic and it was very easy to communicate with him.

The hospital was a lot better than I expected in Mexico. It was very clean and modern and the staff was very professional. Also the bed and breakfast that Dawn recommended was fantastic. The food was some of the best I have ever hand. The owner was so accommodating and helpful. I plan to go back there again just for fun. I love San Miguel.

And last by not least Dawn. She is also amazing! She was so helpful in explaining the process every step of the way. She was always in contact to make sure I was ok. It has now been 3 months and she is still in touch on a regular basis. You can take whatever she says to the bank. She and Dr. Barrera genuinely care about their patient’s well-being.

I will not hesitate to go back when or if needed to do another. It is so wonderful not to be wrinkled and baggy. I am planning to go back to Dr. Barrera for a tummy tuck soon. I will rely on him to keep me looking good forever!

I am thoroughly pleased with the results of my facelift with Dr. Barrera, done in October 2012. I was 54 years old, starting to feel and see sagging in my jowls and neckline, and droopiness around my eyes. The lift took 10 years off my face without stretching the skin or making it look fake at all. No one noticed when I returned to the states, although some friends did comment on how great I looked, and that Mexico clearly agreed with me.

Tamra - California
March 7, 2013

My experience with Dr. Barrera and all of the staff was absolutely excellent. I was well taken care of right from the beginning. I was emailed promptly and professionally. I was met at the airport and taken straight to the hospital where the Dr. was waiting later at night; I certainly did not expect that, but he was there and it helped to put me right at ease.

Everything was explained well and the follow through went just as it had been planned. Now when I look at the before and after photos I am amazed. It has been a gift to me and I am very grateful for everything. I would highly recommend Dr. Barrera for surgery. It was an awesome experience for me and well worth it. Thank you all once again.

Feb. 12, 2013






FEB. 7, 2013

I am extremely happy with Dr. Barrera´s artistry. I had a sagging chin and had told him that I just wanted to look good for my age. And personally, feeling good about how I would look was important to me because I knew the results would act as a catalyst for paying closer attention to my over all health as I aged. He did a superb job. Equally impressive was the entire process. Dr. Barrera´s answers to my questions were reassuring.

Dawn Simmons, his patient coordinator, handled every detail you could imagine. She anticipated your questions and kept a steady stream of useful information coming to you for the periods before, during and after the hospital procedures. The hospital and staff were first rate. I feel you would be hard pressed to find a smoother over all experience than Dr. Barrera and his staff provide.

Sandy Sims
San Francisco, Calif.
February 4, 2013

It is now nine months since Dr. Barrera did my surgery. I am delighted with the way I look...more youthful and refreshed, but definitely not artificial. The procedure itself was neither painful nor frightening. I felt completely safe and well cared for. The sensations during the healing process, which lasted about five months in my case, were a little uncomfortable and annoying. However, the result has been well worth it.

Vermont, U.S.A

Dear Dr. Barrera...
Although I was hoping to resemble George Clooney, I am totally satisfied with the results that I view in the mirror...

Just eight weeks ago my wife and I underwent facelift surgery by your skilled hands, comforting bedside manner, and total dedication to our endless stream of questions...Your warm, comforting and reassuring smile greeted us and low and behold, just as you indicated, we look great...

We salute your more than able liaison, Dawn...She was beyond attentive every minute of our pre-op and recovery...

Howard Fox
Lily Kimmel
Chapel Hill, NC
Jan. 10, 2013

Dear Dr. Barrera,
I am so pleased with my results... I love the way I look....I love my neck! I am thrilled that I chose to come to Mexico, from Seattle, to have my face lift done by your skillful hands. You are an amazing professional and provided me with attentive follow-up care following the surgery. I would have never received this type of care in the U.S. It was so comforting during the initial stages of my recovery knowing that you were available by phone 24/7.

Your team is organized and efficient and the hospital staff was very capable and reassuring. I would recommend your services to anyone who is seeking a first rate correction to the face and neck. My expectations were exceeded in every aspect of this process.

I am getting marvelous comments from my friends and family members and it feels soo good. Thank you for making this a very positive and memorable experience. I feel young again and my face now matches the way I feel. I am most grateful to you!

Being able to recuperate in beautiful San Miguel was such a bonus. What an amazing city it is!

Seattle, Washington
Jan. 10, 2013

Dear Dr. Barrera,
I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your professionalism, your skill and your commitment to ensuring my satisfaction. All of my arrangements went smoothly and you provided me with excellent follow-up care. Thank you for all that you did to make this such an easy process. Working with you and your staff was a very pleasant experience and the hospital care was beyond my expectations. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of my face lift procedure. I would recommend your services without hesitation.

Sheila - Chicago, IL
Jan. 10, 2013

I have just reached my 3 month anniversary, and I want to tell you how pleased I am with how I look and feel. Having this facelift was truly a good decision, and I´m so glad I did it.

My friends and family say that I look much younger and fresher, but that my face looks totally natural without any appearance at all of having work done. The natural look is what is so wonderful about Dr. Barrera´s work. Peoply who meet me for the first time assume I am 10 years or more younger than I actually am. They can´t believe I have children in their 40´s.

The quality of care and service that I have received has been excellent: from being picked up by the driver at home and delivered to the clinic, to the actual surgical process and procedure, to the hospital staff and being able to have my husband with me the whole time, being driven home again and then Dr. Barrera coming to our home to remove the stitches made it all effortless.

The information that we received prior to the surgery, during and up to the present time from you, Dawn, was so instrumental in helping to make the process seamless, and I went through the entire three months feeling I was in control, knew what to expect at each stage, and that you people were available at all times for questions and advice.

The face staring back at me in the mirror is a pleasant surprise each day. I have recommended Dr. Barrera to several friends and family members, who are all highly impressed with the results as well as the level of care you provide.

So, I want to thank you and all of your team from the bottom of my heart, and wish you continued success in the future.

