Professional Credentials
Below is a copy of Dr. Barrera's
Professional Certificate "Cédula"


Dr. Barrera graduated, in 1980, from the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City.  His specialty in Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery was earned at the Instituto de Cirugia Plastica y Reconstrucion de Jalisco in the city of Guadalajara in 1985.  Below is a copy of Dr. Barrera’s “Cedula”, the official Legal Professional Certificate, which is the equivalent of Board Certification in the United States.

Dr. Barrera is a Board Certified Surgeon and a member of the College of Plastic Surgery of Guanajuato, Mexico.  This is the equivalent of being a “Society” member in the United States.

Dr. Barrera is a leader in the field of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery and posesses a wealth of education, training and experience. Throughout his career he has lectured at annual medical seminars that are attended by surgeons from other countries. He has the expertise and skill required to give you the results that you desire.  He is among the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mexico.

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