Post-Op Information


You will return from surgery with a head bandage leaving only your eyes, nose, and mouth exposed.  The bandage will feel very tight.  This stays in place until the morning after your surgery.  It will feel uncomfortable due to the swelling.  However, there will be NO pain.  You will want to sleep off and on the afternoon of your surgery.  You will be alert to carry on a conversation and be totally aware of your surroundings.

Your vital signs will be monitored frequently by the friendly nursing staff.

Before midnight the IV is removed.   You will then be given pain pills to control and eliminate pain completely.  You will also be given a sleeping pill to ensure a good nights rest.



  • The head bandage and drain are removed by Dr. Barrera early in the morning.
  • The incision areas will be cleaned and dressed.
  • You will receive a new bandage that is not wrapped so tightly and is more comfortable. 
  • This new bandage will stay in place for another 24 hours.
  • You can dress and walk the halls or rest comfortably in your room.
  • Your eyes will be very swollen and black and blue.
  • Reading may be difficult for the first 48 hours due to inflammation.  Before your dismissal your eyesight will have improved enough to read.  Totally normal eyesight is restored within a few days.
  • There is a very comfortable leather chair and ottoman in your room.  There is also cable TV with a few U.S. movie channels as well as CNN.



  • The swelling will be it’s worst on the 3rd day.
  • Your head wrap will be removed before your discharge.  
  • You will then shower and wash your hair before leaving the hospital.
By 11:00 a.m. you will go to your comfy and lovely room which awaits you in beautiful and charming San Miguel de Allende for the remainder of your recuperation.



You are in a period of recovery and restraint should be exercised regarding your physical activities.  You can go outside with a hat and sunglasses for protection from the sun.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages for the first 5 days after surgery
  • You are to limit your caffeine consumption for 5 days also
  • Use good sense with limiting physical activities
  • Make resting and eating well your priority to promote healing
Your bruising will diminish as the days pass.  By the end of two weeks the bruising and swelling should be at a minimum and hardly noticeable.  Women can usually erase all traces of bruising with concealer and makeup.  Do not place any makeup over the incision areas.

Dr. Barrera will come to your recuperation destination one week after the date of your surgery to remove your stitches.  Following the removal of your stitches you can return home looking rested from your “vacation” in magnificent San Miguel de Allende.  This vacation will be your best kept secret!

It is recommended strongly that you use sunscreen protection for at least 45 days after the surgery.  There will be some numbness for several months following your surgery.  Three months after the surgery, patients recover around 80% of their feeling.  The other 20% will return within a year.

Be assured that Dr. Barrera is available during your entire recuperation period.  He prides himself with his attentive and thorough services and welcomes an email or phone call at any time you feel it is warranted. Once you have left the hospital you are not forgotten.

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