Karen Lee
San Francisco
December 22, 2012

It´s been almost seven months since my surgery with Dr. Barrera, who not only gave me my face lift, but also eliminated its wrinkles and deep lines. My experience with Dr. Barrera and Dawn Simmons was very positive and professional, from my arrival at the clinic, to its staff and their tender care before and after the surgery. All of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly by Dawn. During my recovery, I was anxious and nervous because I had a certain amount of bruising and swelling. All the while, Dawn encouraged me to be patient, reminding me that healing takes time. Bit by bit, my face calmed down, and the scars, bruising and swelling disappeared. Now it´s a real treat to have my face look as young as my body feels.

I remember with great fondness my experience in San Miguel after my surgery. Dr. Barrera encouraged me to wander around this beautiful city, putting on my dark glasses, sunscreen and a hat and to not worry about my bruises. I´m so glad I followed his advice.

I also must recommend Casa Maricela, a centrally located B&B that was my hjome for two weeks during my stay in San Miguel. Sra. Maricela and her staf were gracious and welcoming and served two fabulous home cooked meals a day.

Thank you so much, Dr. Barrera and Dawn, for your services. It was a great adventure and one I will appreciate forever.

Santa Rosa, California
December 21, 2012

My experience with Dr. Barerra

The word around San Miguel de Allende has been, for some time, that Dr. Barerra is the doctor for facelifts. It was only after I had seen the results on two of my friends that I was totally convinced this was true. I had had a face life ten years before, and although it did make me look more youthful, I was disappointed that the lower part of my face more or less remained the same—in other words, in that previous facelift, although my face looked “lifted” in the upper half, it still had a jowly look in the bottom. I also knew that many people having facelifts have had the same disappointment.

But when I saw a woman ten years older than me (I am in my mid-60s) emerge from Dr. Barerra’s treatment with the smooth chin-line of a young woman, I was convinced he was the doctor I wanted to go to.

The suite in the hospital I recuperated in was pleasant, and the hospital staff were competent and very polite. I was up, working on some writing on the second day. Although I had a few days of fatigue after the procedure, I was surprised at how quickly I recovered. Previous surgeries had kept me fatigued for three weeks. I am usually a “sweller,” but I had little swelling, and actually went out in public after about a week.

Some of my friends know I have had this surgery, and their verdict is “it was worth every penny!” Other people don’t know, but are quite verbal about how good I look. The most important factor is that I feel I look really good: more youthful, more vibrant, more beautiful.

I recommend Dr. Barerra without hesitation.


November 12, 2012

It is now 8 weeks since my surgery. I am enjoying having a more youthful looking face. Most of the numbness is gone and people who know me don´t seem to suspect that I have had cosmetic surgery. They do notice that I look especially good. Of course, the close friends I´ve told why we went to Mexico look more carefully and are very impressed with the natural looking results. I feel like I´m 90% through with my healing. All in all, I am quite happy with the change and my husband loves it, too. It has been a fascinating and rewarding experience that I am very pleased with. It has given me a major boost in confidence. I feel significantly rejuvenated by it.

Diane, California
Sept. 30, 2012

For anyone who is considering using Dr. Carlos Barrera and his liaison, Dawn Simmons´ services for face work, I can honestly say that the whole experience was exactly as I was told it would be, by Dawn and the doctor, with no surprises and nothing misrepresented. I was cared for in a lovely and efficiently-run hospital, in a most professional way. There was no pain involved, but there was manageable discomfort the first few days. By day 4, I was able to go for short walks, eat at restaurants, etc. and with sunglasses and a hat, the surgery was not noticeable at all. At 3 weeks, I resumed all activities, including hiking and swimming.

Now I am almost 3 months past surgery, my eyes are big and bright, as they were when I was much younger, my neck is tighter and clearly defined and my whole appearance is" freshened up", in a most natural way. I get many compliments from friends on how good I look, though people who didn´t know my face very well, are not able to tell that I´ve had work done . This is just what I wanted, to look just as I do, only fresher and more youthful. I consider the whole experience a great success.

Santa Monica, California
September 25, 2012

It´s now been 6 months since my face lift, and both my husband and I are so pleased with my "new look". The best part is thatI still look like "me", only about 10 or 15 years younger (I am 74).

We´ve enjoyed the comments we´ve heard all summer long, such as, "love your new haircut" (same old haircut), "love your new hair color" (same old color), "great new glasses...so flattering" ( same old glasses for 5 years), "you´ve lost so much weight" (not a pound). What fun this is, and I do like looking in the mirror!

But it´s not only the results I´m writing to you about: it´s the wonderful, supportive and caring way that you, Dawn, kept in such close touch with me both before (when I was pretty nervous and needed a lot of TLC), and after the surgery. And of course it´s Dr. Barrera...he is so meticulous, professional and gentle; he is truly an artist. I couldn´t have asked for better treatment before, during or after my face lift. I would not hesitate to send my daughter ( or my sons) to the best face-lift team imaginable: Dr. Barrera and Dawn! Thanks for everything.

Nancy K.
New York
Sept. 3, 2012

I had my face lift and migraine surgery on July 4, 2012. It has not even been 2 months yet, and the compliments keep coming. Dr. Barrera’s expertise far surpassed my expectations. Dr. Barrera was very attentive during my time in the hospital and he personally checked in on me several times a day. Dr. Barrera is a true artist, with an exceptional bedside manner. The day Dr. Barrera removed my stitches, I hit the ground running, and I have not stopped since.

The hospital was great! The nursing staff provided me with excellent care, which I would have never received in the United States. Three nights in a hospital in the United States is “UNHEARD OF” for an elective surgery.

I was a little apprehensive to have my surgery in Mexico, as I had never travelled outside of the United States alone. My apprehension disappeared the minute I walked into Dr. Barrera’s office on July 3rd, the day before my surgery. He answered all of my questions and put my mind totally at ease. Dr. Barrera told me exactly what to expect, and he was right on.

I have suffered with migraines for over 20 years. My migraine surgery was very successful. I have not had any headache discomfort or pain since my surgery date. Before the “Migraine Surgery”, I ALWAYS had my medication with me, as I never knew when a horrible migraine would occur. I am happy to say those days are behind me.

Having the pleasure of recuperating in San Miguel was a “dream come true”. Dawn was always available by phone or e-mail to address any questions or concerns that I had along the way. Dr. Barrera, has made me look youger and I feel so great about myself. Without Dr. Barrera, I would have never been able to receive, nor afford this quality of work in the United States. He is a true artist. Again, thanks to Dr. Barrera for making the above possible. THIS TEAM IS THE BEST!

I would recommend Dr. Barrera as one of the most skilled plastic surgeons I have ever met. Dr. Barrera’s entire team is professional. I would HIGHLY recommend that if you are considering a facelift, migraine surgery, or any other type of plastic surgery, please do your homework. You will never regret having utilized this wonderful surgeon’s services.

Cheryl Ritchie
Dallas, Texas
Sept. 1, 2012

It has been 8 weeks since my face lift, which is hard to believe. Even harder to believe, is how great I look! I can´t tell you how happy I am with the way things turned out. I am looking so much younger and refreshed, and my self-esteem has been given an incredible boost. And the best part about it is that almost no one has a clue as to why I look so good. Even my family did not notice, however the pictures tell the story. In fact, I recently had family photos done and I am thrilled with the way I look in the photos. It was actually even more evident to me that I look much younger when I saw the pictures. I feel like I got away with something because I get to look younger, and no one seems to be the wiser. It is the best of both worlds.

I did have one friend that I had discussed face lifts with months ago. I thought we were on the same page from the things she was saying, however when I told her I was actually considering doing it, she tried to talk me out of it saying that I really didn´t need a lift. I knew better, of course, so I quit talking about it with her. The first time I saw her after the procedure, it had been 3 weeks and she noticed immediately. I think it was because we had the discussion previously, but she was very complimentary, saying that I looked "just like myself only better!" Then she wanted all of the details, and even went as far as saying that she would have her face done if she knew it would turn out as good as mine. Dr. Barrera is a true artist and I am so glad I found him.

I also met my best friend for lunch the other day and she didn´t notice a thing. I finally had to ask her if she noticed anything different about me and she still couldn´t tell. What a testimonial for having a natural result. My entire experience with Dr. Barrera was exceptional from start to finish! You were an integral part of that experience and I can´t thank you enough for your professionalism, attention and kindness. Your continuous emails and encouragement made the whole journey a lot less scary. Things progressed exactly as you said they would, and knowing what to expect every step of the way was priceless. You are absolutely the best, Dawn, and I thank you so much for all of your help and support!

Thanks again for going above and beyond in making this experience one that I would recommend to anyone considering a face lift! Not only did I get absolutely natural results, I paid about a third of what I would have paid for the same procedure in the states, and with much better patient care! I almost did it here. I had my appointment made, however the customer service and attention to detail here was abysmal! I couldn´t even get phone calls answered for days or weeks!! So unlike your constant attention and immediate response to my every need.

Once again, many thanks to Dr. Barrera, and to you, for an exceptional experience and result. My before and after pictures tell the story better than anything I can say!

Laura, Michigan
July 22, 2012

Thanks so much, Dawn. I am beyond happy with my new upper arm lift and want to thank you for all you did for me during this process. This experience was a very positive one and I´m glad that I did this ... with the one and only Dr. Barrera. He did a masterful job and I couldn´t be happier with my results.

The flowers were the finishing touch to a surprisingly stress-free, very professional, truly excellent medical experience. The doctor was incredible, and the fact that he doesn´t use a general anesthetic meant I was up and around and eating and feeling normal almost immediately. I´ve had almost no pain and he has tucked the scar far back on my inner arm so it´s not noticeable from either the front...or the back. All in all, I´m over the moon.

So thank you for all your support, for the flowers and for everyone involved taking such good care of me...and my husband.

Jeannie Huntley
San Francisco
July 4, 2012

Dear Dawn and Dr. Barrera,

I am just now getting used to the reaction I have received since having my procedure in late January. My daughter said I look great and then asked me if I had a nose job...which I did not. Strangers in restaurants are being so complementary about how "pretty" I am. Friends remark "did you lose weight ... you look so good".

I thank you so much for the natural results that have certainly made me very happy and my husband keeps telling me I look even better every day. The operation was more intense than I had expected and waiting to see the new me emerge was indeed a trying situation for a busy person with an A+ personality like myself. Now, as I look in the mirror and see the lines and wrinkles and jowls are gone it is indeed a pleasure and the memory of the discomfort fades. I am actually going without make-up probably for the first time since I was a teenager!!!

My deepest thanks to Dawn, "my face Angel" who reassured me daily and was there for me every step from the beginning to the end of my recovery period.

Once again, thank you, gracias Dr. Barrera for your skill, expertise and reassurance that my outcome would make me as happy as it truly has!

New York City, NY
May 27, 2012

All of the testimonials by others about Doctor Barrera and his team reflect my own recent experience: everyone was very professional, informative, and personable.

Doctor Barrera himself is an extremely skillful surgeon; his unassuming, understated, and quiet manner was ,for me,a most welcome addition.

Just as predicted by the team I received the following responses when I returned home after surgery: "Have you changed your hair?"; "Mexico must have really agreed with you-you look great!"; "You look 50 years old." (I am 70.)

Lenore Rinehart
Toronto,Ontario, Canada
May 16,2012

What a pleasure it is to look younger again! I never really thought I would do it, but when I saw the before and after shots of Dr. Barrera´s patients, I could not help it. I was amazed by the incredible improvement and natural appearance of the women´s faces. It has been three months and I am thrilled. When I returned home a little over three weeks after the surgery, I was hoping that no one would notice and sure enough, no one did.. The hospital stay was comfortable and Dr. Barrera and his staff were very professional. My husband was so happy with my results that he is considering the surgery himself!

Jennifer, Texas
April 18. 2012

Dr. Barrera I am very pleased with the results of my face lift. I don´t know how you did it, but Dr. Barrera somehow managed to give me the appearance of cheekbones. I´ve never had those before. I thought they would diappear when the swelling I had right after my surgery went away. But here I am, eight months after my surgery with all the swelling long gone, so the cheekbones must be mine to keep. My eyes are still my favorite part, though. The dark circles I had for at least 25 years are gone, and my eyelashes have grown back longer and thicker than they were before the surgery. I no longer have to use concealer under my eyes or anywhere else on my face. Neither do I have to wear the heavy foundation I used to wear. Now I´m using the very light foundation Beyonce wears in the ads. I am old enough to be her grandmother, but thanks to Dr. Barrera, nobody would ever know that.

Andrea, Austin, TX

Could you be any more gracious, supportive and wonderful?!

The flowers are absolutely beautiful and are the finishing touch to a surprisingly stress-free, very professional, truly excellent medical experience. The doctor was incredible, as I said, and the fact that he doesn´t use a general anesthetic meant I was up and around and eating and feeling normal almost immediately. I´ve had almost no pain and he showed me that he tucked the scar far back on my inner arm so it´s not noticeable from the front...or the back. All in all, I´m over the moon.

So thank you for all your support, for the flowers and for everyone involved taking such good care of me.

Sherry, Los Angeles
March 31, 2012

It´s been three months now and still no one that I haven´t told about getting a face lift has guessed anything other than ..... that I must have had a great rest in San Miguel ,,,, because I look so young. Even my husband says I look the same but 20 years younger. I´m so pleased to have had this done at age 75 despite my initial fears. Seeing myself younger in the mirror now seems to have given me more energy and it amazes me! I am so grateful to Dr Barrera for his wonderful technique, his kindness and care, and to Dawn who is the most amazing support anyone could hope for.

Dani, New York

Feeling good. Back to work. Looking terrific. No one can tell I had a facelift. Getting many compliments I haven´t had in years on my eyes and weight loss. I still laugh at that since I have worked so hard to stay thin for decades. Guess the sagging skin makes you look heavier.

I have been having a blast creating eye makeup for my now wide open eyes. They look completely natural and no one suspects but I can´t resist doing my old show business makeup when I go out.

Thanks for your excellent follow-up. In the best of worlds, we would get this kind of medical care in the states, but it will never happen in our culture.

I am so entranced with San Miguel, I could stay another month. It has been an emotional, historical, cultural, and romantic experience.

Reno, Nevada

The experience with my surgery and Dr. Carlos Barrera was an experience of feeling safe and then, looking great. Though this may sound different, just think about turning over your face and the way you look to another person. A professional whom you only know through friends´ recommendations and what you´ve read. Then, we met.

If you prefer thoroughness, including an up-to-date and progressive procedure for a facelift that is exquisite and finely done...if you want a caring doctor and a caring team, you should choose Dr. Carlos Barrera and his liaison, Dawn.

Dr. Barrera and Dawn are a caring and professional team who helped me before, during and after my process.

My best to all of you who want to feel safe and look great and decide on using the services of Dr. Carlos Barrera and his team of professionals.

Again, thank you Dr. Barrera and thank you, Dawn!

Part-time resident of San Miguel de Allende
January 22, 2012

I was and am SO pleased with how my surgery came out. Dr. Barrera is an artist!...I have nothing but good things to say about this experience...and I was scared to death having surgery in Mexico!

I came home to Chicago and Voila! Everyone said I looked rested...or "what kid of new makeup are u using"?? I was so afraid of coming out looking like Joan Rivers! I am still pleased...its been almost 2 years...and I´m not a kid...but now I look more like I feel! He is such a gentleman....We had a little tea party at my casita in San Miguel when he came to take out the stitches...and I feel funny talking about it because no one here knows I did it. My kids would have thought I was crazy!

V.M., Illinois

I feel great and am 100% pleased with the results of my surgery. I look like me, no lizard face, and I feel great.

Dawn, thanks so much for your encouragement as it meant a lot.

I think the doctor is a true artist.

My husband is a doctor and not usually impressed with plastic surgery results of friends and family. He is VERY impressed with my results.

So, thanks again for everything.

Sandie - California

Just had to drop you a note and tell you today was my official day out with people who were not aware of my facelift five weeks ago. For those people who are on the fence, DO IT!!!! No one can tell, this is the most fun I have had in years!!!! I keep looking in the mirror and can´t believe I look this good!! Dawn, you are a saint to hold our hands and guide us through the whole process, but I promise those of you who aren´t sure, there is absolutely no pain, and my only regret is that I waited so long. I wish I had known about Dr. Barrera years ago. What a GREAT doctor he is, I would do this again in a heartbeat. It was such a fun experience from the beginning.... hearing from you, to the doctor´s driver, Juan, who picks you up.... and meeting Dr. Barrera who is as nice as can be. My daughter told me "Mom he took 50 pounds off your face" LOL My friends have told me never have they seen anyone who has had a facelift that looks this good because it looks so natural! I´m looking forward to my new life and having fun looking in the mirror for the first time in years. Happy Holidays!!!

Susie - Calif.

I love my face! Thank you so much Dr. B for your amazing skills and absolutely professional demeanor. I look and feel like I have gone back in time, at least 15 years. The neat thing is that no one really notices that I had anything done. They just say that I look great and not even close to my 58 years. I feel cute again. When I first went to San Miguel, I had no intention of having a face lift. I saw some ads in the local paper and then did some research. The wonderful Dawn, who works with Dr.B, emailed me lots of addresses of women I could confir with. Each woman I contacted whether by email or in person loved their lift and like me, felt no pain.

It was a little freaky after surgery seeing a swollen and sutured face. "What have I done," I thought. But within weeks I was out socializing and now months later I am just so grateful. I am having so much fun playing "dress up" with clothes and make up. I started having my children when I was 18 and pretty much missed out on being a teenager. With Dr. B´s great expertise, I am really enjoying "having gone back in time". I was by myself in the hospital but it would be nice to have someone with you. I was also on my own in my rental for a month after surgery and did just fine. Going out with a hat and sun glasses for groceries wasn´t difficult at all. I would recommend Dr. Barrara to every one who would like a natural look. It is so nice to not have to look at that saggy skin and to have a neck again! Thank you Dr. B and Dawn.

Karen - Canada

I first began considering a facelift several years before I had mine, on August 2, 2011. My face was still holding up pretty well, but I had suffered from severe migraine headaches for the past 28 years. When I saw a doctor´s report on CNN that said about a thousand people had been permanently and unexpectedly cured of migraines after a facelift, I decided to follow up on this. For five or six years I read everything I could find about facelifts online and came to the conclusion that I was going to get a facelift and that Dr. Barrera was going to be my surgeon. Dr. Barrera had so many wonderful testimonials and more information about the procedure and recovery on his web site than any other plastic surgeon I researched. Most plastic surgeons don´t put much actual information in their web sites — just photos of lots of models young enough to be the grand daughters of anyone who might actually need a facelift. I was particularly impressed by the fact that Dr. Barrera keeps his patients in the hospital for three days. None of the other surgeons I checked out do that. Facelifts are generally done as outpatient surgery. I am a very independent person, but I would not want to be turned loose with my head in a bandage.

You can believe whatever Dr. Barrera tells you about your surgery and the recovery. I´m the kind of person who has to find out things for herself, but what I found out about Dr. Barrera is that he knows what he is doing, and you can believe and trust him. The same goes for everyone else on his team—from the nurses to his driver, Juan Manuel, to the lovely and sweet Dawn. There are a few things about recovery after a facelift, as with any other surgery, that are frustrating and uncomfortable. But the results are so worth it.

As soon as I was discharged from the hospital and the driver brought me back to my hotel room, I felt like I could put on my hat and sunglasses and walk the beautiful streets of San Miguel.

I didn´t realize how dramatic the change in my appearance was until last week when I stumbled upon a photo of me taken two or three years go. But when I saw that photo, I thought, “Look at those droopy eyes, the dark circles beneath them, and the deep grooves in my cheeks!“ I got up and looked at the mirror, and saw smooth, full cheeks and eyes that looked as bright and open as they did twenty years ago. The greatest thrill of all is looking in the mirror and seeing the eyes that I thought I´d never see again looking back at me. The miracle bonus of all of this is that I have not had a sungle migraine headache since August 2nd.

Andrea - Texas

Dear Dr, Barrera and Dawn,

I’m thrilled with my results!
The thought of having face surgery was a bit scary at first but having been through it now; I can honestly say that there was no pain involved. It was just slightly uncomfortable sleeping on my back for the first week. I highly recommend Dr. Barrera and his team of skilled professionals to anyone who is a candidate.

From beginning to end I received great information, care and instructions from both Dr. Barrera and Dawn his International Director. They were great to work with.

At age 59 I had bags under and over my eyes, my jaw line was sagging and I was starting to get a turkey neck. All these problems are gone now. It was like turning back the clock; I look like me only younger and with none of that strange, telltale “I’ve had work done” look. As a plastic surgeon Dr. Barrera is a gifted artist who creates a very natural look.

Thank you Dr. Barrera, Dawn and all the caring people at the clinic.


J.W. San Miguel

After two years of dealing with cancer treatments where I had no control over my life, I decided--why not? I always wanted to feel better about my looks and this was something I researched, felt comfortable with, and it was my choice. My sister had a facelift by Dr. Barrera two years previously and she looked and still looks great. She accompanied me down to Mexico where we were taken to the clinic and housed together in a comfortable room. Everyone was very accommodating and thoughtful. I was fairly thin at this juncture so I had no swelling but it took some time to get over the tightness of the skin which is normal (about 4 mos). I am 64 and I wanted the look to be natural and it is. Dr. Barrera is not only a fine doctor but a charming individual. And San Miguel de Allende is a lovely oasis. I love to travel and while some of "life´s journeys" are unscripted this facelift was--well--restorative.

Leslie - Canada

I have had wonderful reactions from friends and folks that I know from work. I was recently in NYC for a business dinner and couldn´t have been more pleased with the comments. Just like you and Dr. B said it was all about how good I look, how rested, etc. I had an eye exam last week and when they asked my age -- 67 -- she said "no, I thought you were 47". That may be a stretch, but still I´ll take it. I could not be more pleased with the results of this entire process!

Karol, Mass.

A friend recommended Dr Barrera and I hadn´t even realised she had had a face lift, the result was so natural. When I met with him I was impressed with his professionalism and knew I would be safe in his hands. From the moment I decided to go ahead everything went like clockwork. I was driven to and from the hospital in Celaya by his charming driver. The hospital was excellent and the nursing staff were very attentive. Post surgery I had very little bruising and went home feeling a little discomfort but no pain. Dr Barrera removed the stitches a week later at my home. Dawn, his assistant, followed my progress and provided advice via email and I healed quickly. The results are fantastic and very natural. My friends say I look like myself but younger. Gone are the double chin and the sagging cheeks. Dr Barrera´s skills as a surgeon are top notch.

Jacqueline - London

I had investigated several plastic surgeons, and acquaintances who had facial surgery, before I decided to go with Dr. Barrera. Without a doubt the best decision I have made in my life. Since by brother also wanted to get rid of his "turkey neck".... I, being the big sister, had my little brother go first. I was at his house the day he arrived home from the surgery. I was totally amazed at the immediate difference ... his neck was "young again".... and there was no visible stitches, very little bruising. When the time came for his stitches to be removed I was at his home and made an appointment with Dr. Barrera to have my surgery done. The whole surgical procedure was seamless. Dawn Simmons is a fabulous support person. She basically held my hand though out the healing process. In fact the whole healing process was also seamless.... from Juan Manuel, the driver, picking me up and taking me to the clinic to him bringing me home in 3 days. I have just completed my 3 months of healing... and to be honest I was totally healed in 2 months... the swelling was gone, no bruises and I was out going to lunch with my gal pals. The compliments have not stopped......... and I am singing Dr. Barrera´s praises. He did magic!! Now I look in the mirror and don´t see the old looking woman that used to look back at me. I used to think "that´s not me".... believe me... not anymore. The highest praise I have received was from my daughter.... She told me she had her "Mom back from when she was a child." She is hoping that when her time comes for a face lift Dr. Barrera will be still practicing.... she won´t hesitate going to him.

Most sincerely,
Sonja George - Pennsylvannia

Dr Barrera is truly an artist! I am a second generation patient (my mother´s results were just as impressive) and I would highly and happily recommend anyone considering any "re-modeling", to go to see this excellent Surgeon.

Everyone I dealt with during the entire process was helpful, friendly and professional. My recovery time was minimal. In two days I was sight-seeing in San Miguel and in two weeks I returned home and no one had any idea that I´d had surgery! My results are subtle and perfect. Friends and associates are constantly telling me I look great, but only those I told.... know the reason why. The excess skin is gone but my facial features and appearance haven´t been altered in any way.... perfect results!

I´m so glad I had this surgery done and I don´t have a single regret. I look great and feel more confident. I have no scars, I had no problems and (yay!) no more jowls!

Kate - B.C., Canada

From all the testimonials I have read on the faceliftmeup web site, all ring true to my own experience. Dawn holds your hand throughout the weeks, to give you confidence and assurance that you made the right decision. Forget about Brazil, and Costa Rica....make it easy on yourself, and go with Dr. Barrera. Dr. Barrera would be at home in Beverly Hills and have famous patients. My sister saw my results, and schedule her surgery right away. No Burt Reynolds tight look here......very very natural results. In my case I had more than 10 years erased. So get a new lease on life, and do it sooner rather than later.

Sincerely, JAMESINMX

It has been three months since my facelift with Dr. Carlos Barrera and I can´t recommend him highly enough. He is truly a genius, a gifted surgeon and a professional of the highest order. My experience with him, his staff and the pre/post op team at the hospital in Celaya was truly exemplary and equal, if not better, than the care I would have received at the finest hospital in the US. I was cared for with such great attention to detail that I never had a moment of uncertainty regarding my treatment. As for my results, I have three stories that speak to my satisfaction. 1) One of my oldest and dearest friends describes my face as my new/former face. She says that my results are so natural I look as I did 15 to 20 years ago. And her husband said that mine is the first facelift he has ever seen that makes him want one. 2) Six weeks after surgery, I stepped from the shower, looked at myself and thought, "Finally, I have a face that is a match to my spirit. I´ve always had a youthful spirit; now I have a face to match. 3) On the first visit to my chiropractor following the surgery, I noticed him looking at me from the desk and he said, "New glasses?" When I went into the treatment room, he said, "What did you do? You look exceptionally pretty." So I showed him all of my incisions. As I left the office, he asked for a supply of Dr. Barrera´s cards for referrals. He says that Dr. Barrera´s work is the finest he has ever seen. And Dawn, what a blessing you are! You were absolutely right. There was no pain. In fact the only pain I had was caused by my smiling and laughing too much too soon after the surgery. Since the fifth week post op, I have been to meetings in the Times Square offices of an international client, to Boca to perform a vow renewal ceremony and to Miami to work with clients. At no time has anyone said anything other than I look so like myself, so natural and absolutely beautiful. I am seven months away from celebrating my 65th birthday. And there will be a party as fabulous as I look! Thank you Dr. Barrera from the bottom of my heart!

Linda, Denver, CO

Dr. B is such a skilled surgeon!!! I was terrified and researched for over a year. Dawn is a saint. She answered question after question. I made dates for the surgery and then cancelled them. I was so scared I would not like the outcome, or I would look like I was in a wind tunnel, etc etc etc. However, for me the surgery was uneventful. I had no bleeding and minimal bruising. I had no pain. It has now been 4 months since I had the surgery. I have to tell you not a day goes by that I don´t wake up almost giddy that I did it! I looked great even with minimal swelling. Most of my friends think I got a new hairdo.

The biggest part is actually making the decision. The rest...just leave in Dr. Barrera´s hands. He knows what he´s doing....likes what he does.....and is a master. His trademark is the "natural" look. My scars are already almost invisible! It´s amazing! Just do it. You will not regret it. But, as I said, I was the poster child for terrified. Ask Dawn. Now everytime I look in the mirror I can´t believe it. Gone is my crepey chicken-neck. Gone are those bags that had me looking so tired all the time!

Jody - Calif.

I had my work done in May of 2010 and I am completely happy with the result. I came home to Canada and not a single person realized what I had done. This kind of made me wonder if it was worthwhile but all I had to do was look at the before and after pictures and knew what a fantastic job Dr. Barrera had done. My own daughters didn't know until I showed them the pictures.

Don't be shocked when you first come out of surgery and you are wrapped up like a "Mummy". This only lasts a day and once those bandages are removed you will relax and wait for the next step. My face felt quite tight until the stitches were removed on the eighth day and after that it was all down hill. I feel my face looks totally natural and shows no sign of a face lift, which is wonderful. When I tell people what was done and show them the pictures they are in awe and say.... when they are ready to have work done they want to have Dr. Barrera do it even if they have to leave home.

My eyes were very black & blue but faded quickly. My initial thought was it would take forever to fade but it took only a matter of days. I went out publicly on the eighth day with sunglasses which I wear all the time in any case. I stayed away from using makeup for the first couple of months and then bought new and fresh makeup just to be on the safe side. Dr. Barrera did say it was okay to use makeup once the stitches were out but I was being cautious.

If I had known the wonders of Dr. Barrera I would have had my face lift done much sooner.

Sheryl - Canada

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the result of surgery with Dr.Carlos Barrera.

At 74 I was apprehensive to say the least, and thought perhaps I had waited way too long, but I was at the point that when I brushed my teeth each morning I shut my eyes in order not to see that old lady looking at me from the mirror.

After talking to Dawn, and meeting Dr. Barrera, I decided to give it a try.

The total experience was wonderful. Every arrangement was without a hitch. The hospital was comfortable and spotless, the nurses very attentive, and Dr. Barrera himself made rounds several times a day. The fact that the entire procedure was done without a general anesthetic makes your recovery much quicker, and I never once experienced any pain. The skin was not stretched to give me the mummy look, and I don’t have a visible scar. The process has taken 20 years of wear and tear off my long neglected face, and given me a new lease on life.

Do it, you will never regret it. I live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where a large number of women have had “work” done. There are many doctors in this area who specialize in facelift procedures, however, Carlos Barrera is #1.

Kay - Texas/San Miguel

"My experience with Dr. Barrera was really positive through the entire surgical process. He and his staff (particularly Dawn) run an efficient, professional practice. I was well informed, supported, and got a great surgery too! I appreciated Dr. Barrera’s skill, compassion, and confidence."

Jan - California

I was watching a friend last week with an obvious "newly-pulled" look and was so glad I had gone to Dr. Barrera. Anyone I tell, or who asks, always says, "wow, how natural!" I waited until I was 67 because I expected a lot of pain and a major hospital procedure with horrible after-effects from anesthesia, lots of gooey swelling, days in bed. None of this! There's virtually no pain! I also feel that Dr. Barrera really cares about each patient, and he promptly and graciously attends to any aftercare needs, even canceling his midday meal "comida" or staying late, if necessary. Don't wait. I'm sorry I didn't do it earlier.

Nan Ojai, California

I spent a long time investigating plastic surgeons abroad and I am exceedingly grateful that I found Dr. Barrera. He is a very gifted surgeon and a charming man, besides. My sister, a liposuction patient, and I, a face lift patient, are both thrilled with our final results. We could not have found anyone better to do our surgeries, inside or outside of the U.S.A. I have had decades taken off of my face and I can see that my sister has had 30 years taken off of her figure!

I also want to mention that the whole experience, from the time the plane landed until we were again airborne, was amazingly well structured. We were taken care of, reassured, and even pampered every step of the way.

We are grateful to Dr. Barrera and indeed his whole staff for providing us with a very positive experience while we visited San Miguel. We rejoice at such a wonderful outcome now that we have returned home.

Gail - Austin, TX

Dr. Barrera certainly exceeded my expectations! I could not be more pleased with the results of my procedure, as they are very, very natural looking. I look 10 years younger and my husband is extremely pleased with the more youthful version of me. Going to San Miguel to have this procedure done was the best thing I could have ever done and it is a beautiful city in which to recover. I received wonderfully attentive care while in the hospital, plus, saved a considerable amount of money and there was no compromise in ANY area whatsoever! Dr. Barrera's post-op care is clearly a high priority for him. He is an amazingly skilled and artistic surgeon whom I can recommend to anyone considering a facelift. I doubt I would have received this level of care in the U.S. I am also very appreciative of Dawn's helpful, attentive and caring spirit throughout this entire process. Believe me, you can trust your face to Dr. Barrera and Dawn! Rita - Boulder, CO

For me, the hardest thing about this entire process was making the decision to actually do it. If there was any way I could have known then what I know now, the decision to have a face lift would have been so much easier to make. All of my arrangements were exact. I was picked up from the airport on time and taken to the hospital, which is nice and clean and the room is comfortable. I received a clear schedule of everything that was going to take place and Dr. Barrera and his attentive staff were more than happy to answer any questions I had. After I had the surgery, the only pain I felt was when I looked in the mirror on the first couple of days. My eyes were black and swollen and my head was the shape of a balloon. For the first few days I rested and slept and ate light meals which the hospital provided. I recuperated in San Miguel in a private home for two weeks. The recovery was easy and I then started to explore San Miguel. It is a wonderful city and the people are so nice. Each day I saw significant progress and when I flew home I was almost normal (slight swelling and some light bruising). I must be a slow healer because it took a full 3 months for all the swelling to go away. People said I looked really rested. I never was uncomfortable except for some tight feelings in my neck and around my temples. Dr. Barrera also removed some pre-cancerous tissue when he was doing my facelift. After 6 months I think I look great. There is only one tiny scar under my chin and I look at least 10 years younger. I am amazed when I see before and after photos of myself. Dr. Barrera did an incredible job of making me look younger but very natural. I look fresh and rested and I don’t have wrinkles. I am 68 years old and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My husband and daughter are thrilled with the way I look. Besides my satisfaction with the surgery, I must say that I absolutely love and trust Dawn. She is such a great support. She knows that Dr. Barrera is a very talented surgeon and he can make your life better. She offers her help in every aspect through the decision process, the surgery arrangements as well as the follow-up. By now you know that I am very enthusiastic about Dr. Barrera and Dawn. If I ever need any other plastic surgery, Dr. Barrera will be my only choice. Clair - Boulder, Colorado June, 2010

Thanks, Dawn, for introducing me to Dr. Barrera. He has completely removed the basal cell cancer and I am very pleased with my progress. I think he did an outstanding job. Not only did he leave my nerve intact, there is very little swelling and bruising. I can tell that, by the time it fully heals, it will be hardly noticeable. This is a much different outcome than I would have received from the dermatologist at home. Diann - Albuquerque

Dr. Barrera is a fantastic surgeon! I look very natural and I still have "my" identity. My husband says I look 10 years younger, which pleases me a great deal. I am very glad I made the decision to have Dr. Barrera do my surgery. I am VERY happy with my decision to go to San Miguel and have this procedure done. The hospital staff was attentive and caring. I would never have received the same care in the U.S. Dr. Barrera´s follow-up care was extraordinary. I would highly recommend Dr. Barrera´s services without hesitation. Thanks, Dawn, for being a sense of assurance, strength and support for me.

Boulder, Co

When I became thoroughly convinced that Dr. Barrera would be the best surgeon, based on several friends’ recommendations and an interview with the top plastic surgeon in New Mexico, I decided to tell only my children.

What I was most afraid of was looking “pulled,” even though I had scoured each of the AFTER photos on Dr. B’s website to see if any had a “tightened face” look. None did. So when I got home from San Miguel less than two weeks after surgery and my daughter said, “Mom, you look ‘pulled,’ I freaked out.

Luckily I had Dawn to reassure me. “It’s much too early, Barbara. You’re still a little swollen,” Dawn told me. “Dr. Barrera’s trademark is that ALL his patients look natural.

My total bill from Dr. B was $6500! That included the hospital (3 nights for my sister and me in a suite), the surgery, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, EKG, blood tests, meals for both of us AND Dr. B’s driver picked us up at the airport in Leon and took us to the hospital. Three days later he drove us to the house we rented in San Miguel. Dr. B’s fee even included his visit to our house in SM to remove my stitches.

If you are considering having a facelift, believe me, you cannot find a more brilliant surgeon or one whose method is safer. I had no general anesthesia – just a local and something to make me sleepy. When I awoke, I asked my sister when they were going to take me into surgery. Her reply: “It’s all done.”

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing Dr. Barrera would be the comforting presence of Dawn Simmons – whether in person or via phone or email. She cares deeply for Dr. Barrera’s patients. If you have any questions for me, please send them to Dawn.

Barbara W. - Taos, New Mexico

4423 452232

Dr. Barrera: Sometime about 1997 or 1998 my wife had a face lift performed by you in Celaya. At the same time I had a "chin lift", also performed by you. I am happy to tell you, after many years, that having those surgeries was one of the smartest things we ever did. She looked years younger, and now, at age 81, people still tell her that she is beautiful. And I agree! I am now 83 and people who don’t know me well, think that I am at least ten years younger. At the time, we debated about whether the surgery would be worth the cost and discomfort, But the discomfort was minimal and after about a week, we were able to walk about as if nothing had happened, but looking much better, and feeling a lot younger! Please feel free to use this message if you wish, using only our initials. And thank you for your professional expertise in accomplishing superb results for both of us. Cordially, Robert H.

When you sign up cosmetic surgery package through “FaceLiftMeUp” you’re not just getting a skilled and caring surgeon with 23-years experience, you’re also getting a wonderful patient advocate and friend in the person of Dawn Simmons. Both Dr. Barrera and Dawn are amazingly responsive to your care and anxieties and go “above and beyond” to make sure you have the best experience possible. Another important aspect of the package is the after-care program. In the U.S., cosmetic surgery is usually done on as an outpatient procedure with patients sent home as soon as they’re out of recovery. FaceLiftMeUp includes three nights of excellent care in the hospital in a spacious suite with leather sofas. They even provided a bed and meals for my husband. Having cosmetic surgery is a serious consideration. Complications may be relatively rare, but they do happen. Dr. Barrera and Dawn do their best to make sure your surgery is successful and your experience is the best it can be. - Katie

I had my facelift with Dr. Barrera one month ago and it went beautifully . There were three things I was looking for pertaining to this surgery. The first and most important one was the skill of the doctor. Dr. Barrera absolutely knows what to do. The second consideration was the overall medical care. It was, without a doubt, of the highest standards. The last consideration was the cost of the surgery. Ten years ago I wanted to have a facelift but there was no way I could afford it in the U.S. Not only was this surgery affordable, but I received much better care than I would have if I had it done in the states. I have absolutely no regrets except I would have liked to have enjoyed the mineral springs in San Miguel a few more days. Wendy

I had a full face lift in August 08. I could not be happier with the results acheived by Dr. Barrera. I am a 75 year old patient and he took 10 years off of me. His expertise and skill are without question. He has an excellent bedside manner. I had very little discomfort. I would recommend the services of Dr. Barrera without hesitation. Dwight S. - Dallas, Texas

Following a diagnosis of malignant melanoma my dermatologist recommended that one side of my nose be removed. I chose Carlos Barrera to undertake the excision and reconstruction beause I had the utmost faith in his competence. After three precise procedures, there is virtually no evidence of the gross excisions my condition required. I have great comfidence in Dr. Barrera and would recommend him to anyone requiring reconstructive or plastic surgery. Graham - New Zealand

I was very pleased with the results of my face lift and very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Barrera. I never took a pain pill and was out to lunch and dinner three days later. The swelling and bruising were minimal and I felt great. I chose Dr. Barrera because the women I saw who had used him had a very natural looking result. Their face was not stretched to the max. After hearing the horror stories from my friends in the States, my experience was a joy! L from N.C.

The First thing I noticed with Dr. Barrera is that he runs a first class operation. From the initial exam, his careful explaining about what he advises; the procedures to be done; his driver picking me directly to and from the hospital; gave me a feeling of safety and security. I was treated with efficiency and respect, through the surgery and post-operative care. The whole experience exceeded my expectations.

Yes, there is a bit of a steep recovery curve for three or four days. Pain control was expertly maintained. After the initial three or four days recovery went remarkably fast.

I have found it amusing that my friends, not knowing I had the procedure, have remarked how good and healthy I look. "Have you lost weight? You look vibrant and healthy."

I'm almost 74 years old. My motives for having the procedure were not to look younger. The motives were that I appear well maintained for a man of my age.

Basically, it's just having faith in the system that Dr. Barrera and his staff know what they are doing, and accept the healing process.
Would I do it all over again? Yes!!

Ted Eudy, San Miguel de Allende
September 24, 2023

